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Pic. source ~ ~ 2008


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One of the things I most enjoy about writing for RVL is getting to chat with authors, people with wonderful ideas and creative zest; people who can see the need for relevant and timely information and deliver the goods. Our guests this evening are no exception.

The field of literature, specifically non-fiction vampire literature, is, and has been for a long time now, wide open to new approaches but the success of these approaches is very difficult to gauge. Recently I contacted the publishers of a number of Vampire non-fiction works to see if I could determine what sort of impact they may be having, unfortunately such things as “distribution figures”, “sales figures” and “print run” figures are closely guarded proprietary information so it is virtually impossible to gauge whether the books are reaching the intended audiences, niche audiences or even moving at all.

Given this, when an independent publisher produces a new book it is well worth the same consideration as any other non-fiction title available on the market today. Some see this as a good thing, some not but no one can deny that the non-fiction vampire literature of today remains a wide open and fertile field in which ideas can germinate, grow and, hopefully, reap rich harvests. A new book is about to come out, one which promises a “realistic, ground zero” look, rather than “an academic appraisal of”, modern vampires and we have been very lucky to be able to catch up with the authors of the book, Blood’s Truth.
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It is our great pleasure to be able to share a little time, this evening, with the authors; and real living vampires, Ludavik Rakoczy and Julia DarkRose.


RVL: Good evening, it is a privilege for us to be able to spend some time with you. Thank you for agreeing to participate.

LR: Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you LR
JD: As always, it is a pleasure and honor to be interviewed by you. You always dig deeper than most and try so very hard to get to the marrow…yum, I love the marrow. Thank you for having us.

RVL: If we may, firstly, ask a little something about your backgrounds and your histories within the sub-culture of the real living vampire? How do you identify yourselves within that scope?

JD: I am 47 years old and am one of the original creators/trailblazers of the Vampire Sub-Culture (Community). In 1994 (long before any official organized Vampire Community existed) I conceived, wrote and published the first ever (that I’m aware of) magazine dedicated to Real Living Human Vampires. The DarkRose Journal, my historical Vampire zine, is still in worldwide publication and is considered by many within the V Sub-Culture to be a legacy of truth about Real Living Vampirism – from our birth to our deaths and everything in between.

In 1997 I was approached by Prince Nicholas De Vere (now deceased) from the Royal Order of the Dragon (Yes, the very same Dragon Court that Vlad Tepes & his father were also members). Prince Nicholas asked me to be an ambassador between the United States and Europe for the Royal Dragon Court. I accepted and in 1998 was made an official member. I was given the title Lady Conosor DarkRose. In lieu of my position within the Court, as well for personal reasons, I have been helping and educating others that are of my “kind” as well as the mundane world, through every venue of media available for over 20 years.

As far as how I identify myself within the scope of the Vampire Sub-Culture, I am simply me, just Julia DarkRose. I was borne this, whatever this is (insert any label that brings you comfort, it matters not to me). I choose to live my life in full embrace of my nature. I choose to not make a mockery or spectacle out of my true nature by playing up all the fictional aspects of what most mundanes as well as most in the V community/Sub-Culture believe a Living Vampire to be. The best evidence of my truth, my truth of being borne a Real Living Human Vampire, is to simply be myself, not make extraordinary claims and let my life be the proof that everyone is seeking. Words can be life-changing, however, by being a living example of the truth of Living Vampirism, I am leaving no room for doubt and am helping those, like myself, who need it the most.

copyright Julia DarkRose & Ludavik Rakoczy

copyright Julia DarkRose & Ludavik Rakoczy

LR: My past dealings with the vampire community started when I was 22 when my mother recommended that I try my hand at Goth modeling; since I always wore black and was already kind of an odd ball, so I did. I got some shots done and went out onto the internet to see if I could find a place to show them off, funny enough I came across a site, it was called the Don Henrie site, at that time I had no clue who he was but I figured it looked Gothic so I would try my hand there at his site. After the basic filling out of info my chance came to be to put my photos up and I did and, within a hour, I had over 30 people tell me how I looked like the vampire “Lestat”[1] and how beautiful I was etc., etc.

I did enjoy the attention from everyone from that site but I still did not dive into who Lestat and Don Henrie were. I was still very much exploring on my own who I really was although I had a good idea as to what I was I still was in the stages of my own awakening. It was a few months later that I received a message from a women who was very intrigued by my photos. She was quick to introduce herself and mention how she was a model and even been in Gothic Beauty, her name was Shaunna Kennedy and it was her influence that helped me go further in the modeling. It was at this time that I started to preach my vampiric discoveries that I found on my own to her, she in return, quickly allowed me in to her world and her secrets of being in the vampire community.
I gave my thoughts and philosophy; my own trials of being a true vampire in this world, to her and we spent many nights discussing them. Through time I added more and more photo shoots around the internet which lead me to being involved in a vampire movie, and gaining a great deal of underground publicity through my modeling. I was even involved in a couple of small interviews about being a real life vampire.
As time progressed and my assurance of who I was grew. Small things would pop up and I would take them but it was when I met Julia that when everything feel into place and everything took off. I found someone who shared the same beliefs as I did when it came to being a real life living human vampire and we both shared our mutual disgust with the vampire community and all that they seem to hold dear. The narrow mindedness, the ignorance, the pure stupidity of it all. I did, in time, join a house called House Rakoczy where I have taken on the Guardians path for the house. I did this to further my exploration and to share some point of views with other like-minded individuals.

This is a quick summary of events and such that got me here today, by no means is that all but it’s always good to have some mystery in your life, and not tell all secrets all at once. My life is, actually, very simplistic. I lived a very sheltered life. I was raised in a very abusive church school. I was the true definition of a loner. My self-discovery of my vampiric nature did not happen until I was a young adult, I am now 36 years old. This form of self-discovery was aided by my mother’s open-mindedness, it allowed me to explore the true nature of who I am. Since I discovered my nature without any influence from films, books, games or Internet groups, I found that I stood out even within the current Vampire Culture.

Ludavik Blood's Truth 2

RVL: May we ask, how long have you known each other and was it difficult to co-author this project?

JD: Ludavik and I have known each other a little over a year. As far as being co-authors for this project, it is as easy as breathing. Even though our life experiences are quite a bit different, our understanding of our evolved Vampiric Human natures is remarkably identical. We both live and embrace our truest selves in the same way.

RVL: When did you first get the idea for this project and what was the inspiration behind it?

JD: This project grew out of our numerous conversations steaming with ridicule, contempt and sarcasm for the individuals who are still living a false vampiric life based on the delusions of others within the V community. The truth is, not all within our Vampire Culture are truly born Real Living Human vampires. So, for those living off the fantasy of others-the fantasies of writers, film makers, gamers, Social Media Groups and the like-we understand their need to escape their existence, we just prefer for those mundanes (which make up the majority of the V Culture) to not speak for those of us borne with the evolved DNA of Vampirism (or, once again, insert your own label) For those of us truly borne a living vampire, we have no need for fantasy labels to identify who and what we are. Our lives speak for the truth.

LR: I know Julia’s answer, which I completely agree with, will anger many of the fakes but it will also allow for those born real living human vampires to know that they are not alone.

RVL: Do you think that “academic” studies of modern vampires are useful in getting to know the ‘in-depth’ details of modern vampirism?

LR: It all depends on who is writing it or doing the research
JD: I agree with Ludavik. However, I would just like to add, while having an unbiased perspective on this subject is beneficial in writing an academic paper/book about Real Living Human Vampires, it will, however, not allow the researcher to study past the academia and/or science of who and what we are. What is needed, in my experienced opinion, is a balance of both. Since both Ludavik and I, are socially removed from the Vampire Community (in other words, we just don’t give a shit what others in the V Culture think about us) and were born Real Living Human Vampires, as well, as having an inside track into the creation of the newly invented tradition, known as the Vampire Community/Sub-Culture, we are that perfect balance of academic, spirituality, and living truth of what it means to be born as this and to live a life according to our Vampiric natures.

Julia DarkRose 2013

RVL: In your research and development of the book prior to writing, how important was the history, myth and folklore about vampires as part of the modern images you are portraying?

LR: There is always some truth in folklore/myth/legend and even in some lies, but there wasn’t any real need for us, Julia and I, to use any of the known and accepted vampire history, myth and folklore.
JD: Exactly, what Ludavik just wrote! Our natures are not a product of the known and accepted myths, traditions, and folklore. The label of vampire is not for our benefit. Humans, by their very natures need to label everything so that they may reach a certain level of comfort within their very small world. “Vampire” is for the rest of the mundanes. For us, Ludavik and I, we simply are what we were borne to be…beautiful evolved beings with a hunger for human blood as well as a few other characteristics that are telling signs of our bloodline, as it is for all that are Real Living Human Vampires.

RVL: In approaching the subject of your book what was the basic definition, or understanding of the word “vampire” that was uppermost in your minds?

LR & JD: For us, “vampire” is the easiest label to communicate to the mundanes our step up in the evolutionary time-table (due to its association with drinking human blood). However, once again, it is merely the best known and accepted label and definition of our proven evolution into an extraordinary species of human. Those who are of this evolved nature will agree with this very tangible/corporeal truth.

RVL: Have you had the opportunity to read any of the currently available non-fiction material that deals with the modern, real vampire community?

LR: I’ve attempted to read some of the more well-known editions about Real Living Vampires and I find it to still be based more on fantasy and/or aspects about Real Vampirism that cannot be proven.
JD: The last material dealing with the modern, real vampire community that I received a mental “rash” from trying to read, was back in the early to mid-21st Century. In my opinion, it is all regurgitated fantasy (from role-playing games, books, movies and the like) and/or just rewritten conjecture and/or occult theories ripped from antiquity and centuries past, cleverly disguised as original “truth” and experiences. So, I no longer even bother with reading any material claiming to be written by real living vampires.
RVL: Please tell us a little about your own work? ~ Just a teaser…don’t want to give the game away do we?
JD & LR: *smile calmly*
Blood Ribbon Text

RVL: Of course… *smiles* How long have you both been writing and is this your first published work, speaking individually?

JD: I have been a published writer since 1994. I wrote poetry throughout my entire life. However, it wasn’t until I decided to publish a magazine about real living human vampires that I took writing seriously. It just so happens that I actually have a bit of a knack for putting nub to parchment and conveying my thoughts to the rest of the world.
LR: This is my first experience as a writer and certainly my first published work.

RVL: …and where can our readers find links to, or where will they be able to obtain copies of your work from?

JD: There will be an official ‘Blood’s Truth‘ website, coming very soon. I simply just have not had the time to create it. We will be more than happy to supply you with the website address as soon as we create it. Until then, people may contact us directly through our Facebook page-Blood’s Truth. As well, we can also be contacted through our Artists Facebook pages ~ Ludavik or Julia DarkRose.


RVL: Who did you set out to make your target audience with your work, who did you want to aim it at?

LR: The target audience is for any individual who is seeking a truthful perspective from what our life experiences have proven to be that of real living human vampires.

RVL: …and what’s the next project to be? Do you have other works in the pipeline, along the same lines?

JD: We have several projects in the works. Aside from the next issue of the DarkRose Journal (due to be published by the end of this year), we have in the works a tongue & cheek book about “vampire” shenanigans. Also we have hot and sexy vampire calendars coming out, and last but certainly not least, through our amazing skills of alchemy, DarkRose Productions will be offering for those in desperate need…Unholy Water.

RVL: Do you have any general comments that you would like to make to our readers about the subject of your work? More especially, about the existence of real living modern self-identified vampires?

LR: No. Read our book if you want or don’t read it, it’s up to.
JD: The subject of our work is merely the subject of my very existence. This is my life as I have always known it and when I was old enough to choose for myself, this became my life style borne from the very essence of my nature that I embrace completely.

We do not claim to speak for anyone but ourselves. People are free to identify themselves as anything they desire, such as, oh I don’t know, say, “a chicken fucker”, you know, whatever fills that emptiness within themselves. We, Ludavik and I, understand the need for others to label themselves as such so they can belong to a community and reach out to other like-minded individuals. However, wearing a chosen label for reasons of being a part of something greater than yourself or to feel different, or to be sexy and hot and mysterious to other people so that you can get laid more often, or whatever the case may be, is not what our book is about. Our book is about our truth and our hope is that it will resonate with the few others that were borne as the same evolved beings that we are.

RVL: Thank you very much indeed for your time today; we are honoured and delighted to be able to help introduce your work to the real vampire community and we wish you all success with it.

LR: You are welcome and thank you for this opportunity to share our work.
JD: You are so very welcome. As always (this is not our first rodeo together) it has been a real pleasure and a fascinating ride with RVL. We are truly grateful for your gracious hospitality as well as this chance to share our work which has been decades in the making.


The “vampire” continues to undergo a metamorphosis, an evolution, that transcends the common place archetype and with each new author a little something is added to the ‘universal’ presence of one of the most lauded and popular figures in literature today.
The growth of the persona of the modern vampire is a far cry from the figure that was introduced by Messrs. Polidori and Stoker and there have always been a number of strident denouncers of the role of the earliest literary vampires as being of any influence in the modern sub-culture. The genre, especially in the non-fiction sense, has been somewhat cut and dried and has followed a somewhat predictable and formulaic path, a path that is now opening up to new explorations and new interpretations. Some may hit while others will miss; such is the way of things but you can be sure of one thing, with authors like Julia DarkRose and Ludavik Rakoczy beginning to stand up and “tell it like it is” we will never be ignorant about the modern realities of our sub-culture.

Copyright Julia DarkRose, Ludavik Rakoczy, DarkRose Productions & RVL 2015

  1. Anne Rice’s The Vampire Lestat Ballantine Books, 1991. Rice, Anne; Perozich, Faye; Gross, Daerick; Okamoto, Mike. ISBN 0-345-37394-4

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