The end is nigh…


Good morning to all our readers,

We hope this message finds you well?

As of lunchtime today we will be entering the last two weeks of collection of responses for The Living Vampire ~ A social survey Part IV

For those who are not aware, this project started on October the 1st last year and has been underway ever since. It has aimed at gathering sub-cultural information, demographic information and information on the likes/dislikes of members of the real living vampire subculture of today.

The survey link is:

We ask, if you haven’t already taken advantage of this opportunity, that you spend ten minutes with a cup of tea, or whatever, and give us the benefit of your insight. Also, if you haven’t already, please pass the link on to others that are part of the subculture so that we can maximise the benefits of collecting this information.

If you have already done this and taken the survey, any or all parts, you have our deepest appreciation and gratitude.

Thank you.

Regards and respects,


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