Vampiric Aging

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 By LadyM

~They say that age is all in your mind.  The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body. ~

Question . . . has the vampire community been able to attain the ability to keep aging from . . .  ‘creeping down our bodies’?

I have, over the past few years, been very aware of the fact that I am not the person that I was say 20 years ago.  Yet, as I look in the mirror, I still see, with few exceptions, the same face that looked back at me 20 years ago.  As I approach my 61st birthday next month, I thought it would be a great time to address this less than talked about subject.

On June 10, 2005, Lady CG, owner of Smoke and Mirrors, hosted the first vampire aging conference on IRC to discuss vampire related changes we were experiencing with age.  On the heels of that conference, she also, wrote an interesting article chronicling her process of aging as a sanguinarian vampire.

These articles are readily available at Smoke and Mirrors, however, you still need to be a member of YUKU to view them.  I have linked these articles to websites that are not member restricted so more readers will be able to view them and perhaps take away some answers to questions they might think they had no answers for.

There are very few articles available with regard to ‘vampiric aging’ yet we are faced with a population of vampires that are now in their 40’s and even approaching, if not already, the 50 mark.  Many of our older community members, as can be attested through photos available on many internet sites, look no different than they did 10 even 15 years ago.  I would like to know, if after you have read Lady CG’s account, did your non-aging come with a price?

Since the ingestion of blood by a sanguinarian or the absorption of energy by a psi vampire has not been fully understood by means of any scientific research, could feeding from a donor that is younger than you, perhaps keep the body from aging at a normal human level?  Or, by just being a self-identified vampire, does this afford you the perk of aging very gracefully?

Like Lady CG, have you gone through or are now experiencing what has been commonly referred to as “Second Stage Vampirism”?

Lady CG wrote:  Many people experience some, or all of the following:

Skin: For myself this was the first really drastic event, though order of occurrence seems to vary Vampire to Vampire. My skin peeled from head to feet, like a snakes, over a period of weeks. I hadn’t gotten a sunburn and there seemed to be no explanation for it. When it was over my skin was much paler and much more UV sensitive. I now avoid UVs at all cost, whenever possible. All of the UV 70 sun block in the world doesn’t really seem to help much. I can get sunstroke in less than 30 minutes, even in the shade on a really sunny day.

Circulatory System: This phase was, for me, marked by a sharp increase in my blood pressure over a period of a few months and what appeared to be a couple of minor heart attacks. It was terrifying – in fact, this for me was the scariest of everything i went through physically as a Vampire. My Doctors could not find a reason for it. In the end they put it down to stress, put me on medication and a nitro inhaler and felt I’d have to be careful to keep my stress levels down as much as possible for the rest of my life. A year later I was fine. There are now no signs at all that anything ever went wrong. All the scarring they said the attacks left on my heart, initially, is now gone. All i was left with was several rather baffled but pleased physicians.

Appetite and Metabolism: I thought i had developed Ulcers when this first started. I developed, rather suddenly, a number of food intolerances to things that I had hither to, consumed on a regular basis. Oddly one of these was garlic. It was a little embarrassing… i mean come on… a Vampire who is allergic to Garlic? That’s about as cliché’ as it gets! I have since talked to a number of other Sangs who have developed this “intolerance”, which leads me to believe that the whole “Vampires can’t stand garlic” myth may have been rooted in reality, though greatly overblown over the years, as myths frequently are. While my tolerance to “normal” foods became less, my blood consumption went up, a lot. Where I had once gotten by with tablespoons with sometimes weeks between feedings, my need jumped and stabilized at about 4 ounces every 7 to 10 days, which also varies Vamp to Vamp. I got quite thin. Where I had carried some extra weight in my childbearing years, it all fell off me like I was dying. In fact, people who knew me stopped me to see if I was sick. My appetite dropped off drastically. While I was eating less, I found myself drinking more blood when I could get it. I arranged for more, making up the difference with animal blood, since I knew I’d never find a donor to keep up with my pace of consumption. Instead of getting sick, i was getting healthier! I stopped getting flu bugs, and started to avoid getting colds. I took up weight lifting on a more regular basis than I used to and I muscled up at light speed! It was incredibly awesome. My weight eventually levelled off to fluctuating between 135 and 140 pounds. My blood consumption has remained steady at about 4 ounces / week or ten days, and as long as I consume enough I don’t seem to get sick much. I don’t crave grains or starches like i used to, though I do still crave fats in the cold of winter. I do still occasionally crave fruit, but my body seems to respond best to large amounts of protein and blood. I go with what works for me.

Vision: My eyes and vision still fluctuate as of this writing, wildly sometimes. Some of my issues are normal ageing and others can’t be explained so easily, even by my optometrist. When all this started my vision was 15 / 15, better than normal. I could always see fairly well in the dark and could read street signs up to 3 blocks away, at least the larger signs. While I now require reading glasses, since, as my father says, my arms got too short to read the paper, the trade off is that my distance vision has become even better and my night vision is awesome. Daylight hurts my eyes and I avoid it or wear shades if I have to be outside or driving. On the other hand, I see almost perfectly in pitch dark, and starlight is enough light for me to see as well as most folks do in daylight, making me an excellent companion for camping or power failures. See? There is a silver lining to just about everything!

Hair and Nails: it is rather nice to finally be able to grow really long hair and nails. I’m not sure when in the process this happened for me, but where i used to have shoulder length hair and broken nails I now have hair almost to my waist and I can actually grow nails that look manicured. Both now grow very, very quickly I’m fast approaching 50 at the time of this writing, and while my contemporaries are struggling with ridged nails and losing their hair, I’m growing my hair out and admiring my claws. When I do break a nail I no longer sweat it. I’ll have it back in less than a week.

Aging: Somewhere along the way I stopped looking either young or old. It’s odd. No one ever knows or really guesses how old I am at first glance, anymore. I don’t know how long this phase will last, but at my present age it’s very flattering to still be called beautiful and even ageless. Not that I think I’m actually ageless, not at all, but i do seem to be ageing more slowly than my peers. Since Vampirism runs in my family i smile and say “It’s genetic” and I’m not lying. Some people just seem to age differently than others. It could be coincidence, but this does seem to be a trend with those who go through Second Stage. Almost everyone I know who has gone through it is ageing “gracefully” so this seems to be another silver lining to the cloud of getting through it. I hope it lasts. I’m enjoying it while it does. Years from now I’ll write a new article and let you know how it goes.

These are just a few of the more noticeable changes I went through. There are many others and having spoken to others who’ve been through it, everything varies a bit, Vamp to Vamp. What we have in common, when all is said and done, is an experience that ripped through our bodies one system at a time, changing us irrevocably for what many would consider the better, though it sure doesn’t feel like it at the time we are going through it. I know, myself i thought several times i was literally going to die. The above instances are not a complete list. Additional changes reported by others who have gone through it include: Developing a powerful “presence”, magical / metaphysical abilities greatly increased, self control enhanced, increased mood swings, increased incidents of “shifting” and many others.

Lady CG recommends;  

If you are a Vampire who thinks you might be going through Second Stage, know you are not alone. Here is my advice:

  • See your doctor regularly.
  • If you are Sanguinarian, try to increase your availability of blood and your consumption if possible, since it seems to help a lot.
  • Get more physical exercise if possible, as it helps keep “hunting instinct” under control
  • Relax as much as possible and know that “This too will pass”
  • While I will not advise you to NOT discuss this with others, be aware that it’s often treated with great scepticism by those who have not experienced it. Fortunately there are more and more of us willing to discuss it, and if you can find a group with older vamps in it to help you, the support does make it much easier.

I, myself did not go through many of these symptoms until after I had reached 50.  When my blood pressure skyrocketed I sought out my GP for some answers.  I was referred to a cardiologist who proceeded with every test conceivable to figure out why … all of my tests came back normal.

Let’s think about what we can do to perhaps generate this information around the community to help those who are looking for answers with regard to unusual health issues as we age. Hopefully this article will also help to prepare our young self-identified vampires as they walk down the path to aging.  As Lady CG has said, “Remember that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel and most of us consider the changes to be positive ones once the worst of this is over.

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Chatting with Vampires ~ A tide of energy…

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In 1858 a French professor and psychical researcher, named Z.J. Piérart, wrote a number of articles in which he proposed a theory of psychic vampirism. He suggested that vampyres were the astral bodies of incarcerated, or deceased, individuals that were revitalizing themselves on the living. A divergence indeed from the contemporary image of the vampire at the time.

The concept of “psychic” vampirism gathered its followers and in 1875 Colonel Henry Steel Olcott [1] and Helena Blavatsky [2] found the Theosophical Society in New York City. Olcott speculated that occasionally when a person was buried they may not be dead but in a catatonic or trance-like state, barely alive. Olcott surmised that a person could survive for long periods in their grave by sending out their astral double to drain the blood, or “life force” from the living to remain nourished.

In 1930 Dion Fortune [3] (Mary Violet Firth) published one of her more popular books, Psychic Self Defence. In her occult work Fortune had allegedly witnessed various instances of psychic attack which she was called on to interrupt. Among the elements of a psychic attack, she noted, was “vampirism” that left the victim in a state of nervous exhaustion, and a wasting state.” From these experiences she suggested that masters of the occult had the ability to separate their psychic self from their physical body and attach themselves to others and drain the host’s energy.

Never far from the surface in the vampire community is the grass-roots difference between the Sanguinarian vampires and the, now more populous, Psi-vampires. So, what is Psi-vampirism? Is it prone to the same difficulties as Sanguinarians experience? Why did the schism from the historical perception of vampires even occur?

Here to share their perceptions about Psychic vampirism with us are the lady’s Claudia, Emilie Conroy and Starfire.

RVN: Good evening ladies, thank you for joining us. We are honoured to welcome back Claudia and Starfire and welcome to RVN, for the first time, Emilie C.

C: Claudia here 🙂

S: Hello all it is so good to be chatting with you again.

E: Always at your service… 🙂

RVN: Before we begin with the questions, please tell us a little about how you came to identify as a Psi/ Psychic Vampire?

S: I knew from my teen years that I was different but it wasn’t until I happened upon my first vampire board in search of something else that I figured out what I was. The board in question was DarkRealms on ezboard.

C: While growing up I had that odd sense that most children get, about being different. I did not know how or why but I felt a little disconnected, even though I was surrounded by friends and family. As a child I could remember seeing things, which now I would simply state as auras. I also developed poor habits of finishing others sentences. As well as gaining a sense of knowing who or what I shouldn’t come in contact with by just looking.

As I reached my adolescence, these odd occurrences continued to escalate, with an odd sensation of wanting to be in situations that seemed reckless or a heightened level of emotion. Therapists would later diagnose me with Attention Deficit Disorder; even though I had a very good attention span and could memorize things very accurately. Thankfully my mother never really bought the idea of me needing medications and let me lead a normal childhood.

In my early teens, I found that I was getting better at controlling these odd sensations. But how did I make a connection to psi vampirism? Well as cliché as it sounds, it was my love for literature. I was an avid reader of Anne Rice novels. In my spare time, I read about these fictional characters having similar issues that I had. Instantly, I was hooked and felt a sense of connection. It wasn’t until a few years later, when in the privacy of my room, that I found that I was not alone. There were other people dealing with what I was going through. These people were not fan bloggers or role-players, they were actual people. After talking to a few of them, I began to feel much at ease and welcomed in what they called a community.

E: I do not identify myself with either description.  I am a pranic vampire, with prana being the living energy that is the foundation of the universe.  In my understanding, it’s not a question of feeding on a given substance that sets us apart.  We’re really after what is in that substance, namely prana. The pranic method embraces all forms of feeding (I need a better word) because we are seeking to tap into universal living energy which exists in everything and can be taken from anything.  By this theory,
sanguinarism is entirely reasonable as it is not the blood that a vampire seeks, but rather the living energy in the blood.  Our entire enterprise of acquisition is learning the art of energy manipulation, which can be seen and experienced in whatever ways suit the individual.

The way I am describing that is called Tacrostica or Tacrostic philosophy is difficult to fully explain in words–not because it’s horribly esoteric, but because it’s a very
physical, passed from individual to individual, personal epiphany kind of practice.  I mean I was very lucky to have wonderful guides and mentors to help with the “acrostic” viewpoint.  And really, this is the first time I’m stripping away any smoke and mirrors.


RVN: How long have you identified as Psi or Psychic and have you ever been tempted to embrace, or tried, an alternative?

C: I began to identify myself as a psi when I was about fifteen years old. I do not remember ever truly embracing it. This is just a part of who I am. I will not lie and say it was an easy pill to swallow.

At first I was terrified to admit that I was a psi. Goodness knows, I didn’t want to admit I was to myself. I also was damn sure, this was something, I was not going to tell another soul, about my self discovery. Though the more I thought on it, the more I had to say…. well if this condition had any other name; would you be anymore re-leaved to admit you have it.

If you ask me today do I embrace being a psi vampire… I more then likely would have to say no, because for me, it is part of my nature that I truthfully cannot share without being criticized. Even after learning about psi vampirism, I tried countless methods to make sure I was not exaggerating.

Eating iron rich foods, change in diets, exercise… you name any alternative method to gaining more energy and stamina, I tried it. I won’t deny some things didn’t make me feel better, but in all something was always missing.

E: Keeping my initial answer here in mind, I have been an energy worker
for roughly 20 years.  For the sake of better understanding I have
sampled other methods but my own has always been better suited to me.

S: I identified as a psi since finding DarkRealms which would probably be about the year 2001 (give or take a year). I have also fed sexually and can take energy (if needed) elementally (by this I mean: plants, storms, bodies of water, etc)


RVN: Do you think that, in essence, Psi-vampirism is; 1) a metaphysical form, 2) a psycho-physical form, or 3) a combination of both, in vampirism?

E: I really don’t have an answer for this, so allow me to say both.

S: I guess you could say it is a little bit of both. I am not a big one for thinking about my vampirism in these terms though. I am a vampire, just like I am a woman, sister, friend, etc. Those are the terms in which I think. I am a smart person but I just don’t go around thinking a lot about metaphysical and such terms.

C: Hmmm… I would have to say a bit of both. I find strong attachment to a psycho physical form during feeding, other then that it is predominately metaphysical when you incorporate other senses, such touch or smell.


RVN:  Do you find any great difficulty in going without ‘feeding’ for any length of time?

S: My emotions tend to become a bit more frayed at those times, especially anger and depression.

C: I wish I could lie and say no, feeding is never an issue. If it has been two weeks or more I begin to feel a little out of my element.

E: Because of the nature of my “feeding” I am all day every day surrounded by the energies that I require, so I’ve never really needed to go without. The nature of my feeding is that ongoing challenge of life itself.
Sometimes I need a little extra boost; sometimes I need a lot.  Rather than turning to coffee and 5 hour energy drinks, I tune into the universe (an ability that takes a considerable amount of time to master).  Technically I’m always feeding, as the living energy in me is mingling with the greater energy matrix of the universe.


RVN: In 1858, the French psychical researcher, and a professor at the College of Maubeuge, Z.J. Piérart [4] wrote a series of articles in which he proposed a theory of psychic vampirism. He suggested that vampyres were the astral bodies of incarcerated, or deceased, individuals that were revitalizing themselves on the living. Why do you think the concepts of psychic vampires, such as these, developed?

E: These concepts existed because they were plausible explanations for some pretty extraordinary things.  Additionally, I’ve found that any chance to connect the departed to any phenomenon on the mortal plain will be embraced and perhaps even cherished—the chance to catch up with a passed over loved one, for example.

S: I think it is easier to come up with some nonsensical idea, then to really get down to the researching of how we came to be.

C: That was comical, but oddly I think I can understand this concept. Most people identify vampires as dead to begin with because of folklore. The need to feed, or finding methods to feed, can result in sick manners and desperation. I guess you can compare a vampire with a drug addict. One day you feel a strong urge to quench your thirst, you might do so many things out of desperation; that might make you look quite mad.


RVN: In the event that a regular donor relationship is unavailable what, do you think, is a good alternative method of satisfying the Psi requirement?

C: For me a safe alternative to feeding on a donor would be a night out on the town. Most would frown upon that because in essence you are still feeding on someone or something. Also taking an interest in performing arts has really helped me, because it is fun, first and foremost, and it allows me to be around others and collect positive energy. Other then that I have never been able to find an alternative that is not dealing with people.

E: I’d recommend going into a public area of whatever sort and doing a little meditation.

S: I tend to then take from elemental energy and on occasion do a surface feed. A surface feed is when I psi feed off of a group of people. I am sure there are other names for it but I forget said terms.


RVN: Given the social structure within the OVC do you think Psi-vampires should have their own dedicated “organization” or group entity exclusive of any other vampire types?

E: After much time and experience, I’ve come to believe that the “community” would do so much better as a union of individuals rather than breaking into groups that seem to self-destruct.  And I was in an Order for twenty years, so group dynamics are nothing new to me. I grow weary with the labels and the grouping.  We are all of the same nation, whatever our tribes might be.  I’d be so happy to see more coming together and less fragmentation.

C: Honestly I view vampires as one whole unit. I know many vampires that find themselves identifying with both sanguinarian and psi tendencies, so personally I do not see the need for an organization or group exclusive to psis.

S: I see no reason for us to have our own special group. I see no problem with those that want to create one, but I personally don’t feel I need to be in one.


RVN:  Do you think that Psi-vampirism is a “natural” evolution of vampires?

C: No, I do not think it is an evolution. I will say that I think vampires have two sides to them but usually one is more predominate.

E: Actually I think any kind of psychic development and exploring what
our minds can do is indicative of evolution in general.

S: Yes I do because I feel most anyone can learn to feed this way and do. It is also safer and I feel more easily accepted by people.


RVN:  Do you have anything else you would like to share with our readers about Psi-vampirism?

E: I’ve borne witness to an animosity between sanguinarians and psychic vampires—which is true, which really works, which addresses an actual need.  Sometimes I wonder if the day will come when we’re all standing together against the outside societal forces that would write us off as deranged lunatics.  Until that day, I will work for understanding. My three rules for surviving the social vampire mess
would be 1) Above all else, remain true unto yourself  2) Never lose site of yourself, and 3) Never fear speaking up for what you believe to be right.

C: I can’t think of anything off the top of my head.

S: Not at this time.


RVN: Thank you very much for sharing your time and thoughts with us today.

S: Thank you for having me once again.

E: Thank you.

C: Thanks again


Psi vampirism, not a simple concept and not one that is confined, or restricted, even within its own sphere. Attempts have been made to prove, or disprove, the activity of the psychic vampire during “feeding” or energy work and have been neither conclusive nor non-conclusive, in fact, as far as theory and evidence goes the strength of the Psi-vampires belief lies in much the same plane as that of the Sanguinarian, perhaps the two are not so unalike as at first might be thought.

In this respect the anecdotal evidence from donors to Psi-vampires becomes even more a consideration since it is they who “feel” and “experience” the changes that are wrought as a result of the Psi-feeding. Perhaps it is also experienced outside the community more often than any other form of vampirism, for example, have you ever heard a person referred to as “high maintenance” by another and recognized that the context is not necessarily material? Have you ever heard someone complain about how another person is “a drain” on those around them? Is it possible that Psi-vampires are more populous than even the community thinks?

© RVN, E. Conroy, Claudia and Starfire 2012 (except where noted)


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NB: Quoted portions of other works are reproduced under the “fair use for education” provisions of relevant legislations.

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Chatting with Vampires ~ Blood is thicker…

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In the beginning there were “Sanguinarians”, in mythology, folklore, superstition and fiction. It wasn’t until around 1858 that the concepts of other vampire types began to appear. Blood drinking for ritual purposes had a place in almost every known ancient civilization.

In a tale from Greek mythology it was written that blood taken from the right side of a Gorgon could bring the dead back to life, yet blood taken from the left side was an instantly fatal poison. [1]

In Egyptian mythology Ra, the sun god, created Sekhmet from a fiery eye gained from his mother, Hathor, to destroy mortals who conspired against him (Lower Egypt). In the myth, Sekhmet’s blood-lust was, however, unquenched at the end of the battle and in her continuing rampages, it is said, she destroyed almost all of humanity. Ra then tricked her by turning the Nile as red as blood (the Nile turns red every year when filled with silt during inundation) so that Sekhmet would think it blood and drink it. The trick was, however, that the waters were not blood, but wine which made her so drunk that she gave up slaughter and, to some, became an aspect of the gentle Hathor. [2]

Between 1376 to 1521 AD, the Aztecs used blood and sacrifice frequently as an offering to the Sun God. The Aztecs saw death as part of life, just like birth. They believed the gods sacrificed their own blood to create the universe and so, in turn, the Aztecs offered blood to the Gods as an exchange, and gift, for their creation. (Pendragon). [3]

Just three examples of the overwhelming power that blood has enjoyed since ancient times but what does it mean today? When an ordinary person thinks of blood they may well think of ‘blood-transfusions’, ‘blood-drives’ or donations but there are those, well known to many of us, who see the precious liquid in a whole different light.

These are the people in the community who require blood, at least on a semi-regular basis, to maintain their wellbeing, they are Sanguinarians.

To discuss their views, opinions and share their experience on sanguinarian vampirism, RVN is pleased to welcome to “Chatting with Vampires” community members, friends and colleagues, L.A. Nantz and Starline07


RVN: Good evening gentlemen and welcome to Real Vampire News, thank you for joining us today.

L.A.N: Thank you for the interest and invitation, I am hopeful that this conversation will be both entertaining and enlightening, for all those that find it. I am known by several names, Vodalok, Vgoeww, and my published name, L. A. Nantz. You may address me as the latter.

I’ve been an artist and writer of vampire art and fiction for many years. In 2005 and 07 I was nominated for best poet of the year here in the states, and my poems Alone, and “And” were nominated for best poem of the year in the same. I’m a self-published author of vampire Horror, the novel’s name is “Incubus Succubus”.  I’m only recently re-entering the public vampire community after a ten year fast and period of Isolation. I’m eagerly looking forward to being part of the world again.

S: I am Starline07, a sanguinarian since 2007.  I’m currently in college, and have a part-time job.  I am a member of the VCMB, which is a very useful online forum that I found through  I am not affiliated with any houses.  For the past year or so, I wanted to do something more interactive and useful for the community, so in the last week of March, I started a blog about the life of a sanguinarian at Right now, I’m experimenting with the usefulness of animal blood in managing vampirism.

RVN: Before we begin with the questions, please tell us a little about how you came to identify as a Sang Vampire?

S: I came to identify myself as a Sang Vampire back in 2007.  The need for blood came unexpectedly, and it took some time to identify it as such.  When I found, the description of Sanguinarians seemed to fit my problem exactly.  After I found that, I went in and out of denial about it for almost half a year, which means I didn’t do much to manage my condition.  I became very sick for weeks at a time, lethargic, and ever more hungry.  Eventually I came fully out of denial, and tried to reverse the damage I’d done, but there wasn’t much I could do on my own at that point.  My best friend, now my girlfriend, offered to feed me, and since then, we’ve been managing my condition together.

L.A.N:  I was very young when I began to realize just how different I was from those around me, it was by chance that I found that not only could I smell a difference in blood but that it, could help me survive in the world I lived. After years of southern Christian view and struggling with myself did I finally accept that which is true of me; that I am a Sang (as I later learned the proper term) and I need blood to survive.


RVN: Thank you, now, if we may begin by asking; how long have you identified as Sanguinarian and have you ever been tempted to embrace, or tried, an alternative?

S: I’ve identified as Sanguinarian for about four and a half years, and I have tried an alternative to this.  When I came across Psy-vampirism, I asked myself, “wouldn’t it be nice if you could just feed like that?”  After that question, I tried it.  It turns out that that wasn’t such a good idea.  After an initial period of feeling great, I crash, and my hunger for blood is considerably stronger afterwards.  Rather than helping, psy-feeding damages me, and worse, that initial great feeling is addictive.  Even after I realized that psy-feeding was causing trouble rather than helping, I tried it again, and again, and … you get the idea.  Eventually, I stopped because I couldn’t look my girlfriend in the eyes and say “I’m fine,” knowing that I really wasn’t, and couldn’t be until I broke free of the addiction.  Since then, I haven’t tried anything else; I’m resigned to what I am now.

L.A.N: As I said above I was very young when I realized I was different. Around the age of Seven. At first it was very novel and wonderful, as with all children with something new. But as I grew and was “taught” right from wrong and what is and is not evil in the world I began to hate what I was and did try for some years to deny what I am. Attempting to live without the blood was confusing and difficult. I did try in my late teens to embrace the ways of the psychic vampire, but it never fulfilled or provided all that was needed. I was always left hungry and hurting. After I got out of the service I became friends with a young woman that was a blood fetish (in my definition of said, she believed herself to be a vampire but later realized it was a fetish and turned away from taking it.)  and through her realized just how badly I needed the blood. She and I are still friends but, unlike her I still need the blood. I’ve never looked back.


RVN: Do you think that, in essence, sanguinarianism is; 1) a biophysical form, 2) a psycho-physical form, or 3) a combination of both, in vampirism?

L.A.N: I think that Sanguinarianism is the first. And I hold to this firmly, especially in light of my last 9 years.

S: I don’t know what Sanguinarianism is caused by, which makes it hard to say what it is.  Whether the cause is psychological, physical, or metaphysical is beyond me.  I can see and feel the changes on a psychological and a physical level, but I honestly have no idea where the condition starts.  So basically, I don’t believe in any cause of Sanguinarianism at this point, though I do believe there is a cause.  I want cold, hard data in my hands to point to before I even begin to move towards any conclusions.


RVN: Do you find any great difficulty in going without ‘feeding’ for any length of time?

S: Going without feeding is very difficult for me.  When I go without feeding, I get lethargic, my insomnia worsens, I become sick easily, and I become somewhat psychologically unstable (needy and paranoid).  During periods of not feeding, I am also more prone to nightmares about feeding.  To give a good idea of how bad it can get, imagine making bets with yourself about how much longer you’ve got left to live.  I made those bets before feeding for the first time and beginning to turn things around, and luckily, I haven’t gone long enough without blood to make those bets again.

L.A.N: Absolutely! You see I recently decided to break an oath to feed only from a single person. A person that walked out of my life roughly 9 years ago, come this Oct. as a result of my long fast, my health has become a joke, much of my strength is gone and I am left with a constant pain and burning inside that nothing has taken away. I was afforded a small amount of blood about a year ago and for a month I was almost my old self again.


RVN: In 1858, the French psychical researcher, and a professor at the College of Maubeuge, Z.J. Piérart wrote a series of articles in which he proposed a theory of psychic vampirism. He suggested that vampyres were the astral bodies of incarcerated, or deceased, individuals that were revitalizing themselves on the living. Why do you think the concepts of other types of vampires, such as these, developed?

S: Concepts of other types of vampires, such as the one noted above, develop because people are always trying to understand and categorize the things around them.  As to what exactly leads a person to develop an alternate concept of vampirism, only the research and the thoughts of that particular person can reveal that.

L.A.N: That is a question I’ve considered over the years many times. And I’ll admit that for a while due to my own failed ability to feed in that manor I was less then accepting of the ideal, in short I was a bit of a snob. I now better now and have changed my tune on the subject. As to why such ideals arouse, as any culture grows, evolves if you will, so too will those that feed upon it. And though I am loath to say it this way, all prey animals are aware of those that feed on them, whether they admit it or not. Professor Piérart simply was the first to speak on the matter publicly.


RVN: In the event that a regular donor relationship is unavailable what, do you think, is a good alternative method of satisfying the sanguine requirement?         

S: I’ve been experimenting with the usefulness of animal blood in managing the condition, and I’ve found that it can help take the edge off.  As to whether animal blood alone would be enough, I don’t yet know; I’m only beginning to test things.  I would recommend that if a regular donor is not available, hunting animals may be a good alternative, or try buying the blood.  Deer-blood pills are available online, and so is beef-blood (if you can afford the frozen foods shipping cost on the beef-blood).  I haven’t had blood directly from a living animal enough times to compare the effectiveness of hunting fresh animals, and prepackaged blood, but I do suspect that the freshness of blood from a hunt gives it an advantage over the prepackaged stuff.  Note: when I say hunt, I am talking about hunting animals with the exclusion of humans.  I do not condone hunting people, and neither does U.S. law.

L.A.N: I can tell you what is not a good alternative, and that’s fasting. It was a year before my health took a dive, I should have found a new donor right away. At any rate, with the world the way it is and so much fear in the air about blood borne diseases, one cannot be too careful. Find a new donor as soon as you can, follow the tenants of the veil, and never do harm to the community.


RVN: Given the social structure within the OVC do you think Sanguinarian vampires should have their own dedicated “organization” or group entity?

S: If Sanguinarian vampires want their own dedicated “organization” or group entity, then they should not be hindered in their efforts to create such a thing.  The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the right of people to peaceably assemble, and there is no reason that that shouldn’t apply to vampires (even to vampires from other countries).  If Sanguinarians, or Psy-vampires, or hybrids, or fairy-elf astral dragons (haven’t met one of those) want their own organization, then they have the right to go about making one.

L.A.N: No, dividing out community in such a way regardless of how we chose or need to feed will only hurt us in the long run. If human history has taught us anything, it’s that a community divided cannot stand or defend itself.



RVN: Do you think that sanguinarian vampirism is the “natural” evolution of vampires?

S. I would approach the idea of Sanguinarian vampirism being caused by evolution very hesitantly.  While evolution can cause certain changes over time, it shouldn’t be the primary focus of finding out what vampirism is.  I personally do not believe that Sanguinarians are any more evolved than non-vampires, or other types of vampires.  Once again though, I want cold, hard data in my hands before I even start to move towards a conclusion, especially one as potentially divisive as Sanguinarian vampires being the “natural” evolution of vampires.  It’s easy to speculate and guess at things, but that alone should never lead to a conclusion.

L.A.N: I think it is the original evolution of what we are. But is not the only variation on the theme. As such I believe it will never go away or fade away until there is no longer a need for us in nature.


RVN: Thank you very much, gentlemen, for sharing your time and thoughts with us today


Many articles have been presented regarding the human consumption of blood, for example, RVN’s presentation of New report on blood consumption ( , Sphynxcat’s Blood: Nutritional and Common Uses Around the World ( and Lady CG’s One Sanguinarian’s View on Blood Feeding ( Indeed, there are a great many in the community, Sang and not, who await the preliminary results of the new round focus of the AVA/Suscitatio research the second phase of which was to be the actual testing of Sanguinarian volunteers to determine medical factors involved in the consumption of blood.

Proof that it is beneficial? To date none that we know of, proof to come? Maybe. What we have at present is the overwhelming anecdotal evidences of a number of well respected community members to support the fact that there actually is ~ something in the blood!


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