Considering Youths in the Real Vampire Community

Author: John Reason

While it is true that the time in which a vampire awakens is very diverse, and dependent on each individual’s personal vampirism; it is also true that a great deal of vampires, if not most, awaken to their vampirism at the time of adolescence. Due to the sensitive subjects involved in discussions of vampirism, most community leaders are adamant about separating these discussions from the very youths who are most in distress. Combining the confusing time of adolescence with a craving for blood or human life force can convince a teen that they are absolutely insane.

In modern times, community leaders must be very careful about what they say – as well as how they say it, and to whom. Discussing blood, bodily fluid exchange, sexual implications of vampirism, and other topics in the presence of our younger vampire brethren is considered a taboo that has the possibility of being criminal. No one wants to get themselves in trouble, but we all want to do our best to make it easier to be a vampire.

Though we must be careful, I can’t see how we can completely ignore teenage vampires any longer. With all the advances we have made as a community, it seems that we are backtracking in one of the most important areas of our community. If we don’t make strides in helping young vamps to understand their nature, teach them how to feed safely, how to exercise discretion, and how to gain a deeper understanding of community (moving past Facebook) then we will see in our lifetimes, a new generation of vampires that may well undo many of the things that we have worked so hard for.

Far too many times have I seen a confused young vampire scouring the internet for a simple conversation with someone who knows what they are talking about. Instead, they find many of the community leaders they have grown to respect are hiding their knowledge and wisdom from these youngsters. It is true that some things should be shielded from people for a variety of reasons, but surely there is a middle ground – a compromise – that can be found.

On some websites, Sphynxcat’s Real Vampires Support Page and Lady CG’s Smoke and Mirrors for example, there is information aimed specifically at younger vampires that shares a limited amount of information. This needn’t be much information, but it should be enough to get the “student” started on a path of understanding. If it is only a few topics about: clues to whether a person may actually be a vamp or not, some safety precautions, and a few condolences, it would be far greater than what is standard today. I believe that we should change what we consider to be the standard. I think that all or most real vampire related websites should have such a section – or a link to another person’s teenage vampire section.

This is truly a hard problem to deal with for so many reasons. The legal ramifications of trying to share this information can be downright scary, but I argue that not sharing this information is equally scary. I would hate to see a generation of vampires that aren’t bound by a community, and are self-loathing due to their lack of knowledge about who they are. Even if it starts with baby steps, we need to work in the direction of a freer dissemination of information.


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