Between two worlds ~ Hybrid Real Vampires

Author: Tim

In the beginning, when real vampirism became acknowledged by people as being part of their everyday lives there were Sangs and Psi’s; those who consumed blood and those who consumed energy.

Indeed, as the noted commentator Amy Krieytaz wrote in “About the Internet vampiric community” (formerly titled “Social and political matters pertaining to vampirism”)

“At the beginning of 1998, most of the action took place on the message boards at Sangi’s site and AngelBitMe’s Vampire Information & Education Website (x). Discussions revolved around vampires comparing notes on their physical symptoms and personal quirks, with the aim of finding out what they had in common. It was discovered, for example, that many of the participants suffered from migraine headaches.

Sangi had originally set up her site for “vampires” in her own sense of the word, non-psivamp blood-needers. But her own kind of vampires were a small minority among those who posted on her board. The majority were psivamps or blood/psi vamps, “


Although the concept of Hybrid vampires is not new, over the intervening years a slew of new definitions has been coined to describe how people in the community saw and experienced their own vampirism. Other definitive’s, such as, Psionic, Elemental, Empath and Eros , amongst others, arose to redefine the nature of real life vampirism as experienced by the community members and it still appears to be the case, very much, that the sanguinarian vampire is in the minority and that Hybrid vampires are now a major component of the population of the community.

Hybrid vampires, of all types, report the ability to “feed” from a combination of sources and the hybrid term is no longer exclusively applied to a Psi/Sang combination. Arguing the differences between hybrid vampire types is about as useful as arguing about why there are different types of fish. So, what is the key to understanding one’s own hybrid status? What makes a hybrid vampire and what drawbacks; if any, are there to being a hybrid?

To discuss their ideas, and their own hybrid vampirism, RVN is pleased to welcome to “Chatting with Vampires” community members, and our friends and colleagues,

Lady DarkestHour Archer, Shadow Walker Ka and Casidhe.


RVN: Good evening and welcome to RVN

Lady D: Good evening to you as well. It is my pleasure and thank you.

SW Ka: Good evening.

C: I am glad to see that this is being discussed, it’s out there definitely and sometimes it feels as many in the community disregard the possibility that there is more than one way to feed. I feel that like normal every day humans we too are diverse in many fashions and forms. In searching for our answers we should leave no stone unturned as it may be a vital stone that we never took into consideration before.


RVN: Before we begin with the questions, please tell us a little about why you identify as a Hybrid Vampire?

Lady D: A hybrid vampyre does not need blood sustenance in order to maintain their identity and strength of character, and mind. And, so I am.

SW Ka: I am a Hybrid, because of a number of factors, which led to my discovery of what I am, at a young age:
I found that I had abnormal strength, for someone my age, and size, (as I was very small, as a child)
I began to realize that I healed differently (in many cases, faster) from others around me,
I had always had a thirst and even hunger, of which, neither I, nor doctors could explain (I found my thirst and hunger to be for blood and mental and even spiritual energy/energy given by the soul)
amongst other things, I also realized that I have always appeared younger than I am (appearing as, even now, a teenager, in comparison.) My aging still seems to be “paused,” or almost “stopped.”

C: My self-identifying as a Hybrid Vampire was not a quick decision by any means or ways. In fact when I first started my journey to know myself I was very keen on psi feeding. I had always known I was different from the time of my conscious memories beginning I could feel other people’s emotions and I learned over time that I could use these emotions to feel better as well that certain emotions felt like poison to me, leaving me feeling ill. When I reached my late 20’s however I became curious about blood feeding and the effect that it would have on me, since blood is riddle with emotion and energy after all. It was this curiosity that drove me to try it with a willing donor who later I would end up marrying and I found the experience to be just as euphoric for me as psi feeding had always been, and perhaps a little more tiring. It was from here and many attempts with him at both types of feeding that I found that they were indeed comparable and had the same benefits. It was from there that I arrived at the identity I have today.


RVN: Of the components of your vampirism do you find one to be more satisfying than the other?

SW Ka: I have no preference, for feeding, though the energy I gain from the dead (i.e., spiritual energy) keeps me stronger, for a longer period of time.

C: This is an interesting question and one that I have mulled over more and more as I’ve aged. I find psi feeding to be more convenient yet I enjoy the intimacy of blood feeding.  Besides that I have the exact same reaction to either method it really comes down to what is more applicable at the time.

Lady D: My appetite for human blood began in 1989 and that is when I first experienced it by tasting some one else’s. I craved more than a slight razor cut allowed, but was too polite to ask for more. Some fifteen years later, in 2004, I met my mate, who was to become my domestic partner for the next five years. I was offered sustenance and it was freely given occasionally during which time I could maintain a level of joyous and euphoric senses for hours. Eventually, though, there came a time when I drank more regularly. This caused me to need blood more frequently as time passed. When I did not receive any for days at a time I became very depressed, irritable, and almost lost psi abilities entire. I still crave human blood and feel the need to hunt very strongly on occasion. But these are fleeting cravings. I am maintaining my abstinence well, and my telepathic and clairsentient/clairvoyance abilities progress. I am content in life and do not have to feed on rich red blood as a necessity of life.


RVN: Do you think that it is within the reach of all to embrace hybridization?

Lady C: This I am unsure of I have talked with many who have no satisfaction from psi feeding and I have spoken with those repulsed about taking blood. Therefore even if it was within all of us to embrace hybridization it would never be a true global answer for all vampires.

SW Ka: As for “embracing hybridization,” I think and believe that it is all within the individual, themselves. Some Hybrids may be capable of embracing what they are, and some may not be.

Lady D: Nothing’s for certain, but if you are able to keep from feeding on blood for months and years at a time without suffering severe withdrawal symptoms, and if your body chemistry levels out normally enough so you can enjoy life and experience PSI energies and abilities as once you did before abstinence from blood, then yes you can.


RVN: Do you find any difficulty in switching from one to the other?

SW Ka: I find no difficulty, at all, in switching my feeding methods, in any way, though some forms for my feeding are more plentiful than others.

Lady D: Yes. A range of difficulties prevailed while switching back to being strictly “psi” vampyre which I was up until I tasted blood. The experiences of change during this time were unpleasant to say the least.

C: I have never had any noticeable difficulty in switching between the methods in fact I do it a lot. I like the choice that it gives me whether I am in a hurry and I need to feed on the go so to speak or if I want to be more intimate about it. I like that I can switch back and forth between them as it definitely makes things more free than being solely confined to one method or the other.


RVN: Why do you think Hybrid vampires have developed?

Lady C: Honestly mine developed out of curiosity and research. It was a fascination as I had read so much that made it seem like it had to be one or the other and it could never be both at least to the same level of satisfaction. I’d like to think that others have had the same curiosity as I have and sought the same answers that I did. It is important to learn about one’s self especially since it is only ever the self that truly understands who we are on a higher level. Some would argue that that it is out of necessity that Hybrids developed that finding donors is easier for a psi than a sang. I try to stay away from this thinking because it just fuels the divide between us and I prefer to look at it from an educational approach.

SW Ka: By “development,” I can only say that in such, We have more or less always been as We are, though for some, the road is different. But the way We are is always dependent upon how far We choose to delve into Our beings, to find it out. Instinct, however, as I have seen, has a lot to do with the matter.

Lady D: For a means of survival


RVN: Given the social structure within the OVC do you think Hybrid vampires should have their own dedicated “organization” or group entity?

Lady D: Yes

C: No absolutely not. There is too much division amongst the OVC already, and far too much strife as well as segregation. Instead of dividing it further we should be collectively working towards an united front that we all benefit from. We already have differences in our personal lives because of what we are, and many of us already feel secluded because of that awareness from the rest of human kind. We should not be doing this in the OVC as well we should be working to help each other without labels.

SW Ka: As far as Our own “organization,” or entity for Hybrids, I say “No.” I believe that We are only different from Our Brothers and Sisters in what We are capable of ‘feeding’ from. That means that We are the same in what We are, for however different We may be in what We are.


RVN: Do you think that the Hybrid Vampyre is a natural evolution of vampires per se or a construct of the thought processes of modern vampires?

C: I personally do not believe it is an evolution of vampires or a construct of a thought process. I think as I stated above that that it becomes a curiosity for many of us to see if it is possible. I think each Vampire that openly identifies with being a Hybrid has had a very personal experience that led them to this conclusion but I feel if we were all to sit and compare stories about it we would find many of us just had a simple notion of the possibility and had to find out.

Lady D: The power of thought is an extremely powerful tool, so I cannot argue against this perspective view point. So, like a chameleon changes different colors quickly though, it takes a longer period of time to switch from PSI to Sanguine and vice versa…

SW Ka: All things considered, I have to say that We have always existed, though for some it takes a deeper level of awakening to bring out what We truly are. But all things considered, I firmly believe it is a Spiritual level of ‘evolution’ of each individual.



RVN: Thank you very much for sharing your time and thoughts with us today.

Lady D: I have to say too, that my overall instinctive nature still remains more passionately adept to the desire to hunt for blood sustenance.

C: And thank you for hearing them. I have enjoyed talking with you about this and sharing for the community. It is my hope that perhaps this interview as I don’t do many of them will help others understand Hybrid’s at least from my point of view.

SW Ka: In my eyes, We are only different from Our Brethren as far as Who We are. But for What We are, the only difference is in how We are kept sustained, in comparison to Our Brethren. Gresun masse, and Blessed Be.


In her article “Blood and Psy Vamps: Not So Different, After All…”

Sanguinarius proposed the following;

“perhaps the blood vampires are, indeed, after the same thing as the psychic vampires. The blood vampires and the psychic vampires are all pretty much the same thing, having many similar and overlapping traits and symptoms, but the blood vampires are unable to psychically feed from the energy, and as such, are limited to drinking blood — to get the psychic energy that is contained within the blood!”


Following on from that train of thought, would it be reasonable to suppose that the hybrid vampire is the next step in a natural process of development whereby the individual is able to maximise the ability to fulfil their needs for sustaining their health and wellbeing. Perhaps, rather than discussing and trying to demonstrate whether it is appropriate or not to differentiate between one type of vampire and another we should be looking to accepting that slowly but surely the choice is being made for us.

Real vampires, in the real world, subject to the real effects of nature; growth, development and survival guiding every nuance of change that we can see and feel may be on the brink of dictating the necessity of embracing the hybrid nature of real living vampires.


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