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Here at RVL, along with offering information with regard to the Vampire Community, we will from time to time, post interesting and new concepts from our friends who support us. 

Ghost Amp was created with the sole purpose of boosting or amplifying paranormal activity. This equipment provides an intense energy source for paranormal entities to use for manifestation.

Ghost Amp is unique as other ‘ghost feeders’ on the market emit EMF (electro-magnetic fields). Ghost Amp is not intended to provide energy for ghost hunting that way. EMF can be inconclusive to base readings as there are so many different sources of EMF in our environment.

However, it has been proven time and time again in the field of ghost hunting research that participants regularly experience battery drains (DC power) on their equipment. This fact was the inspiration for Ghost Amp. It is uncertain if paranormal activity utilizes EMF but it has been proven that paranormal activity tends to increase after equipment drains.

Ghost Amp provides a large surface area to feed paranormal activity in a small non-conductive package. This box provides an unlimited high and low voltage DC (direct current) energy sources for paranormal entities.

This ghost hunters tool contains over a dozen and a half different voltage sources. From the low energy camcorder voltages to high voltage camera flash systems. It also contains a simulated fluorescent lighting (high voltage plasma) source as a high energy electron source utilizing only DC current. Unlike AC power (alternating current / household current) the DC power sources have been proven in the field of ghost hunting as paranormal attractants.

Ghost Amp is easy to use. It can be placed in a location and run for extend periods of time or used just during an investigation. It does need a portable AC power source if normal household plug in is not available. It uses under 5 watts, so if a battery and inverter (portable AC power pack) are used it is recommend to use as small an inverter as possible for maximum battery life.

We believe ghost hunters should target locations where equipment battery draining was experienced, ‘cold spots’, or where general heightened paranormal activity was experienced. These would be ideal places for Ghost Amp.

Ghost Amp has been designed with safety in mind. Although somewhat water resistant, it like any other household AC powered device, should never be used around water.


Alyson Ford

Alyson has had an interest in the paranormal since she was eight years old through meeting a parapsychologist and experiencing her paranormal investigations through standard ghost stories. Throughout her years her interests have always been peaked through research,observation, and personal experiences.

Now at the age of 37 her observations continued as she noticed the challenges that investigators had while on site with battery drains. This raised the question of “Why can’t an energy source be created that will boost paranormal activity, if this is the constant that keeps happening with DC sourced equipment?”. She carried this question with her until she started to discuss this with technical designers, and the brainstorming started. A test unit was made and was deployed into the field.

Alyson and a local team of investigators began their night in a location that had been combed through several times before, so a “control” was already available. With the Ghost Amp deployed they were getting even more results than normal.

Alyson reviewed the results and brought the findings back to the technician and the Ghost Amp was made even stronger. She then deployed again to find the results even more promising and the investigation providing even more concrete evidence.

Though not trained technically, she is the heart of every investigator; wanting to know the truth and to find evidence that is tangible and concrete. Through this heart and determination, Ghost Amp was born and a new arsenal was created for investigators to get the answers they have been seeking.

Energy Assistance Through Ghost Amp

First off I want to elaborate that this is a theory and until I can get the opportunity to use this in a ritual environment, this will remain a theory. Nevertheless this device intrigues me.

The Circle
Often the Circle is defined as a barrier of sorts. Whether a veil or a protective barrier, the universe created within is energy that is “conjured” through the priest or the priestess. It is often visualized as a cone of power or swirling energy, and at times a directed force. In all cases it is represented as energy.  Psionics tapped into this by using crystals (sometimes using natural energy or DC power) to enhance or increase the potential, but now with this device there is an unlimited supply that can be placed within the circle.

The Practical
I am looking forward to using this while conducting the ritual so I can measure the differences in detecting presence rather than “feeling” them.
Also since I use a Black Mirror I would like to see if the resonance vibration of the mirror is increased while using the Ghost Amp. Since Energy can be defined through vibrations and the concept of a constant energy source (DC power– which is the closest to natural energy). Vortexes, LayLines, Currents, Natural conductors are not always readily available, and this could prove to be a very good enhancement to anyone’s ritual.

Other Applications
Charging crystals or talismans could be another application that could be considered with a small alter adapter on top of the Ghost Amp.

More to come as we begin testing in ritual environments.

Ankida Mudutu ~  House Mudutu


Ghost Amp Reviews

This is an AMAZING piece of Technology! We have used it on 2 separate investigations and both were places we have been before and at each location we caught more evidence and had more noticeable activity then we did the first time. This is MUST have piece of equipment for all investigations!
08/06/2014 by Cory Nagy

Brilliant piece of equipment. We at P.A.S.T. Are extremely fortunate to have used this device in our investigations. It has amplified paranormal activity, and allowed us to capture compelling evidence. No team should be complete without one of these ghost amps!
08/02/2014 by Taylor Heuck

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