“How can I tell if I’m a vampire?”

25 Feb 2012

Author: Tim

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This is the question that every self-identified, real living vampire dreads. It is a question that cannot be answered by anyone except the person asking it and the hardest thing is to explain that clearly enough so that the person asking doesn’t feel like they are being fobbed off or made to look like a fool.

Many websites that deal with the subject will have an F.A.Q (Frequently asked questions) page and a direction to “go read before asking anything”. So, the person seeking the answer to their question can go off and read a plethora of hints, tips, clues, answers and debates on the matter and the one thing for sure is, if you ask the same question of six different vampires you’ll get seven different answers…! Why? Because the biggest part of “knowing” who and what you are is subjective and the answers for you, lie within you.

What we can offer you is some suggestions that you might want to take into account in your decision making process.

There are two schools of thought on modern living vampires, one holds that vampires are “born” with the characteristics and the other that the characteristics become recognized at a later date, generally held to be during the teenaged years, and usually termed “awakening”.

No one knows the truth because there is no proof, scientific, rock-solid or irrefutable. I could tell you I am descended from the Tepes family line of old Wallachia ~ doesn’t make it true but nobody can prove it isn’t.

People who are asking whether they might be a vampire are looking for something, either about themselves or their environment and existence. No one can tell you why you feel the way you do because no one is there, feeling what you feel, seeing what you see and thinking what you think. The commonly reported “characteristics” of those who self-identify as real vampires can also be influenced, and hence appear differently, by genetics, environment, health, medications being used (prescribed or not) life stresses and pressures, influence from peer groups, family and personal inhibition can all play a part in developing “odd feelings” in a person.

The psychological impact of media and entertainment cannot be ruled out as having some influence either. No longer are vampires’ undead evil monsters that rise from their graves at night to attack the living and drink their blood. Today, in popular fiction and film, vampires are just as likely to be relatively normal looking, pale skinned, angsty teens who face all the normal problems of any other teenager. It is a new archetype that is much more palatable to a great many.

No one, not I, nor any other can tell you on the internet or otherwise, that you are a vampire and you should be VERY cautious of anyone who claims they can. There are people who will tell you whatever you want to hear with some personal and possibly unsavory motive behind their actions.

To focus on you and what you’re feeling and experiencing is the key to answering questions about yourself. Real vampires today report a wide variety of experiences, effects and coping ability and you will be hard pressed indeed to find any two the same.

One of the BEST things that you can do, if you believe, or think, that you might be a real living vampire is write down what you are experiencing, thinking and feeling. You don’t have to use the word “vampire” at this stage, start by writing “I am (your name) and I feel these things…” Write down the physical effects you experience, tiredness, constant headaches, other pains and discomforts. Write down what you think about most of the time, bats, boys, cars, school, work, drugs, sports, whatever it might be and go on to write down how you feel about things like friends, family, colleagues etc. This is going to be your way of sorting out the real effects from the perceived effects.

The first thing that needs to be considered, certainly with regard to the physical considerations, is whether you actually ARE ill in some way. Your physical symptoms should be reported to a doctor and examined to find out whether there is some underlying cause for the feeling/effect.

For example, sensitivity to sunlight can have several medical causes that are quite treatable and manageable in the main. Cravings can be indications of something that the body is lacking; a lack of iron in the blood produces a condition called anemia which results in pale skin and lethargy amongst other things. It is VITALLY important that the possibility of ill health is ruled out before any further thoughts of being something you may not be start being looked at.

Once the medical possibilities are discounted and you are sure of a clean bill of health then other considerations can be examined. The key factor in identification of being a real living vampire is in the necessity to “feed”, the absolute physical necessity to source energy or “life force” from sources outside yourself in order to feel well and healthy. A series of simple experiments can help to establish your particular “positive” reactions.

Our good friend and colleague, Lady CG, writes:

“…if you are a non-vamp and want to try blood, a rare steak will NOT do anyone any harm. (It’s what I always recommend new vamps to try FIRST) Literally MILLIONS of people like their steaks rare and blue rare, not all of them are vampyres, and I don’t know of anyone who has become ill from eating a good rare steak from an inspected source. If the person is NOT a vampyre it will not do them any harm, nor will it do them any vampyric good… if the person IS a vampyre, they often know right away if it helps them.” [1]

This may well be a very good way to determine whether blood is what you are indeed craving or whether it is the psychological aspect of the blood associations that are guiding you.

For those who think they may be a Psi, or Psychic, vampire there are other things you can try. Energy exercises such as if you are feeling run down and miserable go and find a crowded place where everyone is enjoying themselves, immerse yourself in it and see how you feel afterwards. That could be one indication that you need to absorb; or feed, off the energy of others. Of course, it might also mean that you just like “fun places” ~ remember, nothing is guaranteed to answer the question of whether you are a vampire or not.

It is, for a variety of reasons, almost impossible to create a single, comprehensive list of the characteristics of the real living vampire since, like most non-vampires, everyone is different and unique. The following contains some of the commonly reported characteristics that have been compiled from the accounts of people who self-identify as modern real vampires.

~ Can be unusually strong willed

~ Well learned/educated in the history of the vampire, and the modern vampire community

~ Predatory nature, not uncontrolled.

~ Prefer night time over daytime; i.e., nocturnal nature

~ Moodiness/mood swings/quick tempered (which may also be an indication of stress, depression related illnesses)

~ Psychic abilities (although not necessarily psychic feeding methods)

~ Empathic abilities

~ Able to blend into a setting, room and/or crowd, and not be noticed by anyone looking for them.

~ Alleged ability to “sense” other vampires (often referred to as “vamp radar”)


~ Pale skin (if you are of Caucasian descent)

~ Unusually high sensitivity to sunlight; physical (i.e., sunburn easily)

~ Unusual visual sensitivity to any strong light source

~ Heightened night vision

~ Eye color changing with mood

~ Heightened senses (i.e. hearing, smell etc)

~ Unaccounted for strength (i.e. strong for physical build) and unusually fast reflexes

~ Often feel hungry and/or thirsty despite an adequate diet

~ Experiencing extreme cravings that can not be satisfied with food or drink.

~ Often feeling run down, fatigued, tired despite an adequate diet and activity levels

~ Frequent headaches where medical causes are ruled out

~ Requires little sleep or irregular sleep (Which may lead to other symptoms listed herein)

~ Able to heal more rapidly than considered usual

~ Frequent illnesses with “flu like” symptoms and no medical explanation, when they go without “feeding” for a period of time. [2]

An all too brief list that MAY indicate that you are a modern living vampire, by no means comprehensive, exhaustive or definitive. With this guide, hopefully, you will be able to focus your thinking in a rational and orderly approach and achieve the answer you are looking for. It may not be the answer you want but isn’t that the point of looking for the truth?

It MUST be borne in mind that a number of these symptoms can, and do result, from medical causes, lifestyle, inadequate nutrition and the like. ALL of these factors must be ruled out before you can even start entertaining the thought of the possibility that you are a real living vampire. I could walk into a room where you are, dressed in black from head to toe and drink blood from a fine crystal wine glass. Does that prove I am a vampire? NO, it simply proves that I am a male over the age of … ah hah, nearly got me there, who can drink blood, nothing more, nothing less.

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[1] “But I Don’t WANT To Be A Vampyre!” ~ Lady CG

[2] Source ~ “Real Vampires” ~ Enygma

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