Surviving an Awakening

14 Mar 2011

Author: John Reason

The AwakeningPhoto credit: Martin Gommel

Many Real Vampires experience an “Awakening” when they are in their adolescence. An awakening is a stage of life that vampires go through where changes in their lives become evident. This is the time that sanguinarians develop cravings for blood, and psy vamps begin to understand their energy manipulation techniques. As might be imagined, this can be a very hard stage to go through. The pressures of school, extracurricular activities, peers, and a great big secret on a vampire’s conscience can seem overwhelming at times. Several things should be kept in mind that will help a young adult vampire deal with the stress a little bit easier.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that real vampires are still humans. Just because a person wants to suck energy or blood out of another person doesn’t mean that they are unlike anyone else. I have not yet met a vampire who did not work hard to help their friends, do well in school, participate in family activities, and lead a healthy career. It is impossible, for most people, to pick a vampire out in a crowd. Don’t assume that everyone will hate you for something that you haven’t told them – because you kept it a secret. They won’t know, and you don’t have to tell them.

At the time of the first signs of awakening, many vampires will be dying to tell a confidant about their new found cravings. Sometimes this can be very beneficial, but in many cases it is a bad idea. I can not personally advise a young vamp on whether or not they should “come out of the coffin.” What I can advise is that any young vampires should seriously consider the consequences that may be had by revealing such a personal aspect of themselves to another person. At one point I got together with a group of my friends, and explained to them what my vampirism meant to me. They were amazingly supportive, and it made my life a lot better. On the other hand, once in high school I made the mistake of trusting the wrong person, and they wound up blackmailing me, and tried to get me kicked out of school. It is important to completely analyze all possibilities before making the decision to “come out of the coffin.”

The last thing to consider is when a young vamp can’t find a person in their life to talk to, they can always turn to the internet. There are many web forums set up specifically to help vampires improve their lives. A web forum is similar to sitting down in a coffee shop and talking to people who often have extremely good advice. Keep in mind that the people in web forums are strangers, do not give out any personal information. Many vampires like to make a username for web forums that they use as a pseudonym. A pseudonym is a name that a person uses when writing, but wants to keep their given name secret from the public.

Over time, being a vampire gets a little bit easier. In the beginning it is a non stop struggle that is overwhelming. Middle school through college are the most common times that vampires experience awakenings, and they are also times that a person is growing up. The journey to adulthood is scary, but exciting. Self-exploration leads to new levels of happiness and self-confidence. While a young vampire may be struggling right now, they will be thankful in the future that they learned how to deal with their vampirism.

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