Coming Out Of The Coffin: Part One (John Reason)

10 May 2011

Author: John Reason

motor cycle and side coffin
photo credit: Leo Reynolds

This is the first of a 3-part mini-series of articles. It is a bit more personal than most posts made at Real Vampire News, but I think it is necessary. Secrecy is a large worry in the real vampire community, and I am hoping that my story may help others. That is why I have asked my parents to write a bit as well. I will post one of the perspectives on the story every day or two. -John Reason

An often talked about topic in the real vampire community is “coming out of the coffin.” This is a commonly used phrase that means revealing to friends, family, and/or the general public that a person is a real vampire. Coming out of the coffin is an action that can be very rewarding, or it can be very risky. In some cases people have lost their friends, jobs, or even their children. On the other hand, the outcome may be completely different. When I came out to my immediate family, they were relieved. It is not hard for parents to see when their children have secrets, and drinking blood is not the worst secret that a person could have.

Many or most real vampires “awaken” during their teenage years. Awakening is a stage of a vampire’s life when they begin to understand how they are changing. Some people like to think of awakening as a “vampire puberty.” The bothersome part of the whole thing is that quite often,  a person’s awakening coincides with their normal puberty. Teenagers are emotional and unstable enough without mixing in a potent cocktail of cravings for either blood or another person’s life energy. During this time, it can be very hard for the young vampire to decide whether or not they should tell their friends or family about their newfound condition. In my case, I decided to wait a few years to make sure that my personal vampirism wasn’t just a phase I was going through.

After making the decision to wait to tell my family, I spent a lot of time feeling quite alone. I began to dream of having a group of friends that I can spend time with, and be myself. Over the course of about a year, I told my close friends about my condition. For the first time in my life I had a bunch of people that I could thoroughly trust. The problem was that they all moved in different directions shortly after that. This is when I made the decision to share this portion of my life with my close family.

I didn’t want to go so far as telling my grandparents, but I wanted to tell my mother and father. I was very concerned, but a medical scare made me worried that I might miss the chance to share my secret with my mom and dad. My mom was slightly worried, but began to understand after we talked over the details for a few hours. My dad had an interesting reaction, “Well son, at least you are not a Democrat!” There was no way I was expecting that.

The point of me sharing my short little anecdote is to show that even when a person is feeling alone, they may be able to find hope in either their family or friends. Caution should always be excercised when moving in this direction, but that doesn’t mean that this secret is meant to be kept from everyone. Whenever vampirism is going to be revealed to a person, it is very important to think of how they might react. While it would be easy to share all a person’s secrets in a perfect world, that is not the case on our planet today. When making the decision of whether or not to tell someone about real vampirism, it is better to err on the side of safety than sharing the information with a person who will react very negatively.

“Coming Out Of the Coffin” Three Part Mini-Series

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