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Over the past months I have been privileged to come into contact with a number of people who are returning to the sub-culture after relatively prolonged absences.

The absences, for various reasons, have served not only the purpose of allowing our returning brothers and sisters to resolve their own life issues but in pretty much every case it has been related to me that it has renewed their zest for involvement and their will to be part of something bigger.

As I have said before, and I’ll continue to say, the sub-culture has “misplaced” something, some vital concept central to what it means to be a contemporary living vampire. much as the human race has lost some base knowledge that was known to the likes of the pyramid builders, the architects of Stonehenge and the ancient Arabic Astrologers… it is something that is so vital and intrinsic that without it we simply mimic its effects without any real understanding.

One person it has been an absolute pleasure to come into contact with recently has been away for some seven or eight years, he is my guest tonight, and it is an honour for us to welcome to RVL Stefan Resurrectus

RVL: Good evening Stefan, it’s wonderful to be able to spend this time with you, thank you for joining us.

Stefan:  I’m honored to be here, always a pleasure.

RVL: Okay, first things first and to relieve the breathless anticipation of our readers, do you identify as a modern living vampire and, if so, how long have you been aware of your true nature?

Stefan:  I do consider myself a modern living vampire, or mortal vampire if you will.  I experienced my awakening when I was 19, but was aware of my traits and abilities since age 6.  I’m 46 now, so it’s been quite a journey.

RVL: When and where did you first come into the “community” of real living vampires.

Stefan:  Well, I was a pre-net vampire.  At the time, there wasn’t any community around me, no House or Elder to learn from.  I did what research I could at the time, given what paltry information was available.  I began participating in the online community in 1999.

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RVL: We understand that you have been away from the sub-culture for a time, how long have you been absent and what are your impressions of it upon returning?

Stefan:  I was gone for 8 years.  At the time, my wife couldn’t wrap her head around the fact that this is what I am.  I felt that at the time for the good of my marriage and my children, I would retire.  Had I known then what I know now, I would have let the marriage go.

Coming back has been interesting.  A lot of the boards are gone, as are many of the Houses I affiliated with.  It was really a whim when I got on FB.  I looked up a few friends in the community and was fortunate to find the evolution of our communication.

RVL: …and what brought you back “to the fold”, so to speak?

Stefan:  I felt drawn back.  After the divorce, it became harder and harder to deny who I was.  I simply felt that it was best that I return to the community, for better or worse.


RVL: From your new ‘first impressions’ do you have a feeling about what is needed to be done within the current, so-called, “community” of modern living vampires?

Stefan:  I am actually fairly speechless over the state of affairs as they are now.  We had issues before I left; it doesn’t even compare to what I see and hear now.

Quite simply, the VC has no sense of itself anymore, from top to bottom.  There is very little structure, almost no discipline, there’s infighting, power plays, the list continues.  The Codex is not being followed for the most part, and that was supposed to be a foundation for behavior and ethics.  I see that several organizations like this one are actually adhering to it.

If I had to give a suggestion at this point, it would be for all the Elders to come together and start rebuilding.  Although many of us have been around for a long time, we didn’t create this.  We definitely didn’t create this mess; we inherited it.  We are at a point that some form of hierarchy or governing body is needed.  Open communication is needed and cooperation amongst the Elders and Houses is needed.  Otherwise, we are in danger of losing everything to the advanced state of decay we are experiencing now.

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RVL: …and would you tell us a little of your early history in the contemporary vampire scene?

Stefan:   It started out on the boards.  I was amazed at how many of us there were out there.  I spent a lot of time learning and making acquaintances wherever possible.  After a while, I took it “off line” and started actually meeting our brethren in person.  It was wonderful.

RVL: From the associations and connections that you forged in those early days are there any that were particularly influential in your mind and you are still close to?

Stefan:   There are still quite a few.  RevDevon Mecurio is retired now, but I still speak with him often and have always valued his wisdom and knowledge.  Madam X, PsiVamp, both good friends and I get to speak with them from time to time. My daughter, my Nadja, Alexandra, is precious to me.  Michael in England and I have been back in contact.  Unfortunately, one Elder I was very close to was Caelen, who is now retired and no longer associating.  However, I am enjoying the new friendships that have come about and I look forward to getting closer to my brothers and sisters each day.

RVL: What would you consider to be the greatest asset of the modern vampire?

Stefan:  Knowledge.  Fill your mind, your heart and your spirit with knowledge.  With the proper knowledge, you don’t have to follow anyone questionable or involve yourself in problems that you don’t need to be involved in. Knowledge can save you a lot of heartaches.

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RVL: Have you a belief as to what the aim of the modern, so-called, “community” should be?

Stefan:  Trick question?  It’s hard to tell because I don’t really recognize it anymore.  If I were just looking at it, it would seem that the aim of the current community is who has the best 18th century clothing, best fangs or fangsmith, who has this biggest house, the most influence, etc… Currently, infighting, kin on kin violence and Elders turning a deaf ear seems to be the flavor of the day.  I think that trying to bring us together and reestablish an actual community should be a goal.

RVL: What is your personal definition, and perception, of modern living vampirism?

Stefan: What we are has been viewed as a gift and a curse.  That is a personal conflict of many.  The modern vampire is, to me, the beginning of a new evolution in human existence.  If we weren’t there wouldn’t be so many of us.  We are gifted, and with that should come a sense of responsibility not only to our Kin, but to our communities and our world.  We are still human.  We have to live on this planet.  We should use our talents to not only fix the problems in the VC, but in the communities in which we live.

RVL: Do you believe that modern living vampirism is something best kept between ourselves, i.e. the “community” or do you think we should be attempting a wholesale education of those outside the “community”?

Stefan:  Hmmm…we are still a minority.  As such, because of our beliefs and activities, there is still a stigma.  I’ve noticed that by and large, the term “freak” still tends to come up.  That, and there are those out there that want to harm us, everything from hate crimes to slayers.  At this time, I still support blending with the surrounding world and keeping our nature within the society.  It’s hard to do so without being insular or cloistered, I just don’t think it’s something that the outside community is prepared for yet.  There are those that have let them view a very small cross-section of us.  For better or for worse, we’re out there.

RVL: Have you any plans for forming a group, house or enclave of your own? And if so, what will be the focus of your group’s involvement?

Stefan:  I have been asked if I will be forming a new House recently.  I have given a lot of thought to it and the answer is yes.  I feel it is my responsibility as an Elder to be able to meet with others and for them to have security.  A place they can go to learn and express themselves without fear of reprisal.  My main focus will be teaching.  Our people are losing themselves because of a lack of guidance, as it seems most of the “leaders” of our society are more concerned with exposure and ego rather than ensuring that the future generations have a society to call their own.

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RVL: Do you have any general comments or observations you would like to share with our readers either about past, present or future of the modern living vampire subculture?

Stefan:  If the Elders that have passed could see us now, they would be ashamed.  The future of our people is being decided now.  we either pull together and begin repairing the damage, removing the charlatans and power hungry and come together as a people, or there may be no future subculture.  That, or it will continue to decay and sink into worse depravity and ignorance than we’re seeing now.

RVL: Thank you for sharing this time with us Stefan, it has been a great pleasure to have been able to share your story and your experience.

Stefan: Again, I’m honored. Thank you for this opportunity and I hope I can share again in the future. Blessings to all.


Everybody who counts themselves part of today’s modern vampire sub-culture; especially those who self-identify as “the real thing” have a decision before them ~ “Do I continue to fall into the same old traps and habits that dominate the VC/OVC today, or do I choose to follow a different and more effective path for myself?”

It’s a question that no one can answer for you but armed with the right information, armed with the wisdom and knowledge that comes from true “elders”, from those that were there at the birth of the modern vampire sub-culture, is probably the first, best and most vital step in your personal journey… do yourself a favour, break out of the norm, climb out of the rut and look at the new ideas from the past.

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