vive la différence ~ an invitation

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Good morning,
Go ahead, if you like, spot the differences between the two pictures above… an amusing way to pass some time, no?

Some differences are obvious, some are not. Some differences are bold, some are subtle.

The key to maintaining a peaceful environment, and a positive environment, lies in understanding differences and accommodating them.

RVL is currently engaged in an editorial project to represent the thoughts and outlooks of a number of different outlooks represented in the VC/OVC and, to this end, we have engaged the cooperation of a number of individuals who will discuss their experiences.

We would like to invite another several guests to represent their sub-cultural group. In particular we are seeking one or two more Psi-vampire guests and one or two more Hybrid-vampire guests to balance up the numbers of Sanguinarians who are participating.

If you would like to participate by looking over a short questionnaire (probably about ten minutes long) regarding your experiences and outlooks, please contact us at or leave your contact details below and we will get back to you.

Thank you for your time in reading this ape to be able to feature your views and opinions in the project.
RVL Staff