A little wrapping…

Img. source - www.freelargeimages.com

Img. source – www.freelargeimages.com

Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

The year draws to a close, hopefully a little peace and harmony will be finding its way to your door over the next two or three weeks.

Time for relaxing, time for family, time for a break and a rest… I don’t think anyone would disagree?

In closing out for the year RVL would like to leave a couple of things with you that you may find a few minutes for during your festivities…

Firstly, from our friend Gordon Smith of CLAVIS;

Empathy in the Vampire Sub-culture
CLAVIS is currently seeking survey respondents in an effort to explore a possible correlation between vampire-subculture-related identities and self-reported empathy. The survey is brief (5 – 10 minutes), completely anonymous, and one doesn’t have to be affiliated or even familiar with the vampire community to complete it. By the new year, the survey will be closed and the results included in a CLAVIS article.

To take part in this study please follow the link below;

Empathy in the Vampire Sub-culture

In addition we are still in process of conducting a follow up survey to link with the year long “Vampire Sub-culture” survey that we at RVL ran between 2012 and 2013.

We have had a good initial response and we would like to keep that rolling to give us the material to properly compare with previous material.

In order to take part in this effort please follow the link below;

RVL Vampire Sub-culture Poll

The aim of the short survey we invite you to participate in is to follow up on the Living Vampire Survey that RVL ran between October 1st, 2012 and September 31st, 2013. It is also to follow up on the responses that we received in response to our invitations to take part in the “round table” discussion under the working title, Mythbusting Misconceptions.

One of the indicators of how things have changed; or not, is watching changing trends in attitudes and opinions and while this hardly forms an empirical study it does provide an insight into the current popular thinking within a body of individuals.

Img. source - www.thefirstvampire.com Copyright John Davies

Img. source – www.thefirstvampire.com
Copyright John Davies

Perhaps something a little more “fun” is your thing, we have a signed copy of the novel “The First Vampire” by the multi-talented John Davies

If you would like to take a whirl at that follow the link below…

Win a signed copy of “The First Vampire” novel


In signing off for this year we would like to thank all our readers, our guests who have shared their time this year in our various editorials, interviews and articles and we will be looking forward to resuming our work, next year, with more of the same quality Real Vampire Life material we have worked to bring you throughout 2015.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish each and every one of you, and your families…