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 By LadyM

~They say that age is all in your mind.  The trick is keeping it from creeping down into your body. ~

Question . . . has the vampire community been able to attain the ability to keep aging from . . .  ‘creeping down our bodies’?

I have, over the past few years, been very aware of the fact that I am not the person that I was say 20 years ago.  Yet, as I look in the mirror, I still see, with few exceptions, the same face that looked back at me 20 years ago.  As I approach my 61st birthday next month, I thought it would be a great time to address this less than talked about subject.

On June 10, 2005, Lady CG, owner of Smoke and Mirrors, hosted the first vampire aging conference on IRC to discuss vampire related changes we were experiencing with age.  On the heels of that conference, she also, wrote an interesting article chronicling her process of aging as a sanguinarian vampire.

These articles are readily available at Smoke and Mirrors, however, you still need to be a member of YUKU to view them.  I have linked these articles to websites that are not member restricted so more readers will be able to view them and perhaps take away some answers to questions they might think they had no answers for.

There are very few articles available with regard to ‘vampiric aging’ yet we are faced with a population of vampires that are now in their 40’s and even approaching, if not already, the 50 mark.  Many of our older community members, as can be attested through photos available on many internet sites, look no different than they did 10 even 15 years ago.  I would like to know, if after you have read Lady CG’s account, did your non-aging come with a price?

Since the ingestion of blood by a sanguinarian or the absorption of energy by a psi vampire has not been fully understood by means of any scientific research, could feeding from a donor that is younger than you, perhaps keep the body from aging at a normal human level?  Or, by just being a self-identified vampire, does this afford you the perk of aging very gracefully?

Like Lady CG, have you gone through or are now experiencing what has been commonly referred to as “Second Stage Vampirism”?

Lady CG wrote:  Many people experience some, or all of the following:

Skin: For myself this was the first really drastic event, though order of occurrence seems to vary Vampire to Vampire. My skin peeled from head to feet, like a snakes, over a period of weeks. I hadn’t gotten a sunburn and there seemed to be no explanation for it. When it was over my skin was much paler and much more UV sensitive. I now avoid UVs at all cost, whenever possible. All of the UV 70 sun block in the world doesn’t really seem to help much. I can get sunstroke in less than 30 minutes, even in the shade on a really sunny day.

Circulatory System: This phase was, for me, marked by a sharp increase in my blood pressure over a period of a few months and what appeared to be a couple of minor heart attacks. It was terrifying – in fact, this for me was the scariest of everything i went through physically as a Vampire. My Doctors could not find a reason for it. In the end they put it down to stress, put me on medication and a nitro inhaler and felt I’d have to be careful to keep my stress levels down as much as possible for the rest of my life. A year later I was fine. There are now no signs at all that anything ever went wrong. All the scarring they said the attacks left on my heart, initially, is now gone. All i was left with was several rather baffled but pleased physicians.

Appetite and Metabolism: I thought i had developed Ulcers when this first started. I developed, rather suddenly, a number of food intolerances to things that I had hither to, consumed on a regular basis. Oddly one of these was garlic. It was a little embarrassing… i mean come on… a Vampire who is allergic to Garlic? That’s about as cliché’ as it gets! I have since talked to a number of other Sangs who have developed this “intolerance”, which leads me to believe that the whole “Vampires can’t stand garlic” myth may have been rooted in reality, though greatly overblown over the years, as myths frequently are. While my tolerance to “normal” foods became less, my blood consumption went up, a lot. Where I had once gotten by with tablespoons with sometimes weeks between feedings, my need jumped and stabilized at about 4 ounces every 7 to 10 days, which also varies Vamp to Vamp. I got quite thin. Where I had carried some extra weight in my childbearing years, it all fell off me like I was dying. In fact, people who knew me stopped me to see if I was sick. My appetite dropped off drastically. While I was eating less, I found myself drinking more blood when I could get it. I arranged for more, making up the difference with animal blood, since I knew I’d never find a donor to keep up with my pace of consumption. Instead of getting sick, i was getting healthier! I stopped getting flu bugs, and started to avoid getting colds. I took up weight lifting on a more regular basis than I used to and I muscled up at light speed! It was incredibly awesome. My weight eventually levelled off to fluctuating between 135 and 140 pounds. My blood consumption has remained steady at about 4 ounces / week or ten days, and as long as I consume enough I don’t seem to get sick much. I don’t crave grains or starches like i used to, though I do still crave fats in the cold of winter. I do still occasionally crave fruit, but my body seems to respond best to large amounts of protein and blood. I go with what works for me.

Vision: My eyes and vision still fluctuate as of this writing, wildly sometimes. Some of my issues are normal ageing and others can’t be explained so easily, even by my optometrist. When all this started my vision was 15 / 15, better than normal. I could always see fairly well in the dark and could read street signs up to 3 blocks away, at least the larger signs. While I now require reading glasses, since, as my father says, my arms got too short to read the paper, the trade off is that my distance vision has become even better and my night vision is awesome. Daylight hurts my eyes and I avoid it or wear shades if I have to be outside or driving. On the other hand, I see almost perfectly in pitch dark, and starlight is enough light for me to see as well as most folks do in daylight, making me an excellent companion for camping or power failures. See? There is a silver lining to just about everything!

Hair and Nails: it is rather nice to finally be able to grow really long hair and nails. I’m not sure when in the process this happened for me, but where i used to have shoulder length hair and broken nails I now have hair almost to my waist and I can actually grow nails that look manicured. Both now grow very, very quickly I’m fast approaching 50 at the time of this writing, and while my contemporaries are struggling with ridged nails and losing their hair, I’m growing my hair out and admiring my claws. When I do break a nail I no longer sweat it. I’ll have it back in less than a week.

Aging: Somewhere along the way I stopped looking either young or old. It’s odd. No one ever knows or really guesses how old I am at first glance, anymore. I don’t know how long this phase will last, but at my present age it’s very flattering to still be called beautiful and even ageless. Not that I think I’m actually ageless, not at all, but i do seem to be ageing more slowly than my peers. Since Vampirism runs in my family i smile and say “It’s genetic” and I’m not lying. Some people just seem to age differently than others. It could be coincidence, but this does seem to be a trend with those who go through Second Stage. Almost everyone I know who has gone through it is ageing “gracefully” so this seems to be another silver lining to the cloud of getting through it. I hope it lasts. I’m enjoying it while it does. Years from now I’ll write a new article and let you know how it goes.

These are just a few of the more noticeable changes I went through. There are many others and having spoken to others who’ve been through it, everything varies a bit, Vamp to Vamp. What we have in common, when all is said and done, is an experience that ripped through our bodies one system at a time, changing us irrevocably for what many would consider the better, though it sure doesn’t feel like it at the time we are going through it. I know, myself i thought several times i was literally going to die. The above instances are not a complete list. Additional changes reported by others who have gone through it include: Developing a powerful “presence”, magical / metaphysical abilities greatly increased, self control enhanced, increased mood swings, increased incidents of “shifting” and many others.

Lady CG recommends;  

If you are a Vampire who thinks you might be going through Second Stage, know you are not alone. Here is my advice:

  • See your doctor regularly.
  • If you are Sanguinarian, try to increase your availability of blood and your consumption if possible, since it seems to help a lot.
  • Get more physical exercise if possible, as it helps keep “hunting instinct” under control
  • Relax as much as possible and know that “This too will pass”
  • While I will not advise you to NOT discuss this with others, be aware that it’s often treated with great scepticism by those who have not experienced it. Fortunately there are more and more of us willing to discuss it, and if you can find a group with older vamps in it to help you, the support does make it much easier.

I, myself did not go through many of these symptoms until after I had reached 50.  When my blood pressure skyrocketed I sought out my GP for some answers.  I was referred to a cardiologist who proceeded with every test conceivable to figure out why … all of my tests came back normal.

Let’s think about what we can do to perhaps generate this information around the community to help those who are looking for answers with regard to unusual health issues as we age. Hopefully this article will also help to prepare our young self-identified vampires as they walk down the path to aging.  As Lady CG has said, “Remember that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel and most of us consider the changes to be positive ones once the worst of this is over.

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