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We have great pleasure in writing, today, about a new organisation whose aim is maintaining high professional health and welfare standards in the real vampire world. The organisation is composed of many of the world’s leading, and best known, Fangsmiths who have come together to standardise practices and policies in the profession.


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Body modifications, piercings, tattoos, prosthetics… they are all enjoying a popularity that serves the purpose of self-identification and identification with a peer group or sub-culture. These processes have been around since mans oldest recorded histories and they are as strong today as ever they were, however, one of the things that is of utmost importance today, probably more so than ever, is the question of health and hygiene involved in the work.

Any form of body modification MUST be accompanied by proper attention to the hygiene factors involved and just as the practitioners of these crafts MUST take their safety into account, if you are a client, you MUST take the necessary steps to protect your safety.

There is a new movement in the offing, a new initiative to ensure that certain standards are set and maintained as far as possible when it comes to dealing with the realm of dental prosthetics for the vampire sub-culture. The Fangsmith Resource Network is a cooperative of fangsmiths who are committed to raising the bar when it comes to quality of service and adherence to acceptable levels of safety in their industry. The network will be working together to ensure that everybody is best served by improving the quality and standard of service for their clientele.

Let’s take the example of tattooing; when you decide to get ink you would most likely ask around friends who have tatts, ask their opinions about where the best place to go is, ask them whether the artist uses single use colours, sterilized equipment, provides aftercare or good aftercare advice. When you get there you will probably be required to sign a waiver indemnifying the artist and you will probably find that a good many artists with “first timers” will give the client information on risks and possible drawbacks of the process. In fact, when I got my first tatt the artist gave me the health and safety info and some general stuff about how love was fickle but tatts were forever (barring laser surgery of course) and told me to go away for a week and think it over. If I came back, I was told, “We’ll ink you”. The point is, the artist inspired confidence in his business and coupled with the “look over” I gave his workplace I had no qualms about going back.

Building reputations, pooling resources and caring for clients are amongst the aims of the Fangsmith Resource Network and RVL is proud to support this very important public health initiative. The resource body will be able to communicate with each other and compare notes on best practice and policy, they will be able to confidently operate in the knowledge that they have backing from their peers and they will be able to participate in business improvement discussions that will see their operation grow and prosper.

As a client of a fangsmith perhaps the first question that should be asked is, “are you a part of an industry group that looks after their clients?


The Fangsmith Resource Network ~ building trust and confidence.

The FRN membership is available only to Fangsmiths, all the members, bar one (the group’s administrative assistant) are Fangsmiths, that is the pre-requisite for being invited to the group.

If you are a fangsmith and would like further information on the organisation please email us here to and put Attention: Lady M, Re: Fangsmithing in the subject line.


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