“The Living Vampire – A social survey” Presentation of results Part 1

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The Living Vampire – A social survey

By Tim


With Lady M & Lady Zandra

Introduction to The Living Vampire – A Social Survey 

Posted October 1st, 2012

Recently we have seen surveys conducted online that have identified many of the core difficulties that face the modern vampire sub-culture in its efforts to communicate, effectively within itself but the social aspects of the sub-culture go far beyond this and the perceptions of the social order of the sub-culture are matched by the activities and initiatives going on outside of the online component.


In order to gain a deeper understanding of the knowledge base and the perceptions of and about modern vampirism the following survey concentrates more on the social/sociological aspects of the sub-culture. It represents an opportunity both to add to the already accumulated store of demographic knowledge that we have and also to present the sub-culture in a light that is not tainted by fiction, fantasy and ghastly newspaper headlines. It is intended that the results of this survey will be made available to the “Vampire, The Exhibition” project by Victory Hill Productions and also made freely available online to whoever wishes to access the information. We urge as many as possible to help build the real picture and add new facets to the picture we already have.”

Originally the survey was intended to take place over a three month period beginning October 1st, 2012 but as we developed the questions we realized that there was far more to be asked than we could fit into a comfortable length and time. That was when the decision to carry it over twelve months was made. To our knowledge this effort was the longest continuously run survey initiative to date. While considering the form and function of this survey we decided to move a little away from the “empirical” and turned our attention more toward the social aspects involved in the possible question sets and for this reason this Part 1 presentation contains most of the “Yes/No/Maybe” questions that appeared in the survey. The second presentation part will focus on the personal input, opinions, ideas and suggestions that were made by the participants in the survey.

View results presentation Part 1

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