One seen and one to watch for


Saturday October 27th was the day and the night belonged to Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball… we are very happy that it was such a success.

“Shannon McCabe’s Vampire Ball made a successful debut at Roseville’s Placer County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Oct. 27. The theme for this year’s event was “The Vampire Chronicles – A tribute to all things Anne Rice.”

“The evening event brought several hundred visitors to a venue full of live music, tribal dancers, carnival food and a beer garden for guests to enjoy.”


And for those who are hanging around South Australia next year…

The Adelaide Festival’s 2013 Program reveals that one of the highlights will be, “A Polish co-production of Nosferatu,  by writer-director Grzegorz Jarzyna’s company TR Warszawa, reinterprets the vampire story.

“I’ve worked with this guy quite a lot – I really, really like his work,” artistic director David Sefton said of Jarzyna.

“It was done for the bicentenary of (Dracula  author) Bram Stoker’s death this year.”


A new staff member at Real Vampire Life

Good afternoon everyone,

It gives us great pleasure, and it is a great honour for us, to announce that Gabrielle Faust has agreed to become Real Vampire Life’s freelance Vampyre Society Correspondent. Gabrielle will be writing for us about the events that she attends and will be, undoubtedly, having a little to say about the latest vamp-fashions, literature, music and all things society.


You may recall, back in July this year, we were very fortunate to be able to spend a little time with Gabrielle and produce an interview article with her entitled “The Lady Writes“.

In producing that article, and from being in contact with this lovely lady, we found out that her work, as an author and illustrator, has appeared in The Lightning Journal, GUD Magazine, Doorways Magazine, The Open Vein, Darkened Horizons, Ladies of Horror and The Bloodied Quill.

Since 2007 she has worked as a freelance entertainment journalist and critic in the horror industry covering the latest film and novel releases, as well as major festivals such as FantasticFest and South by Southwest Film Festival for the publications Fear Zone, Blaster, SCI FI Wire, Girls & Corpses and Fatally Yours.


In October of 2008, after the release of the first Eternal Vigilance vampire novel to rave reviews, she was made the Guest of Honor at the “Queen of the Damned” Vampire Ball in New Orleans. In 2009 she was afforded the honor of returning as a Special Guest, alongside author Charlaine Harris, for the Endless Night Festival and was dubbed “New Orleans Vampire Royalty” at the Tru Blood & Gold vampire ball. She returned in 2010 to the Memnoch: The Resurrection vampire ball and Endless Night festival, as well as the New Orleans UnDeadCon, as one of the selected Special Author Guests.

She was the primary graphic designer on the organizational committee for the 2011 World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas and in March of 2011she was awarded the prestigious Texas Social Media Award.

She celebrated; in July, the release of her latest novel Revenge from Barking Rain Press, penned with co-author Solomon Schneider. At that time also, she was working on three new novel concepts and her first solo music project as a singer-songwriter.

Gabrielle’s “office”, Gabrielle’s Social Shadow, here at RVL can be found on the homepage ‘pages‘ tabs under the banner, or by following this LINK

Gabrielle’s style, her grace and her experience will bring yet another dimension to Real Vampire Life for our readers to enjoy and we are looking forward to working with her very much indeed.
Kind regards,

RVL Staff.

Radio Waves

Link ‘em, “like” ‘em, bookmark ‘em, do anything but, above all, LISTEN TO ‘EM…

The Dark Radio Stations are on your wavelength, they are there providing the back-beat to the pulse of the sub-culture and they do it for you…!

Follow DJ Father CoVen at Bloodlit – The underground radio station for Vampyres only!

Creator and Host: DJ-Father CoVen  May 23, 2012

Ave! and Greetings to you all.

Here at the new it will be our duty and pleasure to bring forth the latest underground club tracks for the “Strigoi Vii” or the “Living Vampyre”! As we invite you to listen to our LIVE 24/7 on-line radio broadcast which is entitled “In The Bloodlit Dark”


Kick it with  – WFKU Radio

“We are the voices in your head ….

We are the monster under your bed …

Music for the living as well as the dead”

WFKU is a Dark Internet radio station broadcasting live out of New York City.  We Play the newest Dark and Dance music, and fulfil your musical lust for the Sinister and Mysterious.  If you’re a night owl who embraces the dark instead of avoiding it, can be found prowling a graveyard at any given time and could easily claim that most of your wardrobe is black, then WFKU is the Internet radio station for you.

Join us in the dark…

Not Your Typical Radio. We are a Dark Alternative Superstation streaming out of NYC.  We Broadcast shows and events live and feature showcase sets from the Hottest Dark DJ’s in NYC’s Clubs.

Whiskey Finn:  Owner, Manager

…and as our readers may recall, in our recent interview we asked Whiskey for his secret Egyptian Levitating Words he sidestepped with a “no comment” but after some badgering I have managed to obtain the Secret Egyptian Dancing Spell… so get yer darncin’ gear on and tune in to WKFU

 And in a special request from the crew at Real Vampire Life…

Following the tragic news from The Brat Prince Lestat, announced on air last Friday evening… we want EVERYONE who reads this to put their nav bars to any of the following   Tune in via
or now go mobile via
KrushRadio – Welcome to the new Krushradio Homepage!

The 20th of October this year is the last Krush Radio broadcast

in their current incarnation.

It seems as though the facility owners have joined the world greed brigade and upped the rent to some astronomical level that the n.f.p Krush team can’t deal with and so they have to move on…

We would like as many people as possible to tune in and make it the biggest show for them ever…

Do yourself a favour, one evening, for a few hours, show your appreciation for ALL the dark, alternative, vampire radio folk out there because after all,

they ARE doing it for YOU.