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T.H. Hawkmoor

Let me pose a question. Over the last few months how many of you have felt, or experienced, any of the following? Suddenly acting totally out of character, loss of memory, sudden ongoing fatigue for no apparent reason, a drained feeling, an icy cold feeling on part or all of your body, recurrent or frequent nightmares, strange or recurring accidents, the feeling someone is watching you, a loss of self-confidence, a sudden loss of energy, sudden illnesses that cannot be explained, sudden or irrational difficulties with finances or relationships, sudden depression without an apparent cause, seeming ongoing bad luck, irrational fear, anger or sorrow or a negative obsessive thought, desire or fetish that won’t go away.

A list that many would attribute to “life”, yes? Some may attribute them to depression perhaps but how many would actually attribute these to a sustained psychic attack which is where this common list came from. [1]

Taoist metaphysics ascribes distinctions between opposite forces as being perceived, not actual, or real, and so all that we think or feel are part of the whole of us not separated parts of the individual and thus anything that affects “one part”, i.e. the mind or the spirit, affects the whole of the being, physical and psychological. When these affects are guided by someone ‘outside’ of the self then we are under attack, our defenses have been breached.

The duality of this perception, the marriage of the balanced parts as a whole, is a delicate construct at best and requires shielding – that has been known for thousands of years. It was a well-known concept, and central theme, in Chinese science and philosophy, as well as being a primary guideline of traditional Chinese medicine, and a central principle of different forms of Chinese martial arts and exercise, such as baguazhang, taijiquan (t’ai chi), and qigong (Chi Kung)[2][3]

It is this balance, obviously, that we need to strive to achieve and the problem with maintaining this effective balance is that we spend a great deal of time defending ourselves, defending ourselves from the vagaries of the world, or RL as we know it, defending ourselves from the pressures and demands that everyday life places on us… we, as real living vampires, or otherkin, also have to face additional difficulties, difficulties borne of our “other” lives.

While it is true that many of us, if not the majority, have determined a way to accommodate the two side by side through sheer necessity, often times it leaves us spread thinly and with minimal protection from the aggressions of one or the other.


“..the clever combatant imposes his will on the enemy, but does not allow the enemy’s will to be imposed on him.” ~ Sun Tzu, The Art of War 6(2)

The great General Sun Tzu told us there is a time to hold fast and a time to go forward, Dion Fortune gave us a great deal of advice about defending against psychic attacks in her seminal work “Psychic Self Defense”. When it comes to detection and protection from psychic attack there are myriad internet resources available. Simply type a browser search on the subject and you will have a mass of material to utilise. It is ALL good information.

dion_fortuneI have always had a strong psychic shield in place, a shield that has stopped so called “clairvoyants” and “readers” from seeing more than a “screen of static”, one described it; “like a television off-channel”. It has served me very well. I have a range of measures that include spell-work and talismans in place that keep me behind a solid and, what I consider, would be an impenetrable screen. However, consider this, the problem with “solid and impenetrable” defenses is that under a sustained and prolonged attack, eventually, even the strongest defenses will wear down.

For example, during the Cologne War (1583–1589), Ferdinand of Bavaria successfully besieged the medieval fortress of Godesberg; during a month-long siege, his sappers dug tunnels under the feldspar of the mountain and laid gunpowder and a 1500 pound bomb. The result was a spectacular explosion that sent chunks of the ramparts, the walls, the gates, and drawbridges into the air. His 500 men still could not take the fortress until they scaled the interior latrine system and climbed the mountain to enter through a hole in the chapel roof. [4]

Even the most determined defenders and the strongest ramparts will eventually bend to the will of a concerted attack.

Maintaining a solid defense for yourself is something that requires your attention on an ongoing basis, it requires your health and focus to be in focus at ALL times, it demands that you are focused and healthy. EVERYBODY has moments when they are fatigued, ill, weak or inattentive… that is the nature of the human part of us and it is during such moments that the crumbling of our defenses may well begin. This is the moment when your enemies WILL strike. The result may be as little as an effect of consternation, irritation or disappointment or it may be as insidious as the placing of an “entity” within you or within your shields to physically or psychically maintain a constant drain on you, or, in more malevolent cases, interfere with or injure you.

I don’t know how many will recall but in the mid 2000’s, during the northern summer, there was a period that lasted over several days which affected members of the sub-culture in a number of countries (Australia, U.S., England, Canada and Italy that I was personally aware of) in which various forms of “attack” were experienced, the effects ranged from, in milder cases, the sensation of having hair pulled and being pushed about to, in worse cases, physical manifestations leaving bruises and welts. Mass hallucinations? Auto-suggestion? – I seriously doubt it since a great many of us were NOT in contact until after the events.

So, as if it needed acknowledging, there are, within our sub-culture, evil, dark, insidious, amoral and disgusting creatures that need to be guarded against at every turn and they may well be someone YOU know or someone who proclaims themselves to be YOUR friend.


As with any other safety issue we are faced with the very real need for self-protection, no longer is it a matter of choice, it is a matter of NECESSITY. Everybody has a range of options when it comes to self-protection, just as they do in real life but one of the problems we have within the sub-culture we do NOT have a 911 to call… our safety is OUR INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. Most will opt for the passive shielding – psychic self-defense 101 and if that is how you feel most comfortable then no one can tell you any different, the problem, as I wrote about earlier, is that the “assailants” WILL find a way in. Also, as I’ve already pointed out, certain events and circumstances can undermine even the best designed and strongest built defenses, build your strongest wall, I shall bring my psychic sledgehammer and, given a little time, I will wear my way through your wall. Never forget, there ARE those amongst us who will take that “sledgehammer” to your wall for a whole variety of reasons, some you would never expect.

What options are there then? What other measures can be taken to protect ourselves? After all, none of us are Gods, we are NOT indestructible superheroes and we are certainly NOT unassailable. Again, the first option is passive defense but ask yourself, please, as in two recent instances and with the best imagined defenses in place how did Russian based hackers get away with 1.2 billion usernames and passwords? How did hackers get into, and extract information from, a State Police training records database and remain undetected for two months? How did a major retail company get robbed of credit card details for ALL transactions for a whole month? WE are as vulnerable to the psychic adept as those systems were vulnerable to computer hackers and anything we can imagine others can “imagine through”.

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“Invincibility lies in the defense the possibility of victory in the attack. One defends when his strength is inadequate he attacks when it is abundant.”  – Sun-Tzu

Unfortunately we each stand alone when it comes to facing an assault. Often we will not have the opportunity to call on friends or on our “House” Brothers and Sisters for aid. Sometimes the attack won’t come from an expected quarter for that is how the evil, depraved and deranged thinking works; like being mugged we will have no opportunity nor option to adequately defend.

Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.
By failing to take note of POSSIBLE and PROBABLE threats around you, YOU are preparing to be overwhelmed.

On September 1st, 1939 “Fall Weiß”, or “Case White”, triggered World War 2. A combined force of Russian, German and Slovak forces assaulted Poland. They struck with such speed, strength, firepower and tactics that the Polish forces stood little chance – this was the infamous “Blitzkrieg”, a swift intensive military attack designed to defeat the opposition quickly. It was these tactics that, by 1942, had given the German army complete dominion over Europe, from the Moscow line, to Oslo, to the Spanish border, all of the Balkan and Mediterranean countries as well as the bulk of North Africa.

Aggression, the use of power. The use of speed and the use of tactics.

Now, everybody is going to lean back in their chair with a smug smile smile and say, “Yeah, but look what happened to those dudes man…!” and you would be absolutely right in doing so – they were screwed by a nutty boss and a bunch of Generals that were hamstrung by the Nutty Boss BUT we’re not talking about leading an army here, are we? We’re talking about YOU, by yourself, being your own General and utilizing the forces you have available.

When addressing the matter of our own SELF-PROTECTION we should NOT allow anyone else to dictate our measures, we MUST take charge of our own safety. There are always many “paths” we can choose to go by in any matter and whichever one we end up choosing, as in life, there are NO guarantees. Having said that I’ll ask you now, to consider the following sentence,

The best form of defense is _ _ _ _ _ _ _”, go ahead and fill in the blanks if you wish…!


So, having covered, quite extensively, the Passive we obviously have to now look to the other end of the spectrum, Aggressive.

While an aggressive defense would, in all likelihood deter most assailants who were not so sure of their own abilities or talents it would also markedly increase the demands placed upon our own energy. There is also the distinct possibility that any form of aggressive defense could, and would, play neatly into the hands of an intelligent and organized assailant.

Such an assailant would undoubtedly be of a mind to employ a decoy and distract us from keeping our personal shields up thereby allowing a “body blow” to be dealt from another quarter, or for an “insertion” of some kind to be made into our normal and passive inner defense. If you are sure of your target and your intent is to completely dominate a target, then outright aggression may well work – e.g. German Army 1939-1942 – however if you look to the latter period of the second world war, 1943 onward, they were spread too thin to maintain efficient lines of supply (energy) and reinforcement (energy) and thus fell prey to sustained attack from several directions at once. It quickly becomes apparent, to anyone, that trying to maintain a broadly spread and strong “front” demands more than we can ultimately maintain. No, the answer lies between our two extremes, it lies in the region of Passive-Aggressive.

In this matter we draw the best from both approaches and use our energy wisely to mold an effective defense AND attack.

Firstly, drawing on our knowledge of self-defense from the passive shielding point of view we need to construct our shield, common knowledge, however we usually ONLY form a single shield, say auric for example. NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Self-shielding, in the personal sense forms only a small part of what we need to build, in concert with this we MUST employ some method of ENVIRONMENTAL shielding. Our surrounds need to become part of our shielding AND early warning system.

A good example of this can be found in the ancient hilltop forts, for example Glenford Fort;

Glenford Fort, Ohio

Glenford Fort, Ohio

Glenford Fort is a roughly triangular or heart-shaped stone wall enclosing a 26-acre-hilltop in Perry County, Ohio [5]

So it is we must form our thinking.

We become the inner “shielded” place, or the keep, whilst our “surrounds”, be it home or property, becomes our outer shield or early warning system. From that outer defense we will know when we are being approached, when we are being, “tested” or being “attacked”. That allows us the leisure of two opportunities.

The first opportunity is to strengthen our inner defenses, our personal shield, so while the attacker is wasting energy penetrating the outer wall we can prepare to meet and repel on the inner field. The second opportunity we have is to prepare the counter-attack. The AGGRESSIVE counter-attack.

When, and if, the psychic attacker penetrates the outer defenses meet them head on with OVERWHELMING FORCE. (A list of resources for coordinating a psychic attack will be provided at the end of this editorial.)

As I mentioned earlier this is all effective if you are aware of, can recognize the direction of and are able to meet your attacker, what if you are not alerted as to the direction from where your attacker is; or has, struck. Perhaps your outer shield withstood the assault and needs a little repair. Perhaps the outer wall was breached but the inner held fast and the attacker has withdrawn. What then? Settle back and be pleased at the result? Be happy that your defenses are strong and held up? What happens when the attacker comes back but this time armed with a more intimate knowledge of your defense structure and nature? What happens if they come back with “reinforcements”?

History teaches us that there is hardly ever a complete and acceptable solution to ANY situation of hostility and a psychic attack upon a person is no exception. EVERY attack is potentially damaging and EVERY attack leads to a potentially more devastating attack NEXT TIME, for don’t ever doubt that there WILL be a next time.

This is truly a hateful example but it illustrates the point far better than anything I can think of. The first air-raids by U.S. B-29s on Japan in the second world war commenced on 15 June 1944, from China. The first raid from east of Japan was on 24 November 1944, when 88 aircraft bombed Tokyo. These were conventional attacks utilizing conventional bombs.
On 6 August 1945, the “Little Boy” enriched uranium nuclear bomb was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, followed on 9 August by the detonation of the “Fat Man” plutonium core nuclear bomb over Nagasaki.



We know, intuitively or intimately, who our enemies are, we know who our enemy’s friends are, we know who is watching us and we know who is actively disparaging, denouncing and subverting us in whatever places they may be.

Ask yourself this, if you are part of a house or group, who in the group do you continually have disagreements with? Have the occasional run-in with? Have had occasion to make complaint to group administrators about? – They are ALL potential enemies who will make psychic attacks against you.
If you are Facebook, look to your “Friends” list… you may have a 100, 200, 500 or even 1 000 “friends” – how many of them do you ACTUALLY know and TRUST? How many of them have helped you, had your back, publicly supported and gone into bat for you? How many have actually EVER communicated with you one-on-one or are they simply a “conduit” to allow themselves, or others, access to you?

The FACT is that, in the majority of cases, YOU DON’T KNOW DO YOU?

This is where things get tricky. Now you have to think about your own thinking… it’s basic Cognitive Behavioral Thinking work, challenging the way you think about things around you and examining whether or not your thinking is one of the things that is exposing you or damaging you.
Using a Passive-Aggressive pattern let’s examine a typical setup that could be the most useful psychic based defense mechanism we can develop.

1) Restrict access to yourself. This will restrict access to those who wish to because you harm. Look to your group affiliations, your friend lists, your joint contacts (i.e. friends of friends) and the people you commonly come into contact with. Start close and BE UNEMOTIONAL. You are working on YOUR SAFETY.

2) Design and establish a TWO TIER defense system. Using whatever powers, abilities, beliefs or workings you have access to make yourself the centre of concentric rings of shielding – a MINIMUM of two as described in the “Hilltop Fort” example should be fine as long as the energies and measures you use are maintainable. If you are lucky enough to be able to maintain two shields mentally then, by all means, build a third using environmental energies or influences. The more the better. Remember it’s for YOUR SAFETY.

3) Muster and ORGANISE your forces. It is natural for people to design aggression, and apply it, to simply neutralize an assailant; this is WRONG thinking. The nature and the employment of aggression should be aimed at completely sweeping the enemy aside, overwhelming, destroying and totally demoralizing the enemy. NO MERCY. It must become known that anyone who threatens you will be met squarely and dealt with EXTREMELY harshly. Don’t be afraid to hit hard and, if necessarily, repeatedly, until the threat has been completely removed.

4) If you are subjected to a Psychic Attack then don’t waste time; recover FAST, make EVERY effort to trace the attack back to its origin; enlist aid if you need to and launch a COUNTER STRIKE – HARD, without warning, without holding back and WITHOUT FEELING.



Thor's Hammer Mjolnir pic. credit: :]

Thor’s Hammer Mjolnir
pic. credit: :]

In Conclusion:

There is, within our subculture, a tendency to promote self-defense before pro-active defense and this is the cause of a great deal of damage, damage to morale, damage in what might otherwise be useful and productive plans and relationships because of the malevolent vagaries of deranged and depraved individuals. Every day we find ourselves manipulated by those with hidden, secretive or personal agendas and it really is time, well past time, that we must strengthen, and steel, ourselves to regain and reclaim the balance that has, and is, being taken from us regularly.

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