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1 Jan 2012

Author: Tim

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In the Chinese community last year was the Year of the Rabbit, this year it is the Year of the Dragon, to the world’s financial institutions and governors last year was, and looks set to continue to be, the Year of the Euro-crisis but what was last year for the Vampire Community and, more importantly, what is this year going to be?

I do not look at the internet news services any longer in the mornings ~ I don’t need to read about murders, child molesters, rape, robbery, mutilations and other acts of man’s inhumanity toward man; for the same reason I no longer watch news broadcasts on television and I don’t read newspapers because one has to wade through pages of sewage to find something barely intelligent and readable. For many of the same reasons I no longer participate in the online, or offline, vampire community other than writing in the hope that my words might just help one person, somewhere, sometime to navigate a difficult situation and come out of it better off than they were before.

The majority of the news and features throughout 2011 were, undoubtedly, born of negative circumstances and while they may not directly be attributable to the real vampire community they certainly reflect on the whole as one. Even as the research was proceeding for the December article “RVN Zeitgeist” it was becoming painfully apparent that the bad news far outweighs the good when it comes to the OVC/VC and this is something that, if there is to be any change in how modern real vampires are perceived, must change. There’s an old business adage here that says, “If you lose a dollar you have to get three to recoup it,” ~ that would seem to fit the situation quite nicely ~ “For every bad news you need three good news’ to recover.

So, the question becomes how do we get the good news or, rather, how do we make “good news”?

For a start, as individuals, we have to stop focusing our own attention on negative issues, issues that attract only negative responses from the people that read them, we need to stop focusing on people who are negative and the negativity they bring into the “public” (OVC/VC) forum; the people who have nothing positive to contribute to conversations or discussions, the argumentative and the downright egotistical, self-appointed and so-called “leaders” that tout the negativity under the guise of “community education”. If we constantly focus and reflect on negativity then we reap the same in spades.

In his webblog “Change Your Thoughts”, author and Personal Development expert Steven Aitchison details eight destructive thinking patterns and how to change them. The most consistently apparent in the OVC are, the ‘Unsubstantiated conclusive’ , the ‘Negative psychic’ the Emotion based and the They’re all wrongthinking patterns ~ four out of eight of what are, according to Aitchison, the most destructive thought patterns are on show constantly. This certainly indicates a need for re-evaluating the way we think about the community and the way we interact with it.

In taking a look around at some of the discussions of recent times we find examples such as:

Mental impairments aren’t uncommon to the vampire community but their proliferation seems to be increasing along with blanket acceptance by some who proclaim that any objection to permitting the expression(s) of said individuals is tantamount to oppression, bullying, or even fascism.LINK


“The purpose of this question is to examine scenarios involving members of the vampire community in good standing (well known and respected members and/or leaders) not disclosing information about crimes they have committed outside the immediate purview of the vampire community.  Let’s discuss the possible consequences from association with these individuals” LINK

It is also interesting to note that questions 35 – 41 of the VEWRs community survey dealt with specifics regarding mental illness and current treatments (a trend continued in the subsequent AVEWRs survey) and, presumably, the results gave some indication as to percentages of the community respondents who are affected by debilitating mental disorders, disorders that often manifest in repeatedly negative thought patterns. Even though the questions posed in recent discussion topics have, no doubt, some merit they are also drawing attention to the negative again. Perhaps a case might also be made that some article/interview presentations also contribute, items such as,  Interview With A Psychic Predator or “When does enough become enough?” which cover tendencies to over-react and over-act in an aggressive and hostile manner toward other VC/OVC members or members of the public and which elicited comments such as; “This person has NO moral compass.” and “I would feel more sympathy if she chose victims that deserved to be preyed on as opposed to just anyone.”


While there is no doubt that warnings are well shared in order to inform, advise and caution members of the OVC and interested public readers it also means, however, that the negative connotations afforded to the vampire community are still very much in evidence. It would take a huge and concerted effort by the members of the VC/OVC to turn the tide of negative publicity and press and that change, or shift, would have to come from within as long as the public perceptions are ruled by the ugly real-world headlines that tell of vampire “killers” and crimes.

One new initiative that could very well lead the way in doing this is the new webblog of Elzie Roze at where the focus is to be to, “provide some insight into the actual activities and efforts of those within the community and to shed light on the positive contributions they make as individuals and groups.

We at RVN fully support this new initiative and we would urge all our readers to get behind the effort because in order to be a positive force the tide of negativity, as I said earlier, must be turned.

Now the cynical amongst the community may well say it’s some sort of “pipe dream”, they may point out that it doesn’t matter how much you look for positive the fact remains that the VC/OVC is a microcosm of any human society with all its faults and problems. While that may be true it doesn’t mean we have to advertise the fact, all the time, in discussions in the public domain. Perhaps this change of focus is something that can only be achieved by a limited base, as we were told in November last year;

“…active participants at any given time in the online community I’d place such number somewhere between 3,000 to 8,000 with the important caveat that perhaps only twenty percent of these individuals are actual real sanguinarian or psychic (pranic) vampires.” LINK

If this is the case then it is arguably the responsibility of the “20%” to take up the cause and we might well be tempted to ask, “why aren’t they doing their job?”, however, then they face not only having to change the perceptions of those outside the community but also of the 80% who aren’t really considered bona fide “community” members at all. That would be an extremely tough job.

It is also becoming apparent that the vampire community faces an uphill battle to be recognized by other “alternative” communities that have already fought the battle for acceptance. As Octarine Valur detailed in her excellent article at SA Vampyre News, “And now Ex-vampyres?”, the pagan community in Sth. Africa is not in favour of recognizing, in its own right, the vampire community and one can only wonder whether the constant aura of negativity that seems to surround the community has as much to do with this as ethical considerations.

Overall perhaps the all-pervading “negatives” are part of the reason for the decline in participation in the OVC, people who are asked, or expected, to stay in negatively influencing situations for too long will, eventually, get tired and they will leave for their own peace of mind, perhaps a peace of mind that being a member of a community that they always identified with can no longer give them. It is, and will be through 2012, an absolute necessity to change the thought patterns that govern the interactions in the OVC otherwise we will see further, significant and irretrievable declines in quality, communication and relevance of the community as a whole.

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