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When we made the decision to shift focus here it was based in the knowledge that the “news” focus was being overpopulated and that there was a niche that wasn’t being fulfilled. We looked around and found that there were a great many individual places that were highlighting the different facets of the whole sub-culture of the vampire but there didn’t seem to be one place that brought the different facets together in one place. Our idea was to provide that place in a magazine style format that served everyone’s tastes and interests.

There are so many different faces to the sub-culture, so many facets to the jewel, art, music, literature, life and fashion, entertainment and groups, gatherings, balls, nightclubs, discussions and social groups, commentary and over all the entire polyglot that makes up the face of the real living vampire sub-culture today.

While we didn’t want to become another “discussion” board for the online facet we wanted to retain the approachability that we had when we operated as Real Vampire News. To that end we sub-divided the operation into different branches. RVL, or Real Vampire Life, is a “magazine” of the sub-culture, it’s where we feature, highlight and report on what’s happening around the place, it’s where we feature the events, the services, the things that make up the “face” of vampire society today.


RVL on Facebook is the social group of RVL, here we welcome people from all over in a congenial and social atmosphere that is absolutely guaranteed free of drama. A place where questions and observations can be mulled over in a timely frame.


We have also, in the planning stages, a fourth “department” that will be under the wing of John Reason. Can’t say too much about that at the moment but it’s going to be pretty big when it’s built. Keep watching this space.

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Another focus that we decided to take on was building on the excellent work of our predecessors in creating a storehouse of factual data and knowledge about the sub-culture, hence The Living Vampire ~ A social survey.

The survey is designed to gather broad spectrum information and commentary about the sub-culture in general and, while there are some pretty specific questions involved, we wanted to gather some social information about the people that make up the sub-culture as opposed to personal information. While it may be seen, at some points, as being light hearted it is nonetheless going to provide valuable and in-depth information that the organizing facets of the sub-culture can utilize in planning projects and initiatives. In allowing the people “in the trenches”, so to speak, to give us their opinions and insights then we hope that programs can be designed to maximize benefits to the rank and file members on an ongoing basis. It has been said that to be an effective leader you need to be in touch with the people you are leading.

The Living Vampire Survey is going through its second of three months at present and the comments and observations that we have already gathered are proving, in the main, to be extremely valid, intelligent and will prove to be extremely important to adding to the collected information that has been accumulated up until now. This is a sub-culture wide project and we have invited input from across the board to help us in this.


As I mentioned earlier, we are a service to the sub-culture in general, we aim to bring the very best from across the world of the modern vampire for everyone to be able to view and access. We will continue to provide the highest quality information that we can and our staff vets everything that we pick up on to make every effort to ensure that it is only ‘quality’ information we are providing.

As always, at RVL, we are keenly aware that we exist because of the people out there, they are the people that give us the drive, the reason and the impetus to keep doing what we do and to that end we are, and always will be, available to answer questions for anyone who wishes to contact us. If we have answers to questions already they’re yours, free, if we have to look for answers for you so that we can provide the highest quality information we have a broad network of contacts to draw on and we will get you the answers, free. We are here to help and that is, without reservation, one of our primary goals, to help the people in the sub-culture when ever they might need our help. Unfortunately, as we are a “not for profit” operation and we derive no income from any source for what we do, we are not able to provide a great deal of help in specifically material ways but we can provide much needed support in every instance it is required of us.


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If you have any questions there are a number of ways you can contact us:

We have the facilities open at Real Vampire Life homepage, RVL on Facebook and Nightsider WordPress to accept comments, simply leave your question and we will get back to as quickly as possible (usually within 12 to 24 hours depending on mundane life pressures and demands) alternatively, you may not wish to leave a public comment, you can email us at RVL ( and we will treat all emails as being STRICTLY confidential, that’s guaranteed. Our staff are well aware that people’s privacy, comfort and security are of paramount importance to them and thus to us as well.

Please be sure, there is NO SUCH THING as a daft question, we are here to help you ~ don’t be shy, if you have a question, fire away! As I said, if we have the answer it’s yours, if we don’t have the answer, we’ll get it for you. Simple as that.

Our aim is to serve the vampire sub-culture ~ and serve it as well as we are able.


RVL Staff

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