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Many of the online vampire sites you will come across feature a section on FAQ’s, or Frequently Asked Questions, questions that crop up all the time when newcomers arrive in the culture, be it online or off.

The only problem with FAQ’s is that the answers can often be the product of one person’s interpretation and beliefs. In the RVL Recommended Reading List we will place links to articles in which authors attempt not only to explain the answers but also provide, many times, alternative viewpoints that might help the reader find their own truth. This is what it is all about, the journey of discovery that is one’s own vampirism cannot necessarily be summed up neatly in one FAQ answer.

What we have compiled, and will continue to build, here is a list of material that is contained at RVL which will answer most of your questions to begin with in the most basic of ways. If you find that you have specific questions that are not covered here then please feel free to leave a message, as a comment, at the foot of the homepage, or at our Facebook portal, for us. We will do our best to answer your questions, or if we cannot, find someone/somewhere that can.


RVL Staff

 Reading list

So, you want your own empire? – A four part “How to” guide to creating, and maintaining, your very own “world beating” Real Vampire Group.

Part One
Part Two
Part Three
Part Four

Behold the TechnoVamp: Nobody is going to argue that we are in the clutches of modern technology but is that a good or bad thing for the online VC traveller?

Vampirism 101… will there be an exam on this? Teachers, Students, Mentors, Seekers, what to do, where to turn and how to get somewhere when you do.

Bridge of Psy’s. A down to earth treatment in the matter of “energy”, is it “good”, “bad” or just “energy”?

Focus Pocus vs. Self interest: Which one is better?” – Looking at starting your own Vampyre, Therian or Otherkin Group? Here’s some tips and pitfalls.

Real Vampires: The hardest thing about being us Pt: 4” – There are a lot of things that affect us, more so than “ordinary” people, how do we deal with that?

Why can’t I be a…” – Timely and as relevant as ever, hey, be careful out there.

Warning signs and ‘Red Flags’ – How to spot the creeps, the weirdos and avoid getting caught in a con.

1984 – Sense and sensibilities – How private is anything on the net?


Embracing the Vampire – from earliest origins to modern times

Crossroads – Into the OVC ~ Which way now? ~ By Tim

Crossroads ~ Safety First ~ By Tim

Icons, Idols and Stereotypes ~ Evolutions ~ By Tim

Crossroads – Sauce for Geese and Ganders

Crossroads – The VC/OVC A positive power ~ By Tim

In whom we trust ~ By Tim

Real Vampire Community Personal Safety & Privacy Awareness

~ Contributed by SphynxCatVP

Where do you seek your truth? ~ By Lady M.

Crossroads – On being a real vampire ~ By Tim

Disbelief ~ by Belfazaar Ashantison

New report on blood consumption ~ By Lady M.

Bigotry in a Marginalized Minority Community – Vampires and Human Rights

~ By Elzie Roze

Taking back the night” ~ By Goddess Rosemary Sahjaza of Temple House Sahjaza

Vampyres ~ Superstition, Society and Subculture   Invited guests Anthony Hogg of The Vampirologist, Author, artist and entrepreneur Gabrielle Faust, Hellkat of Smoke and Mirrors and Julia Darkrose Ray, Editor and Owner of The DarkRose Journal join us to discuss the history and social identification of the Vampyre




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