To Eat or To Feed?

16 Jul 2011

Author: Angel Night

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They both share similar definitions when the words have no specific context.
Yet, they can be as different as night and day if one is seeing them from a different perspective.

A vampires perspective to be exact.*smiles*

The words ” to feed” can conjure a few different emotions for sang and psi vamps alike.

The strongest possibly, being the underlying drive for energy or blood. Which, inevitably leads us to the next question.

When will we be able “feed” again and from who?

The who may not apply for all psi’s since some of you do not require pranic energy and some sang’s may find a substitute as well. (The purchase of animal blood is one I have heard about.Though I must admit that even to me, that does not sound very appealing but, to each his own.)*grins*

The rest of us that rely on donors will need to deal with the complexities that come with it.

On a side note.

There are wonderful web sites out there, dedicated to helping donors and vamps. I have found that they can be an  important resource for some of  us. Thank you, to any of the websites dedicated to helping donors and vampires come together.
I think of these sites as a sort of “V-Harmony”. *grins*

Its amazing what can be found by googling “real vampire” or “psi / sang donor”. Needless to say, use common sense and safety when choosing to meet someone you do not know.
(Those axe murderers our parents warned us about are out there.)*grins*

We can also, utilize word of mouth or sheer luck in finding someone that is willing to donate.  I have found most of my donors this way.*smiles*

If you are so blessed as to find a donor, then there are few things I feel the need to mention.

Always respect and care for your donors.
They give of themselves by choice.
Even if they enjoy or benefit from donating does not give us the right to  take advantage of their generosity.
I personally, have come to cherish and feel a strong friendship with my donors. You know who you are.*smiles*
Ok, enough with the overly protective vampire stance. *grins*
I will now speak from my own experiences and from a purely psi perspective. *smiles*

First step:

Be open and honest.
Be clear on what you are comfortable with and your expectations.Your donor should do the same.

Once everyone is in agreement, the fun part begins.*grins*

This is also, the hardest part for some psi vamps.
When you feel low on energy and want to feed…what is the best way to ask? Is there some sort of diplomacy to follow?
I like to first, get a feel for my donors state of mind and energy level. Are they energized and abundant in life-force or are they tired or ill? What amount can I take?
A deep feed or a snack?*grins*
Next basic question is how?
Long distance or in person?

Is your donor local or in another country?
Depending on the vamps ability to link with a donor, the connection felt during a long distance feed can be extremely strong and satisfying.

Proximity feeding:

If the vamp and donor live near each other and choose to meet in person, then what method or style of feeding will work best and still be within each others comfort zone?
What sort of intimacy level is acceptable?
Do you physcially touch or just sit/stand near each other?
There are many styles and techniques that can be adopted.
Usually it is through trial and error that the most effective and practical way to proximity feed can be discovered.

Long distance feeding:

This is probably more common than not. The odds alone, seem to lean towards this sort of connection.  Its not easy to find a donor and when we do, they will most likely not live nearby.
At least that has been my own experience.
I also, would like to mention that I never turn down a prospective donor due to physical location. I may turn them down for other reasons but never due to where they live.*grins*
There are many variables that can effect the quality of a long distance feed. Don’t feel discouraged if it does not work at first or is not as strong as you would like.  There is something to be said about practice.*smiles*

I have found that there is a natural resonance between people which, can make it easier or harder to connect.
Some energies do not mesh as well and can be a challenge.
Its not that one persons energy is better than another,just different.

If you think of energy as vibrations and imagine that each person has a natural rate or setting that they vibrate in.
If the donor vibrates at a much higher or lower rate than the psi vamp.  The psi will need to adjust for this  and try to bring them closer in allignment.

I will either raise or lower my own vibration/energy  rate in order to facilitate a feed.  This is normal to some extent but, sometimes it can create a barrier that is very difficult to overcome.
I believe that is why some people just click and seem to naturally mesh while others don’t. Energetically speaking.*smiles*
Once you figure out your feeding style and the best way to establish a link/connection with your donor then you are well on your way.

That brings us to my favorite question.

This is a basic question yet, can be the most complex part of a vamp/donor relationship.
How do we (vampires) communicate our need?
I tend to be a bit shy about this.
I have to force myself to ask.
I always, feel as though asking is somehow rude or offensive.
No matter how much my donors like donating or tell me to ask and assure me it is ok.  I still have reservations.
I think its natural to feel a bit awkward asking someone to give you their life energy.
(This may be more my own issue and may not reflect the majority of psi’s. I am not sure what the general consensus is regarding this topic.)*smiles*
I think it is something I will always struggle with.
I certainly don’t expect someone to donate just because I ask. There will be times that it is not possible.
Which, is why I try to always,have more than one donor.
It not only helps to ensure that I will be able to sustain regular feedings but, will help alleviate or prevent any undue stress on a single donor.

Another critical area for most vamps and donors is confidentiality.
There are more than a few reasons for wanting to keep identities and information from being revealed.
Bad ending to the vamp/donor relationship.
Spiteful or vengeful behaviors.
Political or cultural pressures.
Religious or personal issues.
All of these have the potential to destroy lives and be used to to tip the scales.  Examples would be:
Child custody.
Standing in the community.
The list goes on.

I have been witness to some of these tragedies.
It not only hurts the parties involved but, our image to others. The last thing the Vampire Community needs is more negativity for the “muggles” to use against us.
(Thank you, Harry Potter.)*smiles*

I personally, have been discriminated against for my spiritual views. Pagans are not very well accepted in some circles.
I can only imagine if that same group had found out about my vamparism.  Is that burning wood I smell?

I truly believe that it would not take much to sway people to embrace the  mob mentality and rationalize a modern day witch hunt. Scary but, true.

With that being said.

I still feel that my life would be less complicated if I was more open about my vamparism. I know…I must be crazy.*grins*
I truly feel that my closest friends and family will learn to accept what I am.  I may not shout it from the rooftops anytime soon but, I hope one day to be able to do that. *smiles*
Let me clarify that statement.
To be able to shout it from the rooftops and NOT be locked up. *grins*
Back from my tangent now.  Where was I?  Oh yes.
I was talking about confidentiality.*grins*

My own rule of thumb is:

I do not discuss my donors or share any information  with other vamps or donors.   I find it is best to keep my relationships seperate and neutral.
Plus, it helps assure that my donors can feel safe with me and that I offer a drama free relationship.*smiles*

I hope my advice helps someone take some of the fear and worry out of finding a donor.  Everyone has their own ways to go about starting new vamp/donor relationships.  These are just my own personal guidelines.
I would love to hear how other vamps and donors go about this.*smiles*

Good luck and sweet dreams,

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