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Good morning readers and welcome to summer,

We have had a couple of things going on over the last few months that need to be wound up, written about and commented on.

The first priority is a simple request of you though…

Heads up friends and family, associates, connections, loved ones and readership,
I would like you to visit this link,

when you get there click on photos,
Look closely at entries number 2 and number 4.

If you like them please vote for one as per the instructions provided.
Thank you and blessings on you and your houses.


“Suntan” photomanipulation by Hawkmoor

Over the last few months we have been running a series of interactive exercises with different aims in mind.

Lady Kaia’s empirical study on vampire physiology concluded the data gathering phase on May 31 and Lady K tells me that the results should be available in August. We will, of course, be publishing those here.

The second exercise we ran was in more of a esoteric vein…

The survey was to gauge exactly how much a group of social media connected people related to a particular person, since I could not, in all good conscience, make another a lab-rat the subject of the survey had to be me.

The results, from 100% responses:

1. Are you purely a;*
  •                                                38%
  •   52%
  •                                                          10%
2. How long have you been around the Online Vampire Community?*
  •   0%
  •           34%
  •           28%
  •         29%
  •             9%
3. Have you come across a person who goes by/ has gone by the name(s) Hawkmoor, Tim B., Tim Bey, Tim North ?*
  •    87%
  •     13%
4. If Yes to question 3 have you ever met, in person or spoken by telephone with, this individual?*
  •   4%
  •    24%
  •   82%
5. How much do you think you really know about this person?*
  •                              2%
  •                           14%
  •               82%
  •     2%
6. In reference to your previous answers: Have you ever made comments, either in conversation or online, about this person based on what other people have told you?*
  •    0%
  •     89%
  •    11%
7. Have you ever taken the time to make contact with this person and find out what their motivations and reasoning might be on any subject?*
  •   2%
  •    90%
  •   8%
8. Do you have personal, first hand knowledge of this person and their life?*
  •   7%
  •    93%
9. Has this person ever contributed anything positive, or beneficial, at all to the modern living vampire sub-culture?*
  •   4%
  •    1%
  •   95%
10. Based on your previous answers, how likely would you be to consider a change in your opinion of this person if you had the opportunity to hold discussions with them?*
  •            22%
  •     12%
  •                   72%
  •         1%
  •                          3%

Now, there are some psych tests that I took at the same time as I opened the survey and when the results come back I will bring them here. At the moment we can safely deduce that, from popular opinion, I am well known by many people who don’t know very much about me but who, in the main, are willing to be open minded enough to reconsider what they think of me if they had the opportunity to make contact with me.

Thanks everyone who took part, all that remains to be seen now is how the opinions of the participants either mirror, or contrast, the psych results….

Having taken this exercise now I would really like to invite…actually no, CHALLENGE others to step up to the plate and put their balls (or not, ladies) on the table…


Photomanipulation by Hawkmoor

Photomanipulation by Hawkmoor

The other item on the agenda was “The Great Debate“. The aim was to discover whether or not people would be receptive to the idea of holding a formal debate, online, on a topic or particular subject.

We suggested a couple of options but also invited people to bring their own. Over the period 2/15/2014 to today We had exactly ONE person contact us who was interested in the idea. ONE PERSON in over 3 months…. hmmmm, curious… it would seem that a great many people have, cherish and defend, their opinions to the point of making defamatory, argumentative and outright combative statements, they will argue and moan about things, or individuals, but when they are invited to “Put up” they suddenly disappear.. there’s a word for that where I come from and it’s not very complimentary

“Let those who are without sin cast the first stone” perhaps…? Nuff said I think….

“Pentru că morţii umblă repede.”

The biggest thing in the wind at the moment is, of course, Endless Night in N.O. October 31st this year… how glamorous, of course. It’s the celebration, amongst other things, of the vampyre in one of the most iconic, thanks to Ms. Rice, places for Vampyres in the U.S.

Everyone will have a splendid time, there will be wine, music, dancing, photo opportunities and all manner of entertainments and delights going on set in the theme of Halloween… kinda like a Gay Pride Parade for Vampyres… awesome…

I would also guess that there will be a great many folks there in all their finery and their best vampy-look outfits who will be reveling in the vampire aesthetic, the one question I have, the one thing that I can’t quite get my head around, is how many of the people there will be the people saying that we are nothing whatsoever like the classical or “Hollywood” Vampire image? Curious juxtaposition eh? Never mind though, I’m sure that the “RPers” that everyone bags out will be having a WILD time. I do hope that, for everyone going, it’s an amazing event and loads of fun.

For those who might be planning to go with axes ready for grinding, and bones to be picked, chill out dawgs… it’s a party okay? Go, drink, flirt, do a happy dance and come away with good memories…seriously, get a grip…!

Common vampire bat

Common vampire bat

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