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Good evening,

There are as many theories, claims and opinions as to the origins of modern vampirism as there are modern vampires and the biggest problem is that none of the theories can, or have yet, been proven. Without such proofs it is left to each of us to determine our own conclusion to the biggest unanswered question in the sub-culture. Each of us would like to believe we know the truth, would like to believe that we have the key but the fact remains that none can say that without some doubt remaining and it is for this very reason that if we can gather together as many threads as possible; as many clues as we can find, from as many different sources as we can locate, then we may be able to get that much closer to an answer.

We are blessed, here at RVL, to be able to work with expert and highly experienced people and our guest this evening is no exception. She holds a degree as a bio analyst and bio technician, she has worked in the fields of histology, genetics, cytology, microbiology and parasitology. Lady Kaia currently works, and lives, in Europe and holds a position in a hematology and biochemistry laboratory in a major hospital.

It gives us great pleasure to be able to welcome her to RVL and to be able to share a little time with her today.

Lady Kaia

 RVL: Welcome to RVL Lady Kaia, we are honoured to be able to have you join us today.

Lady K: Thank you for having me and pleasure is all mine.

RVL: Firstly, if we may, you identify yourself as a modern living vampire correct?

Lady K: Well…. in some way yes, there are lot of different kind of modern living vampires all around world as I realized by now. I`m not particularly similar to the most of them, I`m bit different in my lifestyle and opinions, more complex if you might say.

RVL: …and how long have you known yourself to be a modern vampire and do you identify yourself as sanguinarian or some other form of modern vampire?

Lady K: Hmm, good question, I guess the true realisation came when I was around 10 or so. So it means I have been knowing what I am for 17 years. I have had my ups-and-down on this “journey”. As far as I have studied the communities and the vampire origin, the word sanguinarian comes from the meaning “blood feeder”. Over the years the names changed, what many vampires liked to call themselves (e.g. there were the nightbreed, nosferatus etc.). I think new term “real vampire” is popular these times. I call myself that one, the blood and energy feeder. It’s kinda like a mix of all earlier things, the paranormal, medical and psychological vampirism.

"Hunter's Moon" by Vegastar Carpentier

“Hunter’s Moon”
by Vegastar Carpentier

RVL: In general, how would you describe, or define, modern living vampirism?

Lady K: There are multiple options on this one, as far as I have tracked down the meanings. There are humans, who act and live like vampires and embrace vampirism, most of them are good friends to vampire communities, some are not. Then there are vampires, who are kinda the darker side of the communities. I mean, right now e.g. Satanists are almost accepted to the society, there are also vampire communities who kinda live on the rules of Satanism, or believe that they are the demonic entities…. The next branch of the darker side vampires are those, who believe that vampirism should still be kept as secret and have strict rules how to live/act/communicate. Brighter side of the modern vampirism, are the vampire communities, who are trying to explain and show that we mean no harm, that we want to help, that we want to be accepted. Next branch of the brighter sides, are the vampire communities, who are really modern on things, they have the pages and places where they teach, but at their free time, all the members hide behind masks of the human communities. They come out to show their true nature only when they are with their own kind, because the modern human world still can`t comprehend that vampires are real and vampires are trying to protect their own kind, by living like this.


RVL: New research from Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, has shown that it is possible for some information to be inherited biologically through chemical changes that occur in DNA. [1] What are your thoughts on this?

Lady K: That’s true, there are many drugs, viruses, radiation, chemicals in our food, water and environment that can alter the DNA. E.g. so when the mother has the virus or drug in her body, it changes DNA in uterus, so that when child is born it inherits the new changed DNA. Mostly these kind of changes are very bad ones, even fatal ones. Mother getting for example measles virus can have a very deformed child, because virus enters DNA and changes it by deleting or adding info that can do a lot of harm. With fatal changes children will born dead. There are so many different viruses, bacteria’s and human genes discovered in every single years, that we have no idea about. There are so much info in our genes, that some of that info often seems to be useless at first glance. We may only imagine, that maybe, all humans have vampire gene in them, that maybe it is triggered upon chemical changes upon puberty and that’s why some of humans change into vampires and some not. Or other hand maybe in only selected individuals have this tiny gene that awakens at the puberty and makes us vampires. For example my mother is vampire but I have two half-brothers and two-half sisters who are not. But I have been noticing that one of my sister`s daughter is starting to awaken too. This gene seems to leap over some individuals. To find this gene is very hard, scientist haven’t yet figured out, what most of the genes in humans are meant to do. I myself cannot pinpoint, that this is what makes us what we are, but I am 99.9% sure that there is something in us, in our genes, that makes us so different.

RVL: On the cover page of your website [] you make the comments that, “My mother is a vampire, its genetic, although my 2 half-sisters and 2 half-brothers aren’t.” and “I come from a long ancestry of vampires, dating back to 16th/17th century.” Would you care to explain a little more about this?

Lady K: Well like I wrote on last question, I think there might have been something different in me that triggered me to change into vampire, something that my sisters and brothers didn’t have. A gene I presume. I have tracked my mother side of my family bloodline to the (16/17th century), there were two brothers who came from the old country, to the other old country where most of my family now lives. Those two brothers settle down in this country, they were not aristocrats, but a very rich merchants who brought lands and houses here. They found wives and settled down, so the family tree begun. I cannot say, where they vampire, but surely they were carriers of the vampire-gene. I just know that they were the only ones who came to this land and that part of family tree everybody has lived longer than most of the humans, also they don`t get sick so easily, have more intelligent than humans are. Also in 1710-1712, in this country where brothers came, was an epidemic of the Black Death, 3/4 of the nation died out, but families of the both brothers didn’t get infected and lived well here. So I have an idea that there might be some kind of resistance towards some illnesses/bacteria’s/viruses, that vampires fight off more easily or don’t get sick at all. It would be interesting to make a test/questionnaire upon community, to see what kind of viruses and illnesses true vampires have had and what kind of viruses/illnesses don’t affect us at all.

gene sequence img

RVL: …and so, what is your opinion of the origin of modern living vampirism?

Lady K: Ok, this is trick part. Origin of the modern living vampirism, as for the modern part I think, there has always been individuals of vampirism, who in past centuries have found out, that their not humans. But the old days, it was very risky to be different, there were choices to be burned as witch or werewolf etc. So I guess real “modern” vampires with their vampirism, have always hide their nature, and acted as humans even in ancient times. Humans or homo sapience feed upon live animals after all. First all “human like creatures” fed upon raw flesh, blood etc. To be exact we dont know how old modern living vampirism is… Yes of course there are those, who say it started in 20th century, when the movie industry started the whole thing. But the legends of creatures who consumed blood (not the brainless ghoul ones), I mean the ones, who acted/looked like humans, are thousands of years old. So I would say origin of the modern living vampirism is truly thousands, maybe even tens of thousands years old.

RVL: On your website you have a wealth of information regarding different animal species having a, “different anatomy of blood cells.” and also “about human blood and blood cells”. Do you think that your professional knowledge and insights have been helpful in coming to terms with your own vampire nature?

Lady Kaia: Yes I think it can prevent various things and help a lot. If other have an insight of how different various animal bloods can be, they know what kind of animal blood to use, to have a better effect. Also I have mentioned about various risks consuming different animal’s blood. The bacteria’s/viruses/etc. that circle in animal blood. Before I made my homepage, I had questions from newly awaken vampires like: “can I take/feed upon my dogs/cats blood?” I realised that many vampires had no clue, what was in different animal’s blood. They just thought blood is blood. Any blood, that is not tested are dangerous. Also I got a lot of questions about vampire and human blood, what is normal and what is not and what blood consists of… So I added info about human blood too. Vampire blood looks just like human’s blood under the microscope. I wanted to teach vampires, what is running around in their veins. The blood is very beautiful under the microscope, it’s like looking into the little universe. The cells are all alive, their part of us. Most of the vampire and humans have no idea, what these cells look like or what are their mission. It kinda fun to teach public about things that I do for living and work day by day.


RVL: There are a great many in the sanguinarian portion of the sub-culture who believe that scientific proof will be available, sometime in the future, that will support the opinion that modern sanguine vampires need blood as a physical substance to maintain themselves. Being a sanguinarian yourself do you think that this is probable?

Lady Kaia: Yes, I think one day there will be someone, who want to find out, is there something in our genes, bodies that makes us different from humans. There was one research made at Athens State University and the Parapsychology Foundation of New York, by Joe H. Slate PHD years back about energy manipulation, how vampire took energy from human and it was all documented and proved. I`m sure that one day we will have a technique or test to study how vampire bodies are affected by consuming blood. And why we are so different from humans. Or to have at least a final scientific proof, for a world to show, that we do live in this world and we are real.

RVL: With regard to the modern “community” of living vampires, what is your opinion of the modern sub-culture and “community”?

Lady Kaia: I do accept that some of the vampires in community have different views upon things, just like I have different opinion upon some things. Of course there are the human or vampire murderers, who sometimes kill humans and proclaim later to be vampires, bringing at community a bad looks. But the prosecution is not so bad these days, as it was in past. I have been seen a lot of different communities with their good and bad sides. The ones who proclaim that only they are the real and true ones, to be listened and obeyed. Also I see coven and communities who have thousands or millions of members but their “dead” communities, their members are far-gone from them, or members seek answers but don’t get them from the leaders/communities. Also those who do not see the things as the other members see, are banned and thrown out, without listening to new comers thoughts. I`m starting to see more of those communities, who are trying to become the future to our race. The true community for vampires, to be like a school or family. So that the older and wiser ones could teach younger vampires, about the abilities vampires have or how to control themselves and their powers. To teach them what they are and where they might came from. The history of our nation, the myths all over the world, our different beliefs so far or the things we have found out on our own. How to live in human world, how to coexist with humans and other vampires. To make young ones accept, what they are and to make them understand more, to accept all thoughts and believes, to see more, just not with eyes, but with soul and mind. To make world accept us and not to be outsiders anymore, to be part of the society.

Photo by Lady Kaia

Photo by Lady Kaia

RVL: What advice, if any, would you give to living vampires who are “awakening” or just coming to know and accept their nature?

Lady Kaia: The anger, sadness and feeling out of control shall pass, it will not last forever. Accept what you are or becoming, it is not a curse, only your mind has a power to make it a bad thing, if you let it. You are not a monster, crazy or disappointment to your family. Explore your nature and your powers, accept all knowledge and views you hear and read from others, but keep your opinion upon those. Respect and love yourself. Believe into yourself and your intuition.

RVL: On a less serious note, what does Lady Kaia like to do to relax?

Lady Kaia: I have tons of hobbies what relax me. Where to start, when its winter time, I love to listen to music to relax, I get a lot of energy from that or I just paint and draw. If its summer/spring I usually go to the forest to relax, I collect various rock, gems from nature or medical plants, feathers, bones etc. Also I`m nature photographer, so in summer time I have my camera with me all the time when I`m free from work.

RVL: Obviously, your website takes up a fair amount of time to maintain… what is the main message that you are seeking to pass on with your work on the website?

Lady Kaia: It depends upon week, sometimes if I have a busy work week, I have almost no time at all to maintain it, other times, when I have more free days, I update the topics or add some new ones. First I started it to just tell everybody what and who I am and how I live. But then I thought, that I might also add the things I have read, like all the myths about various vampires. Also as I am a healer in my family, like my grandmothers where, I know how to use various plants and how they heal. I wanted to share the info with all the vampires and humans who might explore my page. Over the time, I just added the more things that I myself found interesting to the others to read.

Photo by Lady Kaia

Photo by Lady Kaia

RVL: Thank you very much for spending this time with us Lady Kaia, we are grateful for your input and we are very pleased that you chose to work with us.

Lady Kaia: It was a pleasure. I hope this interview gives a new insight of vampire community and various opportunities we possess. Also I truly hope that I might help somehow, to get our nation to be accepted and understood all over the world. I find that to teach both humans and vampires about us, gets the things moving towards it. If they see that we are not the monsters, like media likes to show them, they might change their minds upon and welcome us with open arms.


The drive to understand the modern living vampiric condition has never been too far below the surface. Research studies, questionnaires, polls and such have covered an amazing amount of ground within the sub-culture and have revealed a great deal about the psychology and the sociology of the modern vampire sub-culture but still we are lacking that one definitive piece of evidence that will shed the light of proof on the matter.

Lady Kaia addresses a wide range of material on her website and does so in a most adroit fashion. Undoubtedly, due to her clinical training and qualification, she is firmly in touch with the realities of the human physical condition as to how it complements the vampiric and, as a human living vampire herself, she is able to apply her knowledge directly to her own experiences. This makes Lady Kaia, and her website, very important resources in the modern vampire subculture. Her insights may well open ‘doors’ for those that haven’t “seen” as yet.

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Graphic source:

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