Real Vampires ~ One of the hardest things about being us

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Let me ask you, as a real vampire, when you get an email or a message from someone begging you to tell them how to be turned into a vampire what do you do with it?

File 13? Recycle Bin? Delete?

Do you read the message; assess the message and the motives behind it? Do you wonder how much trouble or danger the author could be heading for?

A few days ago we, Lady M and I, received a message that went something along the lines of;

…are you also a real vampire? Actually I want to know about vampires, how to become one. I have already decided that I want to become one and if I have to die to become a vampire I would love to die……

In our opinion this is something that cannot, in all good conscience, be ignored. It is a precursor to a person about to take some awful risk, or dangerous action to become something that they believe will make them better than they think they are. It could be that they are completely enamoured with the images of the vampire that have been reinforced by television and the movies but to talk of wanting to die to achieve the unachievable has to ring alarm bells with any caring member of the real vampire sub-culture.


There are still places where the discussions of “turning” are still being treated with, it is our opinion that an actual transformation from human to vampire is not physiologically possible but the danger still exists that it is psychologically possible?

One of the strongest arguments on the “for” side is that over a period of time anyone in a close relationship with a modern vampire may well begin to exhibit vampiric characteristics but where this has been noted to be the case it has also been reported that after a separation from the vampire half of the equation such effects diminish and eventually disappear.

So, what did we do?

Firstly we steered the author of the message in the direction of some reputable writings on the matter with a request that they read and then contact us with questions. The reply that came back was still adamant about becoming a vampire. The second step we took was to ascertain what the author thought a “vampire” actually was and we presented some questions on thoughts and feelings that produced this need within them.

When we had this information we carefully constructed a response to the effect that being “turned” into a modern vampire was NOT possible but that perhaps the “feelings” and “sensations” that were being experienced were indicative of something else. We are, at this time, attempting to ascertain the nature and origins of these feelings.

What didn’t we do ~ and what will we never do?

We made a pact between ourselves long ago that if someone came to us in need of help, as we saw it, then we would do our level best to help them understand and accept the truth, not just “our” truth but “the” truth. Thus far we have met with success but we both know, full well, that there will come a time when our best counsel will fall on “deaf ears”, so to speak. At least we can say we tried. We are just hoping against hope that someday a particular case such as this doesn’t end in tears or tragedy.

What do we think needs to happen?

To us it is apparent that every modern living vampire needs to be aware of the high probability that they will, at some time or another, face this exact question or request. We therefore think that a member of the modern vampire movement needs to show discretion, patience and sympathy when dealing with such messages. We ask that you consider this matter and come up with some reasonable approach to the situation, even if that approach is to send the “seeker” to someone else.

The young and the impressionable are at risk, which goes without saying. We have all read reports that detail this sort of thing, at some time. We, as mature and responsible members of the sub-culture, have a “duty of care” to see to the welfare of these young and impressionable newcomers. We have a responsibility, whether we want it or not, to educate and enlighten so that those we educate will, in turn, educate others about the truth of real modern vampires.

Part 2.

We modern living vampires occupy our own, many would say important, niche in global society and because we are considered to be an “alternative” lifestyle in the general perception of such things we are subject, whether we like it or not, to the “push-and-pull” of opinions from outside our niche.

Some of the commonest opinions can be found in a number of responses to John Reason’s recent interview with and the comments that followed the publication of the interview.

Some of the comments reveal a profound misunderstanding of what and who we are, such as;

” There are no such things as vampires”.

Vampires, defined as a humanoid that MUST consume blood or energy to survive do not exist. Cut and paste time, as it is too much work to type this out over and over and I “recycle” my own answers instead of retyping them.”

I don’t imagine that anyone of us would argue that particular point since even those of us who do consume blood do not do it to SURVIVE.

…and then there was this;

” The humans who profess to be vampires are victims of an all-encompassing self induced delusion. They are as human as you or I, regardless of their claims. Note that there is absolutely no scientific or medical proof that these people derive any benefit at all from the ingestion of blood, and even worse are the so-called “psychic” vampires, because their delusion is one that they cannot substantiate with any concrete evidence at all.”

Now that point I would argue, while it is true that there is no recorded SCIENTIFIC or MEDICAL proof, how is it that someone can profess to know anything of our psychology without having conducted psychological evaluations? It’s judgment time and we have no right of reply or defence.

Thus, we are beset, at all times, by the blanket pronouncements of self-appointed “experts” on the subject but let me ask this, who are the experts, the one’s who read science and medical books or those who live the life of the modern vampire?

Further into the article we come to, unfortunately, the “knee jerk” reactionary statements of the, again self-appointed, moral police.

”You keep drinking that blood and one day you’ll contract hepatitis or HIV and be singing a different tune. Get into a counseling program before it’s too late!”

 …and, “The world is going to hell and this sick garbage is why!”

 …further, ”This is more pathetic than the movies! Get this man a psychiatrist”

There has been, and continues to be, a great deal of talk about “educating the mundanes” as to the reality of the modern living vampire but is it really going to be possible to convince people like these? They want us in counseling, on psychiatrist’s couches or “removed” from THEIR society in cases of some extreme opinions that I have come across in other places.

The fact is that the education of mundanes is NOT going to happen at that level, it is going to have to begin at the most basic level, with the youngsters who bring their questions.

It is, we have been told by people who have contacted us, not uncommon for newcomers and youngsters with “stars-in-their-eyes” to be treated rudely, dismissed as not worth attention or answers, or told to go away and read such-and-such and, “come back when you have some idea of what you are talking about!”

Brushing the inquiring young people aside is NOT going to help educate anybody.

This past week we have been contacted with some questions that still appear around the www now and then. The opportunity to educate, to support and to explain in this scenario is a very valuable one because it shows that there are still people who are willing to listen (read) and to accept the facts as they are.

The questions we received, by email contact, were from a person who had little real knowledge of modern vampires but had been fascinated with the archetype for about five years. We were very pleased to be able to spend a little time working with them.

11/22/12 Question #1

JS: My question tonight is, are vampires real. I searched your website and i did not really see evidence. Yet again, no offence i have a passion and have wondered for years if they are real. Please contact me. Thank you,

RVL: Thank you for contacting us with your question, we are always pleased to receive and answer any questions that people may care to ask, providing of course they are polite… 🙂

I’m going to answer your question in the simplest way possible. I could send you a hundred pages of supporting documentation but I won’t, don’t worry… LOL

Firstly, Yes, vampires are real BUT probably not in the way that you think of them.

Vampires, such as dear old Count Dracula; that is undead revenants who rise from their coffin/tomb/grave at night and bite the necks of unsuspecting victims to ensure their own survival DO NOT EXIST except in movies and books. They are fictional.

Vampires, self-identified modern real living vampires are people who maintain the need to ingest blood or energy to feel healthy and well. They are not “undead”, most of them do not sleep in coffins, they can go out in the day and no, I’m afraid that they do not sparkle… sorry.

Quote: “I searched your website and i did not really see evidence.”

I could send you to fifty different sites on your quest for “evidence” and you won’t find any because, as yet, there is no evidence, scientific or medical, to support the existence of modern living vampires. Having said that however, there was no evidence of the existence of the Higgs boson until recently. Having ‘no evidence’ doesn’t mean there is none, it simply means that our technology is incapable of observing, recording and processing it as yet.

22/11/12 Question#2

JS: I do thank you for answering that question.

Another question is, do they have special abilities? Are they able to transform into bats? And next question is, is there anyway to become immortal?

RVL: Okay, let’s step back and look at this picture properly:

Real living vampires today are NOT superhuman, they don’t have the “strength of twenty or more men” as Bram Stoker’s novel suggested, they CAN’T control “the meaner forms of life such as the rat and the wolf”. Some modern vampires report things that might, on the surface of it, seem a little odd. Some report that they have an increased sensitivity to sunlight (e.g. it causes their eyes to water, itch and tear up) and that their skin, if exposed to sunlight, itches and burns extremely easily but all of these things are also reported by people with regular allergies or sensitivities. There is no direct medical evidence to suggest that these things are connected with any claim of “vampirism”.

In general, real living vampires are not super-fast, not super-strong, not super-anything really but I would like to make the point that there is one school of thought amongst modern vampires that believe the answers lie in the “energy” that is obtained from their activities. Think of it as a battery drill, if the battery is on low charge the drill runs slowly, if the battery is on full charge the drill will run fast. That’s a more logical way to look at it, that a “modern living vampire” requires an extra “something” to keep them feeling completely well and healthy..

To my knowledge, and this is a combination of 34 years of living as a real vampire and over ten years research and writing on the subject, real modern living vampires CAN’T transform into anything at all. They can’t turn into bats, clouds of mist/vapour/smoke or any other such thing, they can’t turn into wolves. They can’t be anything other than what they are ~ humans with a deficiency of some nature.

My dear JS, the only way that I can conceive of becoming immortal is by joining with, and then believing completely and without hesitation in, one of the world’s religions that promotes the idea of constant reincarnation. Modern real living vampires are NOT immortal. Sorry.


Now, some of you may not like the answers I gave JS, they might not agree with your “truth” but if you don’t step up and help the education process how is anyone going to know about your “truth”?

Educating with truth and observable facts is the first step. JS has now moved on to explore other representations and theories, out of the information we provided and the other information that JS will come across, a personal theory and belief about modern vampirism will be formed, we can’t mould and implant that but what we can do is instill a healthy sense of the truth of modern living vampirism before the newcomer’s journey begins and if we don’t seize that opportunity then we only have ourselves to blame when the newcomer reappears some months later with obscure, bizarre and outlandish concepts and ideas about real living vampires.

At least 50 years before the birth of Christ, the Roman statesman, philosopher, and orator, Marcus T. Cicero, said, “As you have sown so shall you reap.  Smart chap eh?


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RVL: Your Facebook tagline says, “Too Cute to be a nerd, not enough charisma for rock star…. so radio is my thing … I like it a lot”   Who is Whiskey Finn and how did you come to establish Radio? 

WF: It was a dark night in seedy Gotham.   The torrential rain appeared solid with smog.  It would have been pretty from afar, but it was hard, cold, and dirty. So I fled into the nearest bar (CBGBS Gallery) I was not the only lost soul to seek sanctuary on this particular Monday. There was all manner of Creatures of the Night, and after paying the fee and crossing the razor wire, I found myself among peers. It struck me that I wanted to represent this group with a radio station they could relate to.

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WF: This station is an attempt to preserve and expand the dark culture we all hold dear.

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WF: “Dark” music is not just a genre, it’s a feeling, a sensation and one that appeals to a wide and varied audience. From subtle tones and subtle textures in the music to the hardcore “dark” metalhead.  We have changed formats extensively and have changed our tagline; from the club inspired ‘Dark Dance’ to ‘Dark Alternative’ accordingly. We used to broadcast nightclub events from around NYC, however it was an immense drain on resources.  We have altered our format into something we feel is more friendly and more oriented toward community and culture. Our new tagline is Your Favorite Dark Alternative Radio.

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WF: If you are here the last Sunday of the month, The Court of Lazarus is very Vampire. Also Otto’s Shrunken Head has wonderful Tiki Drinks, and DJ Spaz is there DJ’ing for Dark Water every Tuesday there.


RVL: I know this is probably a very cheeky question but what are your secret Egyptian levitating spell words?

WF:  No comment… *chuckle*

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WF: We are currently running four live shows… and feel free to drop by and “like”, “follow” & “supportWFKU

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WF: *Laughs* Other than family, friends, and nemesis’s – Our target audience is anyone who digs Dark, and there are many layers within that genre that could appeal to a broader audience.


RVL: What is your vision, ultimately, for Radio?

WF: It would be wonderful to grow large enough to sustain me and the station, as well as increase our live radio time.  Ideally we would like to achieve a national presence, and audience, as the go-to Dark Alternative station for cutting edge music and news in this creative space.

There’s something dark for everyone at WFKU…

RVL: Can you tell us a little bit about the people who share your microphone …your staff? 

WF: This is pretty much a solo effort, with support from DJ Spaz, my dad, Albert, in the studio, an occasional guest writer.


RVL: Whiskey, thank you very much for your time this evening. We are most grateful and we wish you every success and continued growth with Radio.  Can you leave us with a few comments about up and coming shows, or events that will be part of Radio?

WF: Yes of course!  Again, thank you. We are planning a special show for Halloween and a station fundraiser during the winter. We will see what we are left to work with after time and financial constraints also, we have just put together a new little project called “Gothgram”  ( it is an instagram feed for the goth scene.   If you use instagram and type #goth in the comments, the picture shows up on the wall realtime.

Its fun….should be great for Halloween

As our special guest today said, “Dark music is not just a genre, it’s a feeling, a sensation and one that appeals to a wide and varied audience. From subtle tones and subtle textures in the music to the hardcore “dark” metalhead”. So it seems there is a niche for every taste in the field. One thing’s for sure, with quality programming and content from the likes of Radio nobody need go “hungry”.


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