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Good afternoon dear reader,
I wish, with heavy heart, to pass on news just come to hand…

RIP Sanguinarius | 1970-2015 |
SanguinariusThe VC has lost one of its pioneers, one of its most renowned and respected figures and one of its TRUE Elders. Our deepest condolences go out to Sangi’s family and friends.

Good journey Sangi, you will be sorely missed.
Deepest respects, sadly,
The team at RVL

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Crossroads 2015 – Pick, or picket, a fence…

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Good afternoon,
It seems that we, the population of the VC/OVC have a new discussion that has arisen, or reemerged, it has arisen form a core of belief versus healthy skepticism, or denialism and it is no small wonder that many of our sub-cultures adherents are taking offence, somewhat, to the stance of the “denialists”.

It is, as a precursor to your reading, that you understand there is no real clarity of definition in this matter. Upon conducting a search with a number of different parameters tried, I discovered the following about Vampirology, and Vampirologists, in a commonly accepted sense:

There are no results for: vampirologist, but we are adding new words daily.

vampirologist (English) Noun vampirologist (pl. vampirologists) One who studies vampirology.

vampirology (English) Noun
vampirology (uncountable)
The study of vampires or the vampire mythos.

One who studies vampirology.

Dass die Vampirologie nicht ins Curriculum der kanonischen Wissenschaften gehörte, war ihm egal, denn echter Wissensdurst hält sich an kein Vorlesungsverzeichnis und an keine akademische Konvention.
That ‘Vampirology‘ did not belong to the curriculum of the canonical sciences, didn’t matter to him, for his real thirst for knowledge would hold to no mere academic conventions and stretched beyond the bounds of any semester course listings.

vampirology English, Noun
vampirology ‎(uncountable)
The study of vampires or the vampire mythos.

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The word you’ve entered was not found. Please try your search again.

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This week we have seen the advent of two editorials by the major protagonists in the latest round of “discourse” on the matter, namely,

The points made, conclusions drawn and “proofs” offered to readers of these items are, without doubt, the strongly held convictions of the authors and, as such, are deserving of proper consideration by the discerning reader, what you take away from them will determine which line you join afterwards, the line on the left – for an ash stake and mallet, or the line on the right – one coffin only please.

It is not our place, here at RVL, to tell you which one is better than the other; which scores more points for construction, body and support for its arguments, nor yet what to believe… that’s entirely up to you. All you can do, dear reader, is decide for yourselves who takes the debating trophy.

As for the Authors, RVL has had the privilege of having both commentators as guests in the past, one a guest of a round table editorial discussion, “Vampyre ~ Superstition, Society and Subculture”, Mr. Anthony Hogg




And, in the interview/editorial, “Real Vampires, Real Lives ~ Freedom factors”, Lady Octarine “Val” Valur.



The articles in question were:
Vampirology Poll Ruffles A Few Feathers” by Lady Octarine
A Vampirologist Responds to the Vampyre Academy’s “Vampirology Poll” by Mr. Hogg.

It is, naturally, up to the reader whether they wish to read either but the truest test of a supposed position is always the examination of the arguments both for and against each case. Who supports their position more strongly, who proposes the more affirmative action to improve the situation or control the mayhem. Who makes the most sense.

The best stance, for the common good of the majority, is the Zero Tolerance policy on Drama and this is where the problems begin to arise and the so-called “ripple effect” begins to make itself felt. This situation is somewhat analogous to a life-long Atheist sitting on a park bench with a devout Christian.



Atheist: So you believe that God exists?
Christian: Of course.
Atheist: Prove it and I’ll become a Christian.
Christian: He’s all around us, you only have to look.
Atheist: Prove it, prove he exists.
Christian: There’s no need, I know he does.
Atheist: But HOW do you “know”?
Christian: Because I see his hand at work every day, every way and in everything .
Atheist: Yes but PROVE it…!
Christian: I don’t need to, I KNOW…!

You see, dear reader, the circular argument begins with no possible resolution.

There are an estimated 2,200 million Christians (Of the Abrahamic derivative) in the world, 1,800 million followers of Islam, 1,100 million followers of Hinduism, 754 to 1,000 million followers of Chinese traditional religions and 488 million followers of Buddhism (These being the top notated demographic entities) [1][2][3] so we are looking at somewhere around 6,342 million and 6,588 million

Studies on the demographics of atheism have concluded that self-identified atheists comprise anywhere from 2% to 8% of the world’s population, which, by U.S. Census Bureau estimates, stood at 7.3 billion as of June 2015, that is somewhere between 146.4 million and 585.9 million atheists.[4]

Either way you want to cut the cake that’s a lot of folks who are diametrically opposed to each other in the world view.

As to populations of Modern Real Living Vampires, over the years I have come across; both written and privately communicated, estimates of 1800 to 2000 active online; 8,000 to 15,000 online and off-line, 30,000 to 50,000 worldwide and; even one suggestion that it could run as high as 300,000 globally.

I rest, quite comfortably, somewhere in the 15,000 to 30,000 globally bracket personally but that is one of those things that can neither be quantified nor accurately estimated by any established scientific method; just like whether vampires exist or not in the modern sense. So, given the fact that there is NO scientific method for proving anything at this point in time it really does come down to your own personal knowledge, and experience as well as down to what you, as a member of the Modern Living Vampire Sub-Culture believe.

The best suggestion I can offer is that you read the articles mentioned earlier in the piece and then make up your own mind about which fence you want to sit on, or picket…

Copyright RVL 2015
1. “The Global Religious Landscape”. The Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life. Pew Research center. 18 December 2012. Retrieved 18 March 2013.
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