Psi Vampire/Healer: Oxymoron or Natural Choice?

14 May 2011

Author: Angel Night

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As usual, I am writing this article in the middle of the night.  Thank you, to any friends that proofread my work. I know it could not have been easy.*grins*

I decided to broach this somewhat debated topic in hopes of exploring it a bit further.

It is a topic near and dear to my heart.

I am a healer, who later in life found out I was a Psi Vampire.

In discussing this topic, I am hoping to create a bridge between both schools of thought.

Let me start with my own history. I will try to keep it brief.*smiles*

I had a natural gift for healing from an extremely young age.

Sometimes it was as simple as touching someone in a specific place that I was guided to, and directing healing energy to them until I felt the empathy pains in my own body dissipate.

I would know things without being told, and began seeing auras at age eight.

I experienced a different kind of childhood to say the least. *smiles*

I mostly felt sorry for my parents.*grins*

Over time, I slowly grew in experience and understanding in a very natural and self-taught way.

I had never heard about Psi vampirism until much later in life.

There was no internet when I was growing up. *gasps in shock*

This allows me to see both sides of this topic with a somewhat unique perspective.

Quite a few years later, I became aware that there was a name for what I did, and people were learning how to do this sort of thing. I was happy to learn of other healers and what was being termed energy-workers.

Imagine my astonishment!

I began to research the world of energy and healing.  I was consumed with a burning desire to learn all I could.

I was lucky enough to meet a wonderful woman who taught energy work, and I began to attend her classes.

After a few years of taking classes and working out of a walk-in clinic at the school, I became certified to teach, and I bought my own massage table and began to take on clients.

I created my own techniques over the years that were a bit different than how I was taught.

I believe we all relate to energy in different ways unique to ourselves and so it seems natural that we each learn our own way to connect and manipulate these energies.

No one way is better than another, just different ways of doing the same thing.

On a side note:

While taking the classes on healing, I noticed there were a few differences between myself and some of the other students; differences that were hard to ignore.

The most obvious was that after working on multiple clients I would become very tired and develop a sore throat that would lead to illness if I did not actively stop working on anyone for a few days. I was unable to recharge and bounce back the next day like my fellow classmates.

I figured it was due to the way I was moving my energy; that I was taking on too much, or not getting enough sleep.

I spoke with my teacher about my unusual response, and she and I both figured that I needed to draw from a source outside of my own. That I needed to be a conduit for universal energy – Allow it to flow through me and shield my own energy reserves so as to not use them as much. If only she knew how close she was to the truth.

I have to wonder what my teacher would think of who I am today and how she would react to my vampirism. Sadly, she has long since retired so; I will probably never get the chance to find out.

Back to my original train of thought. *smiles*

I tried to heed her advice but, it seemed that I still could not recharge. I wondered what was wrong with me.

At that time I never considered taking from another living source or person.  It never was an option for me.

I was taught that the only time it was acceptable to take energy from another person was while taking away their pain or swelling. The pain/swelling is drained from the site and the energy is essentially cast off to join the ambient energy in the room.

Back then and even today, for many, it is still a taboo to take another’s energy. People who did this were either doing it for some sort of thrill or to create drama – or simply wreak havoc and make themselves feel more powerful. They were viewed as predatory individuals who preyed on unsuspecting and vulnerable people.

I certainly did not fit these characteristics, so there was no way that I was like them.

Imagine my shock the day I realized the truth.

Back to the story.

In all my extensive reading and research I had never come across anything that explained Psychic Vampirism in a more positive light. They were all about protection from Psychic Vampires.

I have found only a few positive and informative books to date.

It shows just how much work needs to be done to help education and understanding of Psi and Sanguine Vampirism alike.  I am sure there are as many misconceptions regarding Sangs as there are Psi’s, which is why it is so important that we all work together to change the culture and the myths.

I must admit to thinking that anyone calling themselves a Psychic Vampire or who took someone’s energy for their own gain had to be a very dysfunctional person, and someone that needed help. I was just as guilty of not understanding what Psi Vampirism was which is why I think it took me so long to figure all of this out.  Between incorrect info and the lack of knowledge on this topic I really did not have much to go on.

I did not fit into these negative stereotypes, so how could I ever see myself as a Psychic Vampire?

And wow!  Vampire is quite a loaded name.

The name itself evokes so many images. Some good, some not.

I chose to use “Psi” versus “Psychic” due to wanting to get away from the sterotypes all the books warned us about.

Some sort of left-over mental need – to define myself in a new way.

Of course, there really is not much difference if you call yourself psychic, psi, psy, psionic, energy, pranic, emotional, elemental and my favorites: soul sucker or soul eater.  I have found that almost every culture has some sort of name and idea about Psi vampirism.   There are tons more terms that all touch on different versions of the same thing.

I have come to see all the different names as just personal choices. They are how a person feels about a particular name or label. How we each define our own form of vampirism.

And of course, it depends on the culture we were raised in, and our own ideas of what each name means.

Some cultures see it as part of the natural order. Just as some people have too much and then the opposite is also, true. Not good or bad. Just the way it is. The yin and yang of all things.

The bottom line is that if you cannot create or sustain your own life-force and need to draw it in from another source by definition alone; you are a Psychic Vampire.

Ok back to my original train of thought.*smiles*

So what is the general concensus for being a healer and a Psi Vampire?

I can see how from some viewpoints it could be considered a conflict of interest.

For example:

I am a vampire in need of energy.

Do I purposely find a client for the sole purpose of feeding from them under the guise of a healing session?

The true wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Here is how I think that scenario would go:

Vampire uses the client in order to feed.

The client leaves the table feeling very tired and the reason they came to the healer is still there. They will never use this healer again. They will be sure to tell everyone they know not to use this healer.

Scenario #2

I am a vampire in need of energy.

I connect with my donor first.  My energy levels are good.

I agree to work on the client.  The client leaves the table feeling relaxed and is much better. The client is very happy. They will call on me again. They will tell other people about the great results they had. *smiles*

As you can see, word of mouth can make or break anyone in a service role.

You may be a psychic reader, non-vampire healer or a massage therapist.

Anyone in these fields will tell you that word of mouth can be the kiss of death.

If someone is taking advantage of anyone, they will soon find themselves without any clients.

A part of being a responsible healer (vampire or not) is understanding your own body. Knowing when you may be too low or tired.

To not recognize these signs could put yourself or others at risk.

Psi’s have to learn this from day one since we face illness if we ignore these things. We also have to contend with our systems going into auto-feed mode.

Another point to ponder is this:

If a Psi Vampire is geared to sense and understand energy at a much deeper level due to it being part of our survival /health, then, doesn’t it seem that a Psi might be the logical choice for doing energy work?  Our nature alone creates a person naturally geared to be a healer.  I’m not saying we are better, but we may have a slight advantage for this type of work. We are essentially hard wired to detect and control energy; why not use our natural talents to help others?

There is one last point that I’m sure needs to be touched upon.

This is the scenario.

Psi Vamp agrees to work on client.  Energy level is good.  No worries.

The session is going very well, but the client has very intense and challenging issues.  It has taken a lot of energy to move or change the client’s energy patterns. You find yourself getting depleted and need to recharge to some extent in order to effectively help this client.

What do you do?  I can tell you what I do.


Before I even agree to a session, I try to be sure one of my donors will be able to be my backup.

This backup technique is something I created due to doing some very intense house-clearings.

I did not want to become depleted and unable to protect myself, or run out of steam in a critical moment.  Depending on how grumpy the spirit is, the amount of psychic energy I may burn through will be higher or lower.

My donors have become a very important part of my work. They are the Sonny to my Cher… *grins*

If the need arises, I will draw from them while working on the client /house/spirit-release and it will allow me to stay at a higher energy level, and complete the task at hand.

I want to take a moment and thank my donors who have been there for me in this capacity. They know who they are.*smiles* Just knowing they were there to support me when needed, has made a huge difference for me. It has allowed me to reach out and help more people than I could have on my own. Plus, I would not be the healthy person I am today without their help.

I am truly blessed.*smiles*

I hope anyone who reads this will see that we are not defined by labels or by what others may write about us.

We each bring a truth and our own life experiences to everything we do. I don’t pretend to know all the answers. All I can do is learn from my own experiences and hope that sites like RVN continue to thrive and offer a place for all to meet and learn from each other.

I believe that Psi Vampires are an untapped source in the healing community, and one day I hope they will let go of any preconceived ideas about who and what we are – That there will come a day that we will be treated with the same respect, and trust as anyone else.

There will always be a few people who create a bad name for the rest of us. My only hope is that we are not judged as a whole, based on a few misguided or ill-intentioned people.

Sweet dreams,


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