Setting the Tone… Part 2

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In an interview for, conducted by Dave Wolff, Tony said, “I grew up on gangster movies and vampire movies. When I was a kid, the first poster I got was a lobby card to the movie Bonnie and Clyde that my old man lifted from the theater. I had some music posters, mainly Beatles, a still from Dracula and a huge poster of Vlad the Impaler. My great grandparents had a copy of the book Dracula that was published in 1911 or something. I liked the powers and the titillation of fear. But even as a kid it turned me on. In my house, we weren’t allowed to watch The Brady Bunch because it created false hopes. We watched The Addams Family and Morticia was special to me. Also, Kali was a very early part of my consciousness because of the Beatles movie Help! It resonated with me, the black mother, drinker of blood. The vampire mystique seemed spiritual to me, the same as any religion I wasn’t familiar with, and I wanted to study it like I had Hindu or Zen, whatever. There weren’t any books, of course, so I had my own ideas. Of course, when I started to read about Santa Sangre and Kali it solidified.”


During the course of interactions with the modern living Vampire culture Tony has had the occasion to work with some very important people, people such as Goddess Rosemary, members of the underground occult group Sang Real, former members of The Process Church and an offshoot of the OTO in late 1990. He has also collaborated with Zeena Schreck, Marie Bargas and Madame X of House of The Dreaming.

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House of The Dreaming

The second of Tony’s pieces we would like to highlight is a wonderful interview he did with Madame X and reported on December 6th, 2015.


By Tony Sokol

It’s Halloween season, which means the whole world is on the same page as Daily Offbeat, where every day has at least a little Halloween in it. Vampires are a traditional, perennial seasonal favorite. While most people only know our sanguine friends from the pages of fiction, there is a vast vampire underground in New York.

These vampires don’t lunge out of the shadows and tear out your throat in the dark. That went out in the late nineties when the vampire squatters were forced out of Tompkins Park and into army recruiting stations. These vampires are more seductive, more playful. They dance. The vampire scene started in the clubs long before it spread like a blood-borne virus on the internet. These vampires formed collectives, families that they call Houses. There are vampire houses across the United States, but we’re in New York.


Daily Offbeat spent a late evening with the Matriarch of The House of The Dreaming, Madame X, who spoke exclusively about their ways and what that means.

Madame X is a writer who hosted a show dedicated to spotlighting night-timers in the 90s club scene. Like most night dwellers at the time she was a rogue. The Samurai have a word for that. They call it Ronin. Solitary warriors.


“I was a Ronin for many years. First because of circumstance, as I moved an ocean away from my mentor, and after his death soon to discover that I was surrounded by vampire covens, and houses, I chose to be Ronin yet make a difference,” explains Madame X.


The Ronin lived up to their name in the rigidly forming vampire society. “At that time Ronin abided by no rules and respected no institution. Ronin were what today is best considered a ‘rogue,’ someone who may be nightkind but is outside the society,” said Madame X.

The Vampire Community is broken up into Courts, which “are local organizations that provide facilities for community meanings, projects and even trials, courts are set up generally by three community elders and welcome the participation of all local households.”

“Back in the day, fifteen to twenty years ago, Ronin were not welcome at Court gatherings, nor did they have any interest in participating in any activities with other community members. Ronin were not trusted, because they had no sire, no elder, and no family structure to adhere to.”

“Similarly, Ronin did not trust or respect any organization and refused to bow down to any covenant, doctrine or prince of the city. Ronin had no voting power and were scorned by the community as worthless scoundrels,” Madame X remembers.


“Then along came two Ronin, I was one of them, who helped the local elders set up a local court. And along came other Ronin. Court of the Iron Garden was the first court to accept Ronin in their midst and even distinguish them as elders. Court of Gotham soon followed by offering special distinction to select Ronin as Knights. The same 2 Ronin went on to influence a system where Ronin actually had a representative sit on the council of Elders at the newly founded Court of Lazarus. The movement in the NJ/NY scene soon influenced many other courts throughout the states and beyond,” Madame X explans.

Since then, the Vampire Community has “given rise to the Online Vampire Community (OVC) and Ronin are recognized as part of the greater Vampire Community,” Madame X said.

“House of the Dreaming is a family of Ronin, or solitaires, as such we believe in self-actualization, personal empowerment and the precious value of the Solitaire,” Madame X explained. “Similarly, we believe in the enhanced power of group energy, the nurturing vitality of Family and the dynamic strength of sharing in the Dream. We have chosen to come together here as Family – one Family, one Honor, one Dream; yet we understand each of our hearts has its own special rhythm, each of us has a very specific energy signature, demeanor and drive.”


But House of the Dreaming isn’t just a place for vampires.


“We embrace Vampyres, Therians, Otherkin and wielders of Magick and Mysticism,” Madame X explained. “We are a Spiritual Family. We are not just vamps but also therians, otherkin and wielders of magic and mysticism. We do not run our Family like a corporate organization where the elders are the CEOs.”


The House of The Dreaming was founded “in the year 2000 as a House of Ronin by myself and my Nightkind Brother Vailen Moon with whom I shared European backgrounds in vampiric mysticism and ceremonial magic.”

Most people automatically associate ceremonial magic with left hand path, or black magick, all of which require a specific faith. Madame X says that House Ceremonies at The Dreaming “are specifically crafted to appeal to the devout, the spiritual, the agnostic, as well as the non-religious. Should the celebrant choose to include visualizations of their particular spiritual path they are most welcome to, but such are not necessary requirements.”

“Our Family recognizes respects and values the spiritual diversity of our membership to be a source of strength as we collectively, yet independently, reach out toward enlightened individuality,” she continued.

“We are not for everyone, nor do we have an open door,” said Madame X. “In fact we are very selective and are proud of our exclusive tight-knit membership and low turn-around. Family is forever. Our formula is simple: ‘Come to us not to find yourself, but to better understand yourself.’ Know thyself and the beating of your heart then, come to us to share in our dream.’”

Article reproduced by permission of Tony Sokol

Ed’s Note: It has been a great pleasure for us to be able to present these works and, in Part 3, we will see if we can’t get to spend a little one-on-one time with “The Man” himself. Keep an eye out for that one dear reader.


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Setting the Tone… Part 1

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Tone… it’s a noun, in one sense, and it means, “Any sound considered with reference to its quality, pitch, strength, source, etc.

In another sense it’s an English idiom, it’s a contraction, a contraction of the given name Tony but I would seriously defy anyone to put restrictions to, or contractions on, this Tony…!

Tony Sokol

Tony Sokol was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. He is a journalist, writer, playwright and musician writing articles, interviews and movie and film commentaries. He wrote for Altvariety, Smashpipe,, Wicked Mystic, Self-Help, 1,001 Home Ideas and numerous other magazines as well as being the on-staff writer at PRNewswire for 20 years.

He has had more than 20 plays produced in NYC, including “La Commedia del Sangue: Vampyr Theatre.” “You Must Have Been A Beautiful Baby,” “Everybody ODs,” “How To Skip Alimony Through Voluntary Manslaughter,” and the rock opera “AssassiNation: We Killed JFK.” Sokol’s plays “Baby Jane on Training Wheels” and “The Intervention” were given performed readings at the Irish Arts Center.

Tony has also been a regular contributor to Manhattan Public Access Cable’s “Young, Gifted and Broke” and performed and co-produced the radio play “The Excommunication of God.” His short stories and poetry have been published in several anthologies. His play “Let Us Prey” was published by Fuck That Weak Shit Press and his album “A Thief’s Hole” was released on XOX Records.

In addition to his own projects he has appeared on the Joan Rivers (TV) Show, Strange Universe and Britain’s “The Girlie Show.” His music can be heard in such films as “Zaritsas,” “Hide Me,” “The Gauntlet,” “Woman Man, Gun,” his own short film “Don’t Forget, Hire the Vet” and the upcoming homage to Russ Meyer, “Desperate Fate.” Tony has also contributed dialogue and music for live theater productions and co-wrote, directed and performed stand-up comedy for “Insightful Riot,” an interactive evening of stand-up comics.


Without doubt it would seem that we have a “man for all seasons” here and in addition to his many and varied commercial successes he has also written articles about the modern Vampire culture.

RVL is honoured, and privileged, to be able to present some of his work that we may highlight this extraordinary professional, and gifted man.

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Temple House Sahjaza


The first of Tony’s works we would like to present is a piece written for “The Daily Offbeat” and was an exclusive interview that he conducted with Goddess Rosemary of Temple House Sahjaza and reported on December 5, 2015.


By Tony Sokol

As we probably say too often, every day is Halloween at Daily Offbeat and this year we found that offbeat minds think alike. At Temple House Sahjaza also treats every day like it’s Halloween and they’ve been living that way since 1976.

Temple House Sahjaza is the longest consecutively running private organization of its type within the modern new age and occult underground. Most of their teachings are private and remain a mystery to those not initiated into the Temple.


Daily Offbeat spoke exclusively to Goddess Rosemary, the High Priestess and Matriarch of the Temple House Sahjaza, which she calls “a ‘tongue-in-cheek’ group of like-minded artistic, creative and literary individuals interested in science and the arts.”

Though often mentioned in vampire circles, “the Sahjaza seek a balance of dayside and nightside in all aspects of life,” Goddess Rosemary said. “They are spiritually intuitive beings that exist between the physical and metaphysical worlds, thus providing magickal, divinatory, psychic, healing and empathic abilities as well as a great artistic and energetic support system to the whole gambit of the arts and to those they meet.”


The Goddess in Goddess Rosemary is “just my name not a title,” she said. Though she did “practice Full Moon God and Goddess worship rituals.”

The High Priestess said that “despite the use of the word ‘Temple'” the Temple House Sahjaza is “not a religion but a philosophy of spiritually based living that allows for individual expression of belief while maintaining a common moral and ethical code.”

The collective follows “no particular religion and our members are of all faiths we are non-denominational however all our members are and follow some form of spirituality and are spiritually enlightened beings, we are for the most part, made up of pagan based and earth based followers but each is an individual,” she said.


“Spirituality is important to us, but not your own unique way to find God and Goddess,” she said. Though we are more known for our outspoken pagan faith based rituals and rites explored during the full moon goddess explorations in the 90s in NYC and beyond. We believe in individual freedoms and freedom of expression and the “harm none” rule, as well as the pay it forward or ‘karma’ concepts, we push the envelope in the area of literature and the arts.”


“The initial seeds for the Sahjaza were planted in 1976, 38 years ago.” In 1985, Goddess Rosemary established the power exchange organization Z/n Society NYC, which stood for Zenith and nadir. Z/n evolved into Temple House Sahjaza which has active members worldwide still maintaining a continual presence in New York City, Florida, Brazil, California, NOLA, and beyond,” the matriarch said.


Though, the Priestess warned “We don’t reveal our membership specifically beyond.”


“We are big supporters of underground theatre and theatrical companies, such as, La Commedia del Sangue: Vampyr Theatre,” Goddess Rosemary said “The Sahjaza have been putting on events since the 70s such as Cirque de Erotique and the most recently the Undead-A-Go-Go. Over the years Temple House Sahjaza has done everything from Ghost Tours to Whale Watching. Cirque de Erotique came long before Cirque de Soleil was on the scene.”

Goddess Rosemary “owned one of NYC’s first notable Computer Graphic Corporations in 1985 and paved the way for groups to follow such as Kinko’s.”

The High Priestess is also an artist, actress, filmmaker and “champion of women’s freedom of expression, personal growth and rights.” She is also an “advocate for lost and homeless shelter pets, spay and neuter programs and education.”


As an artist, Goddess Rosemary exhibited art in “Gallery shows in NYC from the Andrus Gallery at Carnage Hall, to the Salmagundi Club and other Galleries and venues.” Goddess Rosemary explores fetish and celebrates the female form.

She has directed award winning films that she calls “in-depth and psychological works like Fritz Lang or perhaps even David Lynch.” She is a fan of “cult classics, film noir and dark movie format” and often works in black and white. She also designs her own sets, having studied art direction for film at the New School and acting at HB Studio in NYC. She also studied dance at the Leslie Dance School also in NYC.

“We have many sorts of individuals that make up the whole Sahjaza. Our makeup of who we are and what we do is shrouded in mystery on purpose,” she said.

“We prefer to stay in the Shadows in this day and age.”

Reproduced by permission of Tony Sokol.



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Who would you want at your back?

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Anyone who has been around the Real Vampire culture and associated cultures, for more than a few months will have, almost undoubtedly, come across some sort of discussion about the relative “powers”, “abilities” and “traits” of modern living vampyres and their Therian/Were counterparts. Almost certainly the majority of us will have seen some sort of entertainment representation of the two, either going head to head or acting individually, thereby displaying the awe inspiring powers of which ever one we happen to be “cheering on” at the time.

So, the question is – “If you were in a jam who would you want at your back, Therian/Were, Vampire, or….your mom?”

Yes, seriously…! Let’s look at this from a perspective of individual powers…

Superhero movies, the DC Universe, the Marvelverse… we’ve probably all witnessed the heroic acts of derring-do, sacrifice and battleground honour but how do we choose our “rear-guard”? The one who’s going to, at some point, save you.

Jaime Murray as Gerri Dandridge in
“Fright Night 2”
Gaeta / Rosenzweig Films, 2013

Beginning with Vampires… not being egocentric or anything but because I am most closely aligned with these fine, upstanding citizens –

It is common in fiction for vampires to gain additional, uncommon powers as they age. Certain vampires may have abilities that are unique to them or a small group of others. These have been noted as ‘Gifted’.

In the context of the older European Folklore we commonly find that Vampires possess some, or all, of the following attributes. They can be immortal though this is not such a strong distinction among modern real living Vamps, some of the more common traits are held to be enhanced strength, enhanced senses, enhanced speed, psychic powers to one degree or another, and somewhat unnaturally speedy healing.

Some of the lesser acknowledged, and dubiously claimed, attributes may also include flight shapeshifting/absorption, Psychokinesis and Pyrokinesis. It has been reported in the past (historically) that Vampyres may also display, some poltergeist-like activity and/or various other powers based upon region such as control over nocturnal animals or the ability to spread plagues.

All in all, if the majority are true, this makes the Vampire, with their legendary remorselessness, a formidable “wingman/woman” for those “jammed up”.

Okay, so much for the Vampire cadre, perhaps you might like to have a little more muscle and brute force, “The Wolf”, at your back in a tussle? By all accounts the modern living “Wolf” has the unerring ability to, “be humble while remembering, at the same time, that they are a wolf. Loyalty, above all else, and the capacity to learn, and the willingness that accompanies it.”

Other attributes that are awarded the “Wolf” include, “Extrasensory perception, surprising strength, and more than a few things they inherit from their parents.”

Commonly, in history, folklore and mythology the Vargulf, or Werewolf, has been reported as having certain other wide-ranging abilities and traits, such as, Shapeshifting, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Agility, Superhuman Durability, Heightened Senses not to mention big claws and teeth, an infectious bite an uncanny sense of lie detection and empathy.

Alpha’s, more so than other pack members, are held to have the power of Telepathy while most nearly all enjoy great longevity. Like Vampyres, Were’s have a heightened healing factor that enables them to regenerate damaged or destroyed areas of their body with much greater speed and efficiency than an ordinary human.

So, perhaps you might like a “wing person” of this variety?

Karen Black in
Trilogy of Terror
ABC Circle Films &
Dan Curtis Productions,

This brings us to our final but by no means least important, candidate… your Mom. Much has been said, reported and written about “Mom power”, in fact I’ll wager that nearly everyone reading this has witnessed the legendary powers of Mom at some point in their lives, such powers as;

Super-Sonic-Selective-Hearing: You could be standing beside your mother screaming the most vile and horrible oaths and battle curses and she won’t even blink. But then stand at the other end of the house and whisper that you are bored into a pile of pillows and you will be rewarded with enough tasks to dispel any boredom for the foreseeable future.

360 Deg.-Sphere-Vision: Enables Moms, no matter where, or at what position, they are situated, to look round, through, over and past any obstacle in the vicinity and ‘KNOW’ exactly what is going on.

Something-Bad-Has/Is-About-To-Happened/Happen-Sense: A sixth sense warning of either impending, imminent or “already hit the fan” situations.

The “Mom Voice”: (a.k.a. Razor Tongue) this super power has the ability to send you, or any perceived wrongdoer, shrinking back into your own skin. The “Voice” that has the power to turn any evildoer to freezing stone instantly.

Freeze-smile/glare: This is perhaps the most potent, and fast acting of the “Mom Powers”, where a smile, of a certain nature, or a “look” has the Gorgon-like power to render the target frozen in space and time, unable to move or speak.

Embarrassing-Child-Belief: This power spurs their children past their initial inhibitions and creates within the offspring a great desire to achieve mighty, masterful and sometimes hazardous goals. However, it can result in children pursuing things they are less than suited for in an effort to please their proud mothers.

Projectile-Auto-Targeting-Mode: This seems to be a default setting, where the mom is capable of propelling inanimate objects, by sheer force of will we believe, with unerring accuracy over the length of the living quarters, or yard, to strike those of naughty or recalcitrant nature.


Consider, if you will, the presentation of these “superheroes” of life and then make a sound and wise decision… who would you rather have at your back in a jam, a Vampyre, a Were, or… Yo Momma!!!

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