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In the beginning there were “Sanguinarians”, in mythology, folklore, superstition and fiction. It wasn’t until around 1858 that the concepts of other vampire types began to appear. Blood drinking for ritual purposes had a place in almost every known ancient civilization.

In a tale from Greek mythology it was written that blood taken from the right side of a Gorgon could bring the dead back to life, yet blood taken from the left side was an instantly fatal poison. [1]

In Egyptian mythology Ra, the sun god, created Sekhmet from a fiery eye gained from his mother, Hathor, to destroy mortals who conspired against him (Lower Egypt). In the myth, Sekhmet’s blood-lust was, however, unquenched at the end of the battle and in her continuing rampages, it is said, she destroyed almost all of humanity. Ra then tricked her by turning the Nile as red as blood (the Nile turns red every year when filled with silt during inundation) so that Sekhmet would think it blood and drink it. The trick was, however, that the waters were not blood, but wine which made her so drunk that she gave up slaughter and, to some, became an aspect of the gentle Hathor. [2]

Between 1376 to 1521 AD, the Aztecs used blood and sacrifice frequently as an offering to the Sun God. The Aztecs saw death as part of life, just like birth. They believed the gods sacrificed their own blood to create the universe and so, in turn, the Aztecs offered blood to the Gods as an exchange, and gift, for their creation. (Pendragon). [3]

Just three examples of the overwhelming power that blood has enjoyed since ancient times but what does it mean today? When an ordinary person thinks of blood they may well think of ‘blood-transfusions’, ‘blood-drives’ or donations but there are those, well known to many of us, who see the precious liquid in a whole different light.

These are the people in the community who require blood, at least on a semi-regular basis, to maintain their wellbeing, they are Sanguinarians.

To discuss their views, opinions and share their experience on sanguinarian vampirism, RVN is pleased to welcome to “Chatting with Vampires” community members, friends and colleagues, L.A. Nantz and Starline07


RVN: Good evening gentlemen and welcome to Real Vampire News, thank you for joining us today.

L.A.N: Thank you for the interest and invitation, I am hopeful that this conversation will be both entertaining and enlightening, for all those that find it. I am known by several names, Vodalok, Vgoeww, and my published name, L. A. Nantz. You may address me as the latter.

I’ve been an artist and writer of vampire art and fiction for many years. In 2005 and 07 I was nominated for best poet of the year here in the states, and my poems Alone, and “And” were nominated for best poem of the year in the same. I’m a self-published author of vampire Horror, the novel’s name is “Incubus Succubus”.  I’m only recently re-entering the public vampire community after a ten year fast and period of Isolation. I’m eagerly looking forward to being part of the world again.

S: I am Starline07, a sanguinarian since 2007.  I’m currently in college, and have a part-time job.  I am a member of the VCMB, which is a very useful online forum that I found through  I am not affiliated with any houses.  For the past year or so, I wanted to do something more interactive and useful for the community, so in the last week of March, I started a blog about the life of a sanguinarian at Right now, I’m experimenting with the usefulness of animal blood in managing vampirism.

RVN: Before we begin with the questions, please tell us a little about how you came to identify as a Sang Vampire?

S: I came to identify myself as a Sang Vampire back in 2007.  The need for blood came unexpectedly, and it took some time to identify it as such.  When I found, the description of Sanguinarians seemed to fit my problem exactly.  After I found that, I went in and out of denial about it for almost half a year, which means I didn’t do much to manage my condition.  I became very sick for weeks at a time, lethargic, and ever more hungry.  Eventually I came fully out of denial, and tried to reverse the damage I’d done, but there wasn’t much I could do on my own at that point.  My best friend, now my girlfriend, offered to feed me, and since then, we’ve been managing my condition together.

L.A.N:  I was very young when I began to realize just how different I was from those around me, it was by chance that I found that not only could I smell a difference in blood but that it, could help me survive in the world I lived. After years of southern Christian view and struggling with myself did I finally accept that which is true of me; that I am a Sang (as I later learned the proper term) and I need blood to survive.


RVN: Thank you, now, if we may begin by asking; how long have you identified as Sanguinarian and have you ever been tempted to embrace, or tried, an alternative?

S: I’ve identified as Sanguinarian for about four and a half years, and I have tried an alternative to this.  When I came across Psy-vampirism, I asked myself, “wouldn’t it be nice if you could just feed like that?”  After that question, I tried it.  It turns out that that wasn’t such a good idea.  After an initial period of feeling great, I crash, and my hunger for blood is considerably stronger afterwards.  Rather than helping, psy-feeding damages me, and worse, that initial great feeling is addictive.  Even after I realized that psy-feeding was causing trouble rather than helping, I tried it again, and again, and … you get the idea.  Eventually, I stopped because I couldn’t look my girlfriend in the eyes and say “I’m fine,” knowing that I really wasn’t, and couldn’t be until I broke free of the addiction.  Since then, I haven’t tried anything else; I’m resigned to what I am now.

L.A.N: As I said above I was very young when I realized I was different. Around the age of Seven. At first it was very novel and wonderful, as with all children with something new. But as I grew and was “taught” right from wrong and what is and is not evil in the world I began to hate what I was and did try for some years to deny what I am. Attempting to live without the blood was confusing and difficult. I did try in my late teens to embrace the ways of the psychic vampire, but it never fulfilled or provided all that was needed. I was always left hungry and hurting. After I got out of the service I became friends with a young woman that was a blood fetish (in my definition of said, she believed herself to be a vampire but later realized it was a fetish and turned away from taking it.)  and through her realized just how badly I needed the blood. She and I are still friends but, unlike her I still need the blood. I’ve never looked back.


RVN: Do you think that, in essence, sanguinarianism is; 1) a biophysical form, 2) a psycho-physical form, or 3) a combination of both, in vampirism?

L.A.N: I think that Sanguinarianism is the first. And I hold to this firmly, especially in light of my last 9 years.

S: I don’t know what Sanguinarianism is caused by, which makes it hard to say what it is.  Whether the cause is psychological, physical, or metaphysical is beyond me.  I can see and feel the changes on a psychological and a physical level, but I honestly have no idea where the condition starts.  So basically, I don’t believe in any cause of Sanguinarianism at this point, though I do believe there is a cause.  I want cold, hard data in my hands to point to before I even begin to move towards any conclusions.


RVN: Do you find any great difficulty in going without ‘feeding’ for any length of time?

S: Going without feeding is very difficult for me.  When I go without feeding, I get lethargic, my insomnia worsens, I become sick easily, and I become somewhat psychologically unstable (needy and paranoid).  During periods of not feeding, I am also more prone to nightmares about feeding.  To give a good idea of how bad it can get, imagine making bets with yourself about how much longer you’ve got left to live.  I made those bets before feeding for the first time and beginning to turn things around, and luckily, I haven’t gone long enough without blood to make those bets again.

L.A.N: Absolutely! You see I recently decided to break an oath to feed only from a single person. A person that walked out of my life roughly 9 years ago, come this Oct. as a result of my long fast, my health has become a joke, much of my strength is gone and I am left with a constant pain and burning inside that nothing has taken away. I was afforded a small amount of blood about a year ago and for a month I was almost my old self again.


RVN: In 1858, the French psychical researcher, and a professor at the College of Maubeuge, Z.J. Piérart wrote a series of articles in which he proposed a theory of psychic vampirism. He suggested that vampyres were the astral bodies of incarcerated, or deceased, individuals that were revitalizing themselves on the living. Why do you think the concepts of other types of vampires, such as these, developed?

S: Concepts of other types of vampires, such as the one noted above, develop because people are always trying to understand and categorize the things around them.  As to what exactly leads a person to develop an alternate concept of vampirism, only the research and the thoughts of that particular person can reveal that.

L.A.N: That is a question I’ve considered over the years many times. And I’ll admit that for a while due to my own failed ability to feed in that manor I was less then accepting of the ideal, in short I was a bit of a snob. I now better now and have changed my tune on the subject. As to why such ideals arouse, as any culture grows, evolves if you will, so too will those that feed upon it. And though I am loath to say it this way, all prey animals are aware of those that feed on them, whether they admit it or not. Professor Piérart simply was the first to speak on the matter publicly.


RVN: In the event that a regular donor relationship is unavailable what, do you think, is a good alternative method of satisfying the sanguine requirement?         

S: I’ve been experimenting with the usefulness of animal blood in managing the condition, and I’ve found that it can help take the edge off.  As to whether animal blood alone would be enough, I don’t yet know; I’m only beginning to test things.  I would recommend that if a regular donor is not available, hunting animals may be a good alternative, or try buying the blood.  Deer-blood pills are available online, and so is beef-blood (if you can afford the frozen foods shipping cost on the beef-blood).  I haven’t had blood directly from a living animal enough times to compare the effectiveness of hunting fresh animals, and prepackaged blood, but I do suspect that the freshness of blood from a hunt gives it an advantage over the prepackaged stuff.  Note: when I say hunt, I am talking about hunting animals with the exclusion of humans.  I do not condone hunting people, and neither does U.S. law.

L.A.N: I can tell you what is not a good alternative, and that’s fasting. It was a year before my health took a dive, I should have found a new donor right away. At any rate, with the world the way it is and so much fear in the air about blood borne diseases, one cannot be too careful. Find a new donor as soon as you can, follow the tenants of the veil, and never do harm to the community.


RVN: Given the social structure within the OVC do you think Sanguinarian vampires should have their own dedicated “organization” or group entity?

S: If Sanguinarian vampires want their own dedicated “organization” or group entity, then they should not be hindered in their efforts to create such a thing.  The first amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects the right of people to peaceably assemble, and there is no reason that that shouldn’t apply to vampires (even to vampires from other countries).  If Sanguinarians, or Psy-vampires, or hybrids, or fairy-elf astral dragons (haven’t met one of those) want their own organization, then they have the right to go about making one.

L.A.N: No, dividing out community in such a way regardless of how we chose or need to feed will only hurt us in the long run. If human history has taught us anything, it’s that a community divided cannot stand or defend itself.



RVN: Do you think that sanguinarian vampirism is the “natural” evolution of vampires?

S. I would approach the idea of Sanguinarian vampirism being caused by evolution very hesitantly.  While evolution can cause certain changes over time, it shouldn’t be the primary focus of finding out what vampirism is.  I personally do not believe that Sanguinarians are any more evolved than non-vampires, or other types of vampires.  Once again though, I want cold, hard data in my hands before I even start to move towards a conclusion, especially one as potentially divisive as Sanguinarian vampires being the “natural” evolution of vampires.  It’s easy to speculate and guess at things, but that alone should never lead to a conclusion.

L.A.N: I think it is the original evolution of what we are. But is not the only variation on the theme. As such I believe it will never go away or fade away until there is no longer a need for us in nature.


RVN: Thank you very much, gentlemen, for sharing your time and thoughts with us today


Many articles have been presented regarding the human consumption of blood, for example, RVN’s presentation of New report on blood consumption ( , Sphynxcat’s Blood: Nutritional and Common Uses Around the World ( and Lady CG’s One Sanguinarian’s View on Blood Feeding ( Indeed, there are a great many in the community, Sang and not, who await the preliminary results of the new round focus of the AVA/Suscitatio research the second phase of which was to be the actual testing of Sanguinarian volunteers to determine medical factors involved in the consumption of blood.

Proof that it is beneficial? To date none that we know of, proof to come? Maybe. What we have at present is the overwhelming anecdotal evidences of a number of well respected community members to support the fact that there actually is ~ something in the blood!


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Pendragon, Jasmyne. “The Purpose of Aztec Blood Rituals part 1.”

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