Crossroads ~ In response to Separatism, Isolationism or just good sense?

The following article was written by Rev. Mercutio of Haus des Dunklen Lichtes and represents the first occasion where a member of the online vampire culture has come forward with a fully developed and written response to one of our articles. We are grateful to Rev. Mercutio for his time and his effort and we are proud to present his article for our readership.

In relation to Tim’s article, “Crossroads – Separatism, Isolationism or just good sense?,” I agree with the topic that the Online Vampire Community is so spread out that it has rendered itself useless. It’s not a “community” per se, but just a gaggle of “Houses,” “Temples” and other “organizations” that are run by people who want a voice in what should be a community organization. A community is, in this sense, a group of individuals having the same cultural or religious interests in common, but all Houses and groups are not built on the same beliefs.


The thought of “Elitism” has been thrown around the “OVC” and has made its way into RVN articles and topics of debate in other areas around the community. In Tim’s article, it states “It has now been suggested that of the ‘thousands’ of people who frequent the OVC only 20% are “real vampires” which, in one fell swoop, deletes 80% of those active in the online real vampire arena..” Now, if only there was a way to compare each part of the equation here, then maybe I would believe that. Then again, has anyone settled on a solid definition of what a “Vampi(y)re” really is? At this point, I can think up a few different definitions that I’ve heard just in my time in the OVC alone, and never have I heard the same thing twice. So until we can decide on what we really all are, when we can all define what we do, etc… then, thereafter, can Elitism be established and not egotistically labeled upon ones self.

Settling on “someone who drinks blood” is asinine because if that were the case, then you could refer to all of those who actively drink blood as literal cannibals. If it were recognized why Sanguinarians drink blood and then expanded upon, you’d see a similarity in a lot of those outside of that 20%.


Again on organization – a guest speaker in the article states, “After much time and experience, I’ve come to believe that the “community” would do so much better as a union of individuals rather than breaking into groups that seem to self-destruct… We are all of the same nation, whatever our tribes might be..” From what I’ve seen in my time within the OVC, I believe we would all do better off with this mentality. Granted, everyone has their own beliefs, but then again if all cannot decide on the same things to a certain degree, then who’s really a part of this community? Vampyre, Otherkin? This goes to defining what we are, and agreeing with said state of mind and realization. If we are really to call ourselves one thing, and then separate ourselves into groups outside of what should be a community, then we may as well all be called something different, or go under classification of something else completely.

Politics will always be around – that’s inevitable.


Someone will always claim that they’re more superior than another, or a group – and then some will actually prove that they’re capable of being a better leader or group. I agree with the statement when Tim speaks of politics, “…in the OVC there are no elections, there are usually, and quite simply a group of ‘party leaders’ who band together and attempt to dictate or drive current events, sympathies or support their way… to create for themselves the illusion of being an important ‘political coalition’ in the OVC landscape…” I have not seen a single election of this type since I’ve came into the OVC. I’ve seen new Houses and groups formed but never have I seen such an election.

To make a point, if Elitism refers to 20% of our community, that percentage would have to be made up mostly of the leaders of Houses, Temples and other sorts group within the community. For example, as Father Sebastiaan has stated loosely in his book, “Vampire Sanguinomicon: The Lexicon of the Living Vampire,” about many political speakers and people who reign in powerful positions can exemplify the act of Vampi(y)rism by giving a single speech, and wash the minds of hundreds of individuals targeted by their rap. Though this in fact may be true, what leader is going to abandon his House to just be given another title? The definition of an “Elite” is someone who is better than their collective – the definition of “Elitism” is someone having pride in belong to a select group. Now, this group of “Elites” may be prideful of their own posse and feel like they’re the authority or better than everyone else, but I don’t see their pride in having an entire community behind them and they’re no better than any of the “social networking” sites.


Tim had written an article earlier asking if we should call ourselves by a different name, other than “Vampi(y)re,” and I believe his argument within the article was sound. Aside from his argument, I believe Our association with a creature that has been twisted and wrung out by the social media of today is much of an insult to Ourselves and the people we hold dear in our “community.” There is no question that this is true, and that we need to associate Ourselves with a different entity, or create a new one entirely.

It’s truly time to do something with our community. It’s time to define who we are. It’s time to come together as one and establish what the hell we’re doing. We have to stop separating ourselves as we’ve been doing, and the only “Elitist” mindset we should have, is that we’re better and more evolved than what’s been called “mundane.” If we’re to say right now, as a community, that we are better than the rest of the world, then we’d be lying to ourselves entirely. We have not established a union of individuals that agree upon the same thing, therefore we are no better than the rest of the world. Our ideals are torn by religious references, science and science fiction to an end where we are separated by the same things all countries are established on. If we are to be better than our predecessors, then we allneed to come to one understanding, and be better in ideals and understandings in which no one else has done before. Our understandings cannot be entirely religious in essence, and as I’ve stated before – politics will always be there. Maybe we need to establish a new system, one that hasn’t been given a name as of yet.


There are those who believe that we should not have this community, or call Ourselves a community, and that Our practices and Houses should be in private and offline. Well, that’s fine and dandy, but what about the movement for Us to go public? If we’re to do that then we have cast aside the mindset of private practice and offline Houses for the simple fact that we’ll all look like a bunch of Satanist’s and positive publicity will go out the window. Although I agree what some may say that “Lifestylers” should not be part of Our Community, I strongly believe Sanguinarians and Psychic Vampyres should not be segregated as some may wish, for both classifications of Vampyres are very much the same, but on different levels.

I believe either a council should be set, rather than just a leader for the community, and it be spread amongst the world or in different continents or countries, and the council should take respective decisions from Houses within their region; or each country or continent unify their Houses into one or few, rather than having hundreds of different groups.

I call for a vote. Suscitatio should have a list of Groups identified as Vampyre Houses. Each House should vote on topics of self-identity ie. whether to change or keep Our description as “Vampyres,” and whether or not to finally become a real Vampyre Community.


It’s time for a change,

Rev. Mercutio



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