That Was Then . . . This Is Now


By: LadyM

I was born in 1951, born unto this world and born unto vampirism.

There was much racial tension in the US and the personal computer/internet was about 40 years away.

I was a teenager during the 60’s and knew all about demonstrating for something that I strongly believed in.

When I started in the working world, everything you needed to obtain a job were skills, education and a good work ethic.  Previous employer’s references were “gold” when attempting to move up the ladder …. If you were prompt, conscientious, motivated and on time … nobody cared what you did when you punched out and went home ….. that was then … this is now.

I have to chuckle when I read comments made on vampire forums by the young and/or newly awakened eager to wave their flag and shout to the world … I am a vampire!!  One such comment that was recently posted in part …

Unless a community stands up for who they really are the media will use them like a tool. Lets not forget the real hardships we endure as vampyres.

Let’s see …. Unless you are independently wealthy and have no need to earn a living or you are self-employed with clients that don’t care how you live your life … you are at the mercy of making the almighty buck in a world that pretty much believes vampires live only in the myths and pages of a Bram Stoker novel.

Before you start waiving your flag and shouting from the rooftops that vampires aren’t getting a fair shake because the media has it all wrong ….. consider this …

Most employers do a very rigid background check on new or potential employees, even as far as asking to see their social media page.  Are you willing to lose your current job, risk losing a potential new job, your means of being able to support yourself, your children … be ostracized by family, friends and deemed to be “living in fantasy land?

Yes, there have been groups that have won their bid to be recognized after long battles and constant media scrutiny.  Unfortunately it doesn’t matter how you roll the dice, there is just no scientific or medical proof that would convince anyone that we are anything more than mentally unsound individuals.

Now, should scientists at some point in time discover that there is indeed undeniable proof of clinical vampirism, then you will see just how the voices of many will change the way the vampire is viewed, not only in the media but in every walk of life.  Until then we must live in our sanctuaries and leak out bits and pieces of the vampire culture in the hopes of slowly convincing the masses we are sane and not the product of myth or legend.  We have the ability to network via the internet and social media.  We can be part of message boards and forums where we feel safe and can voice our opinions without being condemned … for now.

So I would suggest that before anyone comment strongly about how we SHOULD be fighting for our independence, you might want to think about who you are commenting to and whether or not you know their politics and motivations.