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Vincent van Gogh said; “Great things are done by a series of small things brought together.”

A series of small things… what things? What are THE specific things that combine to form a GREAT thing. Are they things from the world at large? Things from shops? Things from factories? How does one get these “things“?

Happy New Year, welcome to 2015. A new year, perhaps, for some a new start, for others a new direction, new plans, new aims, new goals but unfortunately, in certain circles, old “baggage” and old “scores” and animosities will probably continue to rule the day. That, in effect, makes 2015 NO different to 2014, 2013, 2012, or 2011 and so on ad nauseum. It is, undeniably, a matter of modern history now that for a decade, or even more, nothing has really changed about the “community”, despite many efforts at forward thinking and many initiatives to create something bigger, more unified and more supportive such efforts have come to nothing on a broad scale. A question then, this year, with the benefit of this knowledge, are YOU; as an individual, going to move forward? Be better? Try harder? Be more positive? Less combative? Less self-aggrandizing? Are you going to stop sucking personal satisfaction and personal amusement from the situations and start seeing where YOU might be able to improve things for your brothers and sisters? Yes, it might be a small thing but if enough of us make that individual effort then you just never know do you?

There’s no doubt that on many local levels there are modern vampires that make great contributions, perform charitable works and help their surrounding “mundane” communities in many ways; indeed, this seems, at times, to be a trumpet that is, often, tooted most admirably by the person involved and there is no doubt that these efforts are appreciated in many ways outside our own circles but how does that translate to lasting and beneficial effort to improve the broader and world-wide “family” of modern living vampires? Or, has the benefit of the so called “community” become” of relatively little to no concern to many within its ranks?

If you follow the Chinese calendar it is, of course, The Year of the Sheep (Ram/Goat) Which means what, exactly?
Sheep_calendar(calendar layout © – Just add your own pictures for personal use only..!

The Year of the Sheep starts from Feb. 19, 2015 (the Lunar New Year / Spring Festival of China) and lasts to Feb. 7, 2016.
People under the sign of the sheep are tender, polite, filial, clever, and kind-hearted. They have special sensitivity to art and beauty, faith in a certain religion and a special fondness for quiet living. They are wise, gentle and compassionate and can cope with business cautiously and circumspectly. Women born in this year are willing to take good care of others, but they should avoid pessimism and hesitation. They are kind in heart and commonly have symmetrical figures and features.”
“Sheep year people are often worriers who are shy, pessimistic, moody, indecisive, over-sensitive, weak-willed and puzzled about life. They are easily inclined to be deeply religious. They are timid in nature and like to be looked after by others. They like flattery, compliment and suggestions from friends. They do not dare to express their love openly and usually have interests in strange theories.”
…And so it goes. Of course, you may lean toward other life-theories * –
Pagan_CalendarOr be looking for something that reflects your “inner self” a little more accurately…


Whatever “Year” you decide it’s going to be make certain that you’re not bringing the “old BS” across with you, make sure you don’t bring “baggage” that’s going to weigh you down. Everyone has the option now to make a positive choice and that choice should be made for none other than THEMSELVES.

That’s right dear reader, YOU are the most important person in the whole d**n world this year, it is the year of “You” so why don’t you take the calendar layout from above (respect copyright as a courtesy to and make your very own selfie-calendar? At the top you could even add the words, “S***w it all, this is the year of ME…!” if you wanted.

Does that sound selfish? Self-absorbed? Egotistical? Actually, when you think about, it’s not – How can you be the best for those around you without being the best you can be for yourself first?

I don’t think there’s going to be too many who will disagree that 2014 was a tough year, in many ways, and I’ll warrant there won’t be many who wouldn’t appreciate a break in 2015. One of the best things we can do for ourselves, for our own good, is to realise that our wonderful, amazing, inconstant and riotous assembly that many like to euphemistically call “the community” has not provided the stability and the surety that would be considered to be good for our peace of mind, our safety, our strength or our need for a sense of ‘belonging’ to something positive.

During 2014 there were several good initiatives launched that were aimed at improving the situation, overall, in the VC/OVC – were these ideas and initiatives embraced by the “community”? Were the excellent ideas contained in these initiatives assessed, examined and judged on their merit? Were the ‘best of all worlds’ taken and combined into something beneficial? NO ~ so, it wasn’t the initiatives nor the people behind them that failed the so-called ‘Community’, No, it was the community that failed to embrace the opportunity to improve itself by not taking advantage of the ideas and the concepts. Any entity that fails to recognize when it is presented something positive, workable and beneficial has NO right to complain about the state of things, nor yet give itself any airs and graces whatsoever.

The Year of the Vampyre
This is the year of the Vampyre/ Vampire/ Vampir/ Upir/ Upior/ Vampyr/ whatever term you prefer…

Throughout all the matters, items, articles and observations I studied last year – historically, contextually, contemporarily and individually, the one image that reinforced itself over and over again was that “Vampires”, no matter how you define them, were, and are, solitary entities. Strong, individual, self-reliant, independent and “Lord-less”. The modern human living vampire does NOT need leaders, he/she does NOT need to be spoken for nor dictated to, he/she does NOT need approval from anyone else to be who they are and they certainly do NOT need to soil their hands by messing about with the attitudes of people who are wannabe’s, poser’s, role-players or “twenty-something year old pretend-vampsters”.

Think about the connotation of the term ‘Vampire’, not in the modern Hollywood version of the word where vast houses and organisations “keep the faith” and adhere to an ancient set of regulations, if you are a modern living vampire you are THE RULES and the REGULATIONS of and unto yourself; you ARE your own “Voice” and “Spokesperson”, YOU are your own power and your own master/ mistress and unless you are willing to give that up and hand that power to someone else then YOU are the master/ mistress of your own course and destiny this year.

So, what is it we are actually referring to here?

Some call us “independents”, some call us “un-affiliated”, some call us – borrowing from the ancient and honourable feudal Japanese ways, “Ronin”, whatever name we choose for ourselves is a matter of personal preference and NO ONE can tell you any different. No one can pretend that they are “above you”, no one can pretend they are speaking “for” you, no one can make any decisions and expect YOU to abide by, nor yet agree with them for any reason whatsoever.

Modern Vampires exercise friendships, respect and ties with other modern Vampires not because of what house, gang, club or enclave they belong to but because we have made contact with each other, on a personal level we have shared in each other’s highs and lows, victories and defeats and we have done so privately. We have respected the integrity and the honesty that have bound us as friends and we have not fought to forge some elite group from those bonds; in other words we are ‘Independent’ and yet bound by something stronger than a fabrication of rules and regulations. We are bound by one simple and common denominator, we ARE Vampires. We don’t need, or want, to be recognized as being tougher than any other, wiser than any other, more popular than any other. We don’t need to have control; either openly or subversively over any other and we certainly don’t need to deceive, humiliate, degrade or malign any other ~ why? Because that is beneath our dignity both as a modern living vampire and as a moral human resident of this planet.

These “associations” and “friendships” are ruled by three things, honesty, integrity and, above all, mutual respect and it is because of this that these friendships will outlast any attempt at formalizing and integrating this so-called “community”. Well might we mark the instruction,
Where the rippling waters go cast a stone, the truth you’ll know.
When you have and hold a need, harken not to others greed.” [1]

At RVL, this year, we are going to be focusing on individuals rather than organisations, it is going to be the year of the “I”, we will be seeking wisdom from individuals who have exercised, throughout all, the fortitude to be themselves and the integrity to become regarded as “persons of importance” in their own right NOT just persons of the loudest mien for it is said that, “empty vessels make the most noise”, No? Not persons who simply promulgate the meanest of temperament and broadcast their “opinions” whether or not said “opinions” are pointless, combative, disrespectful or counterproductive but persons whose very presence amongst us inspire positive thinking and positive attitudes without ulterior motive nor hidden agenda.

In other words we are going to make it the year of knowledge and sensibility and for those of you who don’t want that, print out the following picture and stick it to your fridge to remind you of your place.

074Welcome to the new year, take personal control, grow, evolve, improve and have a blessed and happy 2015…! but not at the cost of others.

Pagan Wheel art –
Vampire Calendar art –

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