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14 Feb 2012

Author: Tim

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Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and readership of Real Vampire News,

I am proud to present, for your edification, enlightenment, entertainment and exoteric examination a discourse upon the types of self-identified denizens of the real vampyre subculture. The veracity of this documentation is up to the individual reader to determine since there stands no proof by which such things may be measured. My own determinations in the matter, dear friends, has been gleaned through a decade of discussion and reading in the Online Vampire Community and further readings, studies and discussions with those of the metaphysical and physical sciences disciplines as to the nature of “energy” and thus, the conclusions I have drawn from the information, and commentary, I have found on the subject at hand.

Vampyres… the very name once filled the hearts of superstitious people with dread and horror extreme, it once filled the silver screens with shadowy, sinister and terrifying forms that bespoke pure evil and uninvited carnality. It still fills our screens with anguish, moralizing and tears, sparkles or blood spraying and fiery gore… and is it lapped up? Of course many of the impressionable do, they do because the archetype of the vampire fires something deep in our very inner selves that speaks to a yearned for freedom and power that never could, and never will, be manifest throughout the course of a usual and unremarkable life.

There are many who will adorn themselves with all the trappings and paraphernalia of the vampire subculture, prosthetic fangs, unlikely coloured contact lenses, and carefully modeled fingernails, bizarre highlights in hair and make-up style. There are those whom will go quietly through the crowded streets of our most populous cities and towns concealing their true selves and employing their innate talents to feed amongst the great and unsuspecting herd. There are those whom will maintain but one partner in a loving and inter-dependant relationship that; in some ways, transcends the mere bonds of love.

It is not my place to tell you, dear reader, whose ideas, thoughts and proclamations are true and are not… that, unfortunately, is something I must leave to you. As confusing and contrary as it may be there is always some small clue, if you look carefully, that will give the game away. The intention herein is to offer you a guide, if you will, that you may carry with you when you are out and about and observing the real living vampyres that are all around you. Please be aware, as you read on, I employ the terms “vampire” and “vampyre” synonymously and they mean the selfsame thing.

Without further ado, may I present…

The Vampyre Spotter’s Guide

Vampyres, in this day and age, come in many and varied shapes and sizes.

In many there may be no outward sign at all that they are self-identified vampyres ~ many will take this step for safety and professional reasons. There will be no method that will reveal these people as vampyres save having them confirm it from their own mouth.

As I mentioned in the preface, there will be those whom will favour the paraphernalia that represents the “vampyre” ideal, such as dental modifications to give themselves longer and more pointed canine teeth; they may sport coloured contact lenses and, most usually, will be found to favour fetish, Goth, Pseudo-Goth or Victorian English style clothing; predominantly in black or red.

I should like to begin our discussion of the types of self-identified Vampyre with the two most prolific;

Psi – A self identified vampire who consumes discrete energy from other people.

The Psi vampyre is generally accepted as being the majority in numbers amongst the real vampyre population today, the Psi, or Psychic, vampyre feeds on the “energy” of others.

This is an opportune moment to introduce the concepts of “discrete” versus “non-discrete” energy. It is the contention of this writer that there are two basic ranges, if you will, of energy available for absorption about us. One is “discrete” energy which is defined as the energy of a particular person, or thing, whereas, “non-discrete” energy can be classified as “free” energy, environmental or elemental. It is my contention that “non-discrete” energy feeders are not, strictly speaking’ vampyres since they do not satisfy the necessary pre-requisites of pre-meditation in feeding that the real vampyre does.

The Psi Vampyre feeds on discrete energy, that is, energy from a particular source person. This is an integral and important part of the recognition of the “Psi” vampyre.

The next most populous group, by what seems to be general consensus, is the “Sang” or

Sanguinarian – A self identified vampire who consumes blood. Reports vary as to how much of the precious fluid is required to keep the vampyre happy and healthy but, in general, the claim is made by these vampires that it is necessary to ingest blood on a semi-regular basis, at worst, or they risk ill-health both physically and emotionally.

An important thing to keep in mind here is that anyone can “drink” blood, that does not, perforce, make them a vampyre. They may simply be a “fetishist” with a taste for the red. The measure of the true Sanguinarian is to be observed in what occurs if they do not consume the precious liquid.

We move now into the more esoteric areas of vampyric belief and self-identification. These “sub-classes” for wont of a better term, are used to distinguish a person within a “cultural” grouping

Psion – A self identified vampire who consumes discrete energy from other people and claims that they are hosts to a “parasitic” presence that creates their vampirism. In discussions with a Psion Master I have been made privy to the description of these “parasitic” embodiments and how they are said to interact with the Psion-Vampyre. There is also a method by which these Parasitic Elements may be removed from the host, that is, a belief in a “cure” for one’s vampyrism.

Inheritor/Genetic – A self identified vampire who claims their vampirism was passed on from earlier generations of their family. There are those who claim that past generations of their family have been, or have displayed, vampyric characteristics. It does not seem, from the information I have been given, that it is necessarily from the immediately preceding generation but, much like hair and eye colour variations, may indeed skip a generation.

Hybrid – A self identified vampire who employs more than one feeding method, or incorporates more than one vampire type in their self-identification. For example, a self identified vampyre may practice Sanguinarianism and Psi-vampyrism, thus making them a Psi-Sang Hybrid.

Eros/Sexual – As the name suggests, a self identified vampire who claims to feed from the energy given off by partners during sexual activity.

There are three vampyre types that are generally on the fringes of the vampyre sub-culture and, in the opinion of this writer, with good reason.

Empathic – An “emotional” vampyre, a self identified vampyre who claims to receive their “psi” feeding from emotionally charged situations. These situations are amongst those that generate what I have previously described as “non-discrete” energy, that is energy that is radiated by emotional conditions of people in the surroundings. The self-identified vampyre who feeds off such energies, I would venture to suggest, falls not into the category of “vampyre” per se but rather into the area of “energy processor”, “utiliser” or “energy worker”.

In general Empaths, it would seem, do not target their source of energy to feed from and, indeed, there are many “Empath” sites to read from that spend a good deal of time devoted to how to shield from negative energies and Psi-Vampyres. This, it would seem, indicates that the true Empath feels that they are not of the real vampyre classification. With this conjecture I would agree.

Elemental – A self identified vampire who claims to feed off the “non-discrete” energies in their natural environment. I would suggest that, like the Empath, the Elemental does not target their feeding from one “discrete” source but rather absorbs energy from their environment and utilizes it in some “inner process” of energisation. Thus, missing the vital descriptor of a discrete energy feeder which I contend is integral to the meaning of the term “Self identified Vampyre”.

Full Turning or Classical – A controversial concept that holds a vampyre can be created from the exchange of blood with another vampyre infected with the so called “Vampire Virus”. This “Virus” does not seem to have any basis in fact and may very well only be measured in the context of conspiracy theories as to the cause of real vampyrism.


This “guide” is not meant as a supreme and comprehensive treatment of the subject and, as further information comes to hand, it will undoubtedly become necessary to expand it as new ideas and new philosophies take over from the old.

The true nature of real vampyres is a fluid and ever-changing kaleidoscope of human (well almost) beliefs and perceptions and, as such, it must be treated as an ever developing field of study and conjecture.

Coming soon:

Defence against the darkness ~ What to do if you find yourself in the company of vampyres.

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