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23 Feb 2012

Author: Tim

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I would hazard a guess that one of the things that preoccupies a great deal of the time and life of a real living vampire is the matter of finances. It’s a matter that, despite however often or how long one might spend in the chaotic cyber-realms of the OVC, is always waiting for the real living vampire when they re-emerge into the world of the mundane. Despite everything you may have heard or read about real vampires, despite everything you may believe about vampires in general, there are some things that are unavoidable.

Real living vampires, today, have more things to think about than whether they will be caught sparkling in sunshine, whether they will be able to catch the eye of the girl of their dreams and fend off the omnipresent “werewolf” guy and win her affections, they have more to think about than some “True Blood” or “Being Human” like dilemma about how to get to sleep with the new guy/girl etcetera. In short they are, like everyone else, faced with everyday problems. They need to eat; sleep, shower and they need to pay bills. Regular bills, power, water, land tax, mortgages, rent… as if things weren’t hard enough being a vampire today…!

If there are truly immortal, undead creatures amongst the community who just look human for convenience sake then you would have to feel sorry for them ~ imagine how much they’ll end up shelling out. Okay, so it’s not like they need cars, they just change form and fly. Out the window go car payments, public transport costs, driver registration and car costs. Cool, but on the other hand they still need a pad to put the coffin down and hence a mortgage, land taxes, power bills etcetera. Either way you cut it finances are as important to the immortal as they are to the mortal. If you are lucky enough to be able to afford accountants fees or financial advisors costs then at least you have someone to blame when things go pear shaped.

A great many in the world today are doing it tough and taking a fiscal hammering. Greece is in trouble, as is much of the Euro-zone, America is seeing some recovery after a long haul, in Australia the latest news paints a bleak picture even though the country’s economy is “strong” by global standards. The following was just reported yesterday by the Seven television network news and current affairs program ‘Today Tonight’:

“It’s the great Australian rip off – a national epidemic of unaffordability fuelled by antiquated and overzealous Government policy.

So why are we paying two, three and even fourteen times more for everyday items than the rest of the world?”

By: Damien Hansen – READ MORE

So, we started looking around for some information that real vampires, living in the real world, paying real bills and taxes might be able to make use of just like everyone else. Not a subject that’s touched upon in the online vampire communities but perhaps it could be used to make the point that real living vampires have all the same problems as Mr. Joe/Josephine Average, and then some.

One of the best resources we found was;

Budget Guide – Bills.com: A Free Guide to Managing Your Budget

It offers easy to read, practical and generic record keeping solutions that can help you develop budgets and strategies and, most importantly, stick to them. It contains downloadable resources for your use in taking control of your finances.

Smart About Money.org

In the event that disaster does strike, and don’t think it won’t, Smart About Money offers some helpful “Survival Tips”

Some other excellent resources that you may find of some help are to be found at:

5 Tips and Tricks for Real World Financial Management

8 Extreme Ways to Cut Your Budget in Half

Money Management Tips – Personal Budgeting Tips

Frugal Finance- UK

Household Budgeting 101

The fact remains that “real vampires” are living in the “real world” and that’s the truth. The fact remains that “real vampires” have to be able to afford to live, eat and enjoy shelter and the benefits of power and utilities. “Real living vampires” from time to time, may well need to take a good hard look at their fiscal health and take some responsible and possibly remedial action. Good luck.


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