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Good morning,
Questions have been raised recently, I am led to believe, as to the veracity and the conduct of some of the material that is placed at Real Vampire Life E-Zine and I wanted to reiterate just what it is we do at the E-Zine.

We aim to present information, information of both topical and general interest for the sub-culture.

Do we have an “agenda” at RVL E-Zine?

Yes, indeed we do. To present material that can be read by our global audience for as it says in our “About Real Vampire Life” statement;
“Real Vampire Life (RVL) is an E-Zine aimed at spreading, and promoting the sharing of,  information about the real vampire and sub-culture life to as many people as it can reach. We want all our readers to celebrate the mystique, the style, the culture and the reality that is Real Vampire Life.”

Our “agenda” is quite simple, we aim to represent as many opinions by as many people as possible and to that end we base our editorial/interviews on topics that we feel are important and deserve to be covered.

It has been suggested that many of the questions involved in the editorial/interviews are “leading” ~ naturally, as the author of such things, I have my ideas about things that should be and things that might be and it is inevitable that my approach, as author, will seek to capitalise on such an “agenda”, however, our guests are chosen at random unless we particularly wish to highlight what a specific guest has to say on any matter and that is where the “Chatting with Vampires” series comes from.

The other thing that I would ask everyone to bear in mind is that our guests are absolutely free to say (keeping within certain bounds of modesty and good taste, anything they might wish to say. Add to this, our guests do not know what the questions are going to be. They are sent the pro-forma “Q&A” details only after they have agreed to participate. At this time, should any wish to withdraw, they are most welcome to make that decision. Similarly, at any time during the process that any of our guests wish to amend what they have submitted, again, they are more than welcome to do so.

At the end of the day we present our guests words and opinions verbatim, we do NOT exercise editorial control over the responses from our guests and we guarantee this. Our guests are quite free to disagree with any point raised in, or by any of the questions they are sent and, in the event that that occurs we would still present our guests words verbatim.

There are a great many folk both in and around the VC/OVC and each and every one of them is guaranteed, by RVL E-Zine, the right to have their say in a non-threatening, non-hostile, non-abusive environment. That is our pledge to the people who work with us.

In order that we may put an end to the “scuttlebutt” that is floating around I would like to propose an idea… a simple idea really but one that should prove intriguing.

Graphic source:

Graphic source:

The proposal is quite simple, RVL E-Zine will host a debate and here’s how it will be done.

An invitation is hereby issued to any person who may be interested in taking part in this debate to register their interest BY EMAIL to

Your registration email should contain, in the subject line, Re: The great debate
Further to that we want to know whether you are on the “Affirmative” or the “Negative” and you MUST include a brief ( 5 to 7 lines) summation of why you hold such a position.

The registrations we receive will be reviewed by a panel of five persons, two from the RVL E-Zine Staff and three from outside the RVL E-Zine team. Each panel member will cast three votes for who should be on the affirmative team and three votes for who should represent the negative team. The people selected will then be contacted and we will take it from there.

The debate topic is:
Over the last five years has the Vampire “community” improved in its service to, representation of and wellbeing of its ‘rank and file’ membership?

We look forward to hearing from you and urge every one to think about getting their registrations in as soon as possible.
Regards and deepest respects,

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