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Pic. source ~ ~ 2008

Pic. source ~ ~ 2008

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One of the things I most enjoy about writing for this E-Zine is getting to chat with up and coming authors as well as established authors, people with wonderful ideas and creative zest. Our guest this evening is no exception.

The field of literature, specifically vampire literature, is, and has been for a long time now, wide open to new ideas and new approaches. Elements of the dark intertwined with the romance, intertwined with the dramatic and the action filled are woven seamlessly into plots to create vampires of such complexity and depth of character that it sometimes difficult to keep track of the very essence of the archetypical vampire. Some see this as a good thing, some not but no one can deny that the vampiric literature of today remains a wide open and fertile field in which ideas can germinate, grow and reap rich harvests.


It is our great pleasure to be able to share a little time, this evening, with author and real living sanguinarian vampire Countess Eleanor Tombs


RVL: Good evening Countess it is a privilege to be able to spend some time with you. If we may, firstly, ask a little something about your background and your interest in vampires?

E: Good evening. I am very pleased to be here and thank you for your time. I started out, like any child, liking vampires as I would dress up like them for Halloween with the cape and whited out face accompanied with the set of fangs. I would watch the movies Fright Night, and Dracula with Frank Langella, or the original Dracula thinking those were the best movies around. I would have to say I wasn’t really interested in vampires as much as when I grew older and was impressed with Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire and saw they had complexities, personalities, and the depths of a real person.


RVL: What made you decide to write about vampires?

E: Out of all the things I could write about, I knew the lore, the background, of how vampires were perceived and would love to write about characters that had immortality, fantastic strength, no repercussions for their actions, those sort of things. So what better than to write a story with the fictional vampires I grew to love?

Eleanor's crow

RVL: May we ask, how long have you known, and self-identified, as a real living vampire?

E: That is a tough one to answer. I knew something was different about me when I was in my teen years. I only knew of the term ‘vampire’ being used to explain things about certain people two years ago or so from doing research on the internet. So I would have to say, I knew I was one from my early teen years but I have been self-identifying for two. I have been practicing the Sanguinarian way of life since my teen years.



RVL: In your research and development of the book prior to writing, how important was the history, myth and folklore about vampires?

E: It was very important. I wanted to stay within the memory of the lore and myths to a point. I also wanted to make them new, use my imagination to recreate certain things about them and make readers see them in a new light. I didn’t want to write the same thing everyone else wrote.

RVL: In approaching the subject of your book what was the basic definition of “vampire” that was uppermost in your mind?

E: In my book a vampire is one that needs to consume blood to exist.


The Countess on Facebook

The Countess on Facebook

RVL: Have you had the opportunity to read any of the non-fiction material that deals with the modern, real vampire community?

E: I have only been looking online for about two years now for information of others like myself. I have read some material but not much.


RVL: Please tell us a little about your own work? ~ just a teaser…

E: My book is set in the country with the beauty of the trees, lakes, and all the splendor of the outside world and all the colors it beholds. Ivy, the main character, finds herself out of her element having come from the city. One of her very close friends urges her to move to the country because she has unexplained things happening to her where she was living. Creepy things. She makes this move and finds out that the unexplained things happening to her in the city, follows her to the new place. She cannot wrap her mind around the ideas of vampires and other creatures being real but has to force herself into this new realm of existence because she attacked and transformed into one of them.


The Ridge Cover
RVL: How long have you been writing and is this your first published work?

E: I have been writing my whole life. Short stories, poems, things of that nature and one of my favorite pass times has been to tell stories. I would hang around my best friend a lot, scaring her with my imagination and stories since I could remember. I bit the bullet and wrote a story that was suppose to be a few pages which turned out to be a book, my very first publishing.

RVL: …and where can our readers find your work?

E: They can buy it straight from my publisher’s site

They can buy it from

Also at

It will be available to the online bookstores all over the internet pretty much.


RVL: Who did you set out to make your target audience with your work?

E: I wrote the book for all who enjoy this subject with no age limitations. Someone in high school could pick the book up and read it if they wish. I didn’t want you to have to sit down with my book accompanied by a dictionary. I wanted to write a story all could enjoy.


RVL: …and what’s next Countess? Do you have other works in the pipeline, along the same lines?

E: This book is titled The Ridge. It is the first of four books. The Ridge series. I am, as we speak, writing the next book. I am excited to get this one out just as much as the first. More lore and myths of creatures not mentioned in the first book and the world Ivy is in expands greatly.

RVL: Do you have any general comments that you would like to make about the subject of vampires, especially the existence of real living modern self-identified vampires?

E: I would have to say that anyone who is living and practicing a Sanguinarian lifestyle, please be safe for yourself and for your donor. Practice cleanliness and screening. If you find you are not just the ‘run of the mill’ human, embrace what you are, own what you are, be proud of yourself and never think of it as a debilitating mark on yourself. There are many others that can relate and sympathize with you. We are out there.


RVL: Thank you very much indeed for your time today; we are honoured and delighted to be able to help introduce your work to the real vampire community and we wish you all success with it.

E: I thank you and your readers from the bottom of my heart and wish everyone a good night and good rest.


The literary vampire is continuing to undergoing a metamorphosis, an evolution, that transcends the common place archetype and with each new author a little something is added to the ‘universal’ presence of one of the most lauded and popular figures in literature today. The growth of the persona of the vampire is a far cry from the figure that was introduced by Messrs. Polidori and Stoker

The genre, once cut-and-dried, is becoming a playground of new explorations and new interpretations, some hit while other’s miss and it is the imagination of modern authors and screenwriters that is shaping the concept and image of the vampire for modern and future generations. New authors, heading in new directions are keeping the dream alive and will continue to do so regardless of whatever fashions and fads may be aimed at the market.

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