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Interviews are regularly conducted with ‘high profile’ or ‘publicly visible’ VC/OVC figures. Naturally the focus of these pieces will be on their work, their music, their literature, their promotions or events or whatever feature is most noteworthy about them.

The purpose behind “Real Vampires, Real Lives” is to introduce people from the community who are, perhaps, not the “high fliers”, who perhaps don’t make “educational” videos to tell people what real vampirism is and is not, who perhaps don’t write books about the modern culture and communities, who quite probably don’t go on lecture tours but who, nonetheless, are a big part of that sub-culture in an every-day manner; the “heart and soul” if you will, the “vamp on the street” as someone once commented.


This evening we are extremely pleased to be able to welcome back a man whom we have had the pleasure of working with before, we are very lucky to be able to spend a little more time with L.A. Nantz (a.k.a. Vodalok Nightkiller)

RVL: Good evening Vodalok, it’s a pleasure to be able to share a little time with you again, we hope you are well?

V. Nightkiller: Thank you, this day finds me more than well. And it is a great pleasure to be here with you again.


RVL: Would you tell us a little about your current occupation and what kind of education did you need to pursue to get there?

V. Nightkiller: Well, I’m kind of a High school dropout. Mind you it was not something I wanted; it was a necessity of existence. One I don’t like to talk about. No there was nothing criminal about it, just a hard life. As for my current occupation, I’m disabled, and attempting to become a novelist. An endeavour that is far more complicated than one would think.

RVL: What were the main influences that guided your choices of educational and career paths?

V. Nightkiller: Influences, for me have always been about one step up financially. Every job, personal choice, and action I’ve made has led me to a better job, and a stronger education. My path has been one of survival over surrender. And I have always chosen never to surrender, and keep moving forward, no matter how hard or difficult. This included getting a G.E.D. so I could join the Military when I was 18, always picking up books to read, and further my education in all manner of fields and interest. Books, books have always been a strong part of my life, and now that I think about it, they have been my reason for everything. The need to read and always have books in my life, that’s what has guided me.



RVL: In terms of being a self-identified modern living vampire, when did you first realise your nature? And was there an immediate acceptance of it or did it take time to come to terms with for you?

V. Nightkiller: I realized at a very early age that I was very different and even fought with the idea that I might be a vampire. It wasn’t till my early teens that it was confirmed, then in my late teens, while in the military that it was accepted. On a side note, part of the reason it took so long to accept it was, when I was 16 and living in Texas, I was taken by friends, to a place in Ft. Worth where an Exorcism was performed on me. They thought I was possessed and attempted to drive the demon out of me. It is Sad for them that they could never accept, one cannot be separated from their Daemon.


RVL: Have you found your vampire nature to have had an effect on forming or maintaining relationships?

V. Nightkiller: Yes. It was by large in part the very thing that brought me and my now estranged wife together, and in the end it was that very thing that tore us apart. Outside of that, I have used my Nature as a vampire to great extend in finding companion’s and lovers over the years. But it always gets in the way of a stable relationship. It does not however stop me from looking for her that I will call my death. For in her I shall be happy to die over and over again, in body, mind, and spirit.

RVL: What specific issues, if any, have resulted from your vampirism? And what benefits, if any, have you derived from it?

V. Nightkiller: Issues; to date my health has degraded to a point that I am on disability. My Dr. knows what is wrong, but not why, or how it all happened as fast as it has. Do I tell him I am a vampire, and that exactly one year to the day I stopped feeding (as a promise to someone that left me months later). Do I tell him when I do feed; it all goes away for a short time. Would you, would you take that risk and open yourself to whatever preconceptions the world has about us? I’m still fighting with this and trying to find the courage to tell my Dr. and praying that when I do, he doesn’t write me off as a lunatic. Benefits, yes, I’m much stronger than people give me credit for, faster by far as well. And no not like in the movies. The difference is that of a couch potato to an athlete. One other thing, I won’t go into, its mine.


RVL: As far as your immediate or extended family are concerned have you “come out of the coffin” with them? and what, if any, were their reactions?

V. Nightkiller: Yes. For the most part they all think I’m nuts but accept me for what I am. And a few have even taken it seriously. To them I talk to the most, but like anyone that is not vampire, it’s hard to talk to them about the actual experience of being one, or what it’s like to suffer as one, love as one, or hunger.


RVL: With respect to the “mundane” world, are you “In” or “Out of the Coffin”? and why have you chosen this course?

V. Nightkiller: For the most part I am OUT. My Dr. is the exception. I like being honest, not only with others but with myself. And living out as I do, means I have a more balanced dayside/nightside.

RVL: What effects, if any, have resulted from that choice?

V. Nightkiller: I get a lot of teasing from my closest friends, but they have also offered (and I have accepted) to feed me. It’s always small amounts and sometimes nowhere near enough. But I do fear taking more might make them… reluctant in the future. With a few, it meant the end of the friend ship, and others, well to his children I am the wonderful Friendly Vampire that daddy is friends with.


RVL: In general what positives and negatives do you count as being attributable to being a self-identified modern living vampire?

V. Nightkiller: Negatives up front are the ridicule and harassment one gets for being out in the general public. The benefits, you stand as a beacon of hope for those who chose to live in. You fight the battles first that all of us will have to fight in time, and as a result, create a map by which everyone else can follow.


RVL: A quote from the Chatting with Vampires interview reads … “I’m only recently re-entering the public vampire community after a ten year fast and period of Isolation. I’m eagerly looking forward to being part of the world again.”

Since you have been back can you tell us your opinion of the VC/OVC and do you feel it has changed?

V. Nightkiller: Yes, I feel it has changed greatly. Much of the “Tyranny” that was present when I stepped out of the world, is gone and replaced with hope and an acceptance of those of us that grew up alone, without mentors or sires. There is far more dialog, hope for common ground, acceptance of the differences in each of us that make us vampire, and a willingness to take the Ronan in and make them part of the community. At least that’s how I see it. Lessons were learned and mistakes corrected. Though a few are still being learned by select individual arrogances, that seem to want to will all to bend to a single vision of what we are, but they have little ground to stand on, and the cult following is seen for what it is.

RVL: The “Vampire Script” is an extraordinary and beautiful work, would you tell us a little about what went into its creation and where do you think it could best be implemented?

V. Nightkiller: The Creation of the script, font, and runes yes there are three separate ttfs I created, the font is the one that is up for download on the webpage; [1], were the product of 5 years of work. It is a work that was driven by several factors, primarily, to provide the VC with its own text by which to Identify; Even if it is just for tattoos, personal journal’s, and artwork. The other reasons which gave birth to that, my novel, my own desire to have something by which to identify myself through, and with. And lastly but not the least of which was to again, share with the community at large a part of myself. We are nothing if we keep all that we are to ourselves, it is through sharing that we grow and become more than we are. It is through sharing that we become more one with those around us, and they become one with ourselves.


RVL: What does the future hold for Vodalok Nightkiller/ L.A. Nantz?

V. Nightkiller: The future holds more novels[2], a growing fan base, and hopefully, lasting place in the minds and community that I love so much.

RVL: Thankyou very much for sparing us a little of your time, it has been an honour to have you back with us.

V. Nightkiller: The honour is mine, that you would again seek me out, and help me share what I am with the community at large is a blessing to me from you. Thank you, and thank you to everyone that has read and reads this.

May blood keep you and take you.



Vodalok Nightkiller, a.k.a. L.A. Nantz, is a digital artist, poet, published author, creator of the Vampire Script and a self-identified sanguinarian vampire, he is also a remarkable person remarkable in that despite the obstacles put before him he is driving toward a goal that not only includes himself but also with respect to the “community that I love so much”. It’s always a boost to all of us when such a person declares that and when the acknowledgement is given that the “community” is indeed worthy of such effort and dedication.

As a writer Vodalok can, and will, become one of the community’s greatest assets, a spokesperson that may one day help to bring the community into a more acceptable light with those outside; within the community he can, and will, become one of the voices of our conscience with his heartfelt commitment and honest approach.

Copyright RVL and Vodalok Nightkiller/L.A. Nantz 2013



Recommended reading


2. Incubus Succubus is the title of [Stephen’s] L.A. Nantz’s first book, it was published in July of 2009 and one reviewer, Ophelia Crane had this to say about it;

“Incubus/Succubus is a sprawling story intertwining the lives of an old vampire and a new one and their adventures through the years. With unflinching and beautiful descriptions, L.A. Nantz takes us on a journey that holds its reader up until its riveting ending. Beautifully written, this eloquent story takes us first through the life of Vodolak, then along the new life of Selena as she finds her way as a new vampire no longer bound to the rules of humanity. An excellent read by all rights.”


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