Grand re-opening… We’re baaaaaaaack…!!!

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Good morning ladies and gentlemen,
It has been a while between drinks, a time of rest, reflection, recuperation and experimentation. Watching things unfold in the last year has been interesting, to say the least.

Real Vampire Life E-Zine is back and we are going to do it better than ever before. The sub-culture of the modern living vampire is in turmoil, “So what’s new?”, I hear you ask – WE ARE and we are going to bring some focus, some reality check and some inspiration back to the business.

The Staff has changed somewhat but myself, Tim will regain my old post as Editor in Chief and my lovely wife, Lady M will, once again, be our Chief Researcher.

Real Vampire Life E-Zine is still owned by the remarkable John Reason.

We invite you to rejoin the train and ride into new territory with us. No matter whether you are real living vampire, human swan, otherkin, or any other affiliate of the modern sub-culture, this E-Zine is FOR YOU and ABOUT YOU – as always.
Deepest respects,

Ed. in Chief/ Snr. Staff Writer

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