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Back in February of 2013 we spent some time with a musical dynamic duo, the heart of the Texas based Metal outfit Epic Death. Since their beginnings on April 1, 2010 the band have grown in numbers, in stature and in popularity. Now, after a little more than five years of live venues, studio recording and filming of videos Mistress Demona (Becky on keyboards) and  Dennis “Guitar Vamp” on guitar and vocals the band are on the verge of the release of their new album “Witchcraft” ~ we have been lucky enough to have cornered our friends for a few minutes in their whirlwind…


RVL: Good evening and thank you for coming back to visit with us, it’s been a while, February of 2013 to be precise, how are you?

Dennis: Good evening
Becky: Happy to be back

RVL: In keeping up with what you’ve been up to there’s been a lot going on since we profiled Epic Death back then. Have you been playing a lot of live gigs?

Becky: We have been playing quite a few and some with national touring artists but for the most part this year we have been working hard on finishing the CD and getting a music video done.

RVL: …and the fanbase? I believe we are still known as ‘The Undead’, it’s been growing yes?
Dennis: Leaps and bounds

Becky: The wonderful thing is that the fan base is growing all over the world thanks to the world wide web. It’s amazing really because we seem to have equal male and female numbers in ‘The Undead

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RVL: Where are some of your favourite, regular haunts?

Dennis: Acadia, The House of Blues, Kouma’s Corner (man I miss that place!)
Becky: Have to agree with Dennis on that one.

RVL: Since “The Eye of The Storm”, what’s been happening on the writing front?

Dennis: We just completed our full length CD called “Witchcraft” and will be released on December 11, 2015 but can be pre-ordered through our website, and click on the Epic Store button.
Becky: We are always finding riffs that we like and we put those away for the next round of songs!

Epic Death at The Rialto in Denison

Epic Death at The Rialto in Denison

RVL: How has the band evolved, or changed, since “Eye of The Storm”?

Becky: We went from a 6 piece to a 5 piece and have found amazing quality players who all want the same thing for the band and the music. It’s nice to have all the puzzle pieces where they belong and not have to force them into a spot.

RVL: …and now, of course, you’ve hooked up with the producer of the “Eye of The Storm” for your latest project, can you tell us a bit about that?
Dennis: Stephen Bogle is a genius. Not only is he an amazing musician but he just has the best ear in the business.
Becky: I have to say that we will never go to another producer/engineer as long as we are playing music!



RVL: What’s it been like working intensively in the recording studio as opposed to your live work?

Dennis: Man you are under a microscope when in the studio, so it makes you a better musician overall
Becky: It can be nerve wracking, but you learn a lot about yourself and your playing when in the studio.. sometimes you find more confidence then you thought you had.

"Witchcraft" by Epic Death

“Witchcraft” by Epic Death

RVL: …and prior to the release of the new album, ‘Witchcraft’, you’ve actually made your first commercially produced video clip, what was that like?

Dennis: It was fun but lots of work. Until you actually experience it, you have no idea how many times one song is played over and over again to get just the right shot.
Becky: It was exciting and like Dennis said, lots of work. But I have to admit, we are excited to do another one!


RVL: So, are you planning some major tour work after the release of the album?

Dennis: That’s our plan. We want to tour this album as much as we can.
Becky: What he said *smiles*

RVL: …and when is ‘Witchcraft’ due for release?

Dennis: December 11, 2015
Becky: iTunes will have it released on November 27th but everywhere else is December 11th

RVL: …and we believe you are planning to pre-release the video for the new single, where and when can people check that out?

Dennis: premiered the video for us today


RVL: So, what’s next on the agenda for Epic Death?

Dennis: Playing as much as we can!
Becky: We are submitting to radio stations, magazines and any other outlet that we can to get our name out there!

RVL: …and where can people keep up with what’s happening with the band?

Becky:, Instagram – epicdeath666

RVL: Thanks for the catch up this evening friends, it’s great to hear that you are firing on all cylinders and going from strength to strength. We’ll be looking for you in Chicago, okay?

Dennis: You can count on it brother! We expect to see you and the clan out there when we get to Chicago!
Becky: Absofuckinlutely we will be in Chicago!

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At our 2013 meeting and chat Mistress Demona said, “We are not going to change our music to be marketable to people that are not real fans of METAL! We do not play follow the trend music, we play the theme music to the revolution of true freedom and individuality!!

I think you can see, from this, that Epic Death are still there, still huge and still faithful to their “Undead” Fans.


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