The Blood is the Life ~ Your thoughts?

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Sanguinarian Vampyres, ‘blood drinkers’, the closest to the original imaginings and aesthetic of the historical vampire but are they becoming the unheard minority in the very sub-culture they founded? Are these, the following questions something that no one wishes to discuss in open forums, chat groups or other visible places? Is the concept of Sanguinarianism becoming passé, unpopular, something to be shunned and kept hidden away like a guilty pleasure or fearful secret?

A series of questions was presented recently and in order to help the author gain a better insight into the feelings of those who frequent the social media of the sub-culture and those who actually practice Sanguinarianism, we thought we would bring it here and provide a contact form so that as many as possible could make their thoughts known.

If you would prefer you can always send your responses to and we will pass them along.

The Questions:

” What do you consider the most politically correct method for a Sanguniarian to obtain enough blood to be healthy?”

“What methods of Sang feeding are NOT currently acceptable?”

“Where would you send a Sanguinarian to learn the skills necessary to keep well enough fed to be stable and healthy?”

“What age do you consider acceptable for a Sang to start blood feeding? Is there a lower limit?”

“Is it legal where you are to cut / feed from a human donor?”

“Do you consider animal blood an acceptable means of obtaining blood to feed on?”

” Do you feel a Sang is responsible for staying fed and healthy if there is a chance they might rage and do something stupid without it?”


Alternatively, you may wish to attend the following and leave your answers there (completely anonymously)
The Blood is the Life – A Sanguine Survey

Thank you for reading and we hope you will see fit to grace us with your valuable insights and knowledge.

RVL Staff

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