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Any serious consideration of a subject must necessarily begin with the history behind the idea upon which the subject, or question, is based. Without taking into account the previous learning and theory on a subject mathematicians would not be able to make statistical analyses, scientists would not be able to advance the study of cures and treatments, engineers would not be able to make safer buildings and we, we would not be able to see the “whole” picture ~ we would be as blinker-clad racehorses.


Before the modern living Vampire came to be widely recognized there was folklore, superstition and fear; a fear of the dark, of the night and the tales of the bizarre inhabitants of the world, and non-world realms, that were held to occupy the night.

Certain facts will need to be clearly considered in this, and any discussion, of “spiritual vampirism“.

Fact; a term meaning vampire did not show up in written form until 1047AD. The Book of Prophecy was a Slavic document that was Russian in origin.

Fact; In 1813 the poem “The Giaour“, by Byron, was completed and published. In it he wrote of a vampire that rose from the dead to feed on blood. Due to his popularity the vampire found its way into mainstream society.

Fact; 1819, John William Polidori’s book “The Vampyre; a tale” was published.

Fact; 1897, Abraham ‘Bram’ Stoker’s novel “Dracula” unleashed the most famous vampire of them all on the public.

Fact; The term ‘succubus’ can be traced back to Medieval legend, “the word is derived from Late Latin succuba “strumpet” (from succubare “to lie under”, from sub- “under” and cubare “to lie”), used to describe the supernatural being as well. The word is first attested from 1387”.[1] 


Fact; One of the earliest mentions of an incubus comes from Mesopotamia on the Sumerian King List, ca. 2400 BC

Fact; “Debate about the demons began early in the Christian tradition. St. Augustine (13 November 354 – 28 August 430) touched on the topic in De Civitate Dei (“The City of God”).” [2]



What, then, is the inescapable conclusion supported by these known facts?

That “vampires” of a type were known and discussed as demonic and supernatural “spirit” entities prior to any real, in depth consideration of the more popular undead revenant variety. While it is true that tales of ‘physical’ manifestations of creatures with vampiric abilities and proclivities adorn the folklore of ancient races the world over the fact also remains that there was never, by any measure, proof offered to support the existence of these manifestations. We are not at liberty, given the plethora of reported “vampire” activities, to deny the existence of the spiritual, or spirit, vampire out of hand.

Ideas on Spiritual Vampirism in the 19th Century

1858, a French psychical researcher on vampirism and professor at the College of Maubeuge, Z.J. Piérart, expounded on his rejection of popular reincarnation theory and this led him directly to his consideration of vampirism. Coming to consider the possibility of psychic forms of vampiric attack, he proposed a theory of vampirism suggesting that vampyres were the astral bodies of either incarcerated or deceased individuals that were feeding themselves on the living.

It was Piérart who first proposed the idea that the astral body could be forcefully ejected from the body of a person buried alive and that it would then vampirise the living to nourish the body. His works pioneered modern psychical thinking on the phenomena of vampirism and opened the door to the discussion and consideration of the possibility of a paranormal draining of an individual by a spiritual agent.

In 1875 Henry Olcott and Helena Blavatsky founded the Theosophical Society in New York City. Olcott speculated that, occasionally, when a person was buried they may not be dead but in a catatonic or trance-like state, barely alive. He surmised that a person could survive for long periods in their grave by sending out their astral double to drain the blood, or “life force” from the living to remain nourished. In this respect he was not so far away from the thinking of Piérart.

What does “spiritual” mean?

As you can see, from the preceding section, “spiritual agents” were, at one time, considered to be of an order of supernatural or paranormal entities. It was not automatically assumed that the “spiritual” was connected with organised religion as seems to be the case, in many instances, these days.

As a general guide, or starting point, we will look to [3] ( for a definition of the word spiritual. When used as an adjective the word means;

1. of, pertaining to, or consisting of spirit; incorporeal.

2. of or pertaining to the spirit or soul, as distinguished from the physical nature: a spiritual approach to life.

3. closely akin in interests, attitude, outlook, etc.: the professor’s spiritual heir in linguistics.

4. of or pertaining to spirits or to spiritualists; supernatural or spiritualistic.

5. characterized by or suggesting predominance of the spirit; ethereal or delicately refined: She is more of a spiritual type than her rowdy brother.


As a noun Spiritual is defined as follows;

A spiritual or religious song: authentic folk spirituals.

Spirituals, affairs of the church.

A spiritual thing or matter.


1275–1325; Middle English  < Medieval Latin spīrituālis,  equivalent to Latin spīritu-  (stem of spīritus spirit) + -ālis -al

From this we can discern a repeated use of the word “spirit”, and if we follow that term to its definition we find, amongst 31 listed definitions, the meanings attributable as nouns;

Spirit noun

1. the principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.

2. the incorporeal part of humans: present in spirit though absent in body.

3. the soul regarded as separating from the body at death.

4. conscious, incorporeal being, as opposed to matter: the world of spirit.

5. a supernatural, incorporeal being, especially one inhabiting a place, object, etc., or having a particular character: evil spirits. [4]



The thing that seems to get little attention in these particular explanations and definitions is anything to do with organized or fundamental religion and so we can determine that automatically associating “spiritual” with “religion” is not, in every circumstance, logical. If you were standing outside a church and discussing “spiritual” matters with a member of the clergy it would be safe to bet ten dollars that you are discussing religion but at any other time that is not a given.

Again, this creates a trap, especially in the anonymous world of the online web, where we might be found guilty of thinking we know what the other person is talking (writing) about before we have heard them out, that is, imposing our concepts on other people which is, in itself, a dangerous hobby.

In the field ~ speaking with others

Having then introduced some of the history, etymological influences and basic definitions we really need to follow up by making contact with others and getting their input to the question, “What is spiritual vampirism?”

I asked a good friend, who has been active in a spiritual vampire path for a long time, “What exactly do people mean when they talk about a spiritual vampire?”

Emilie C of The Vampires of Nakshidil and formerly Matriarch of The Order of Maidenfear, writes;

Hmmm…well, there’s no one right answer, but personally I’ve rationalized it down to two concepts–the practice of using the spirit (like in astral projection) to gather energy from other people, or the practice of connecting with spirits and the spiritual entity to bring energy down into the self.

Myself, I go for the latter practice–building a connection with the metaphysical matrix, which of course has no limit to its energy.”

Meanwhile, on the other side of the coin are observers such as Arinbjorn from the Shaman Portal.Org forum who wrote;

This year, one of our younger people came face to face with a spirit she has been holding with her – which is carried as a part of this person (not external.) I ended up spending a great deal of time in close proximity to this person ontop of a mountain, and where I was spiritually vampired, for the lack of a better term. Starting slowly, with an almost sedative like effect that helps cloak the action. I was physically sick by the end of this time frame.

It is my responsibility to help this person find a way to recognize more about this, and to help her find harmony with it. It is not entirely bad, it simply is what it is.”



Thus there seem to be different perspectives on the nature of ‘Spiritual vampirism’, one perception of a beneficial energy transference from the universal supply of ‘energy’ and another perceiving it to be a predatory, knowingly or unknowingly, act of draining the energy from a ‘victim’.
Given this apparent diversity I was driven to seek some personal ideas about the nature, or existence, of spiritual vampirism.

Kelly Scarlet Rakoczy of House Rakoczy and Vampires for Freedom of Expression, writes:

Spirituality has several definitions, including one’s religion, one’s inner path for self-discovery as well as the values one holds close to their heart, influencing how one lives. Though there are people of all faiths and philosophies in the Community, from atheism to Zen, it appears that the majority of the Community is comprised of pagans. Not all who are spiritual/religious entwine spirituality with vampyrism of course.

I tend to lean toward vampyrism being both a spiritual and physiological state-of-being. As a born-Upyra, a vampyre-witch, I incorporate spiritualism and religion into my vampyrism by choice. I subscribe to the Stygian (Underworld) Path, which is the paradigm of House Rakoczy. We are all occultists in House Rakoczy but not all choose the Stygian Path as a religion; many choose the Stygian Path as an occult philosophy only. Regardless of choice, we are antinomian. We do not bow down to any god. Our paradigm is a path of apotheosis. It is important to understand what a paradigm is. A paradigm is a perspective based on a collection of theories and viewpoints. Spiritual paradigms can be complex, actually quite individual, and allow for growth as the adept grows in gnosis and power.

Regarding some of the mystery schools that hold what is considered by many as an “elitist” philosophy, eschewing sanguinarianism for example, or even eschewing psychic vampyres who do not subscribe to their philosophy(ies), I believe they are misguided. To make the statement that one who drinks blood is not as spiritually evolved as one who doesn’t only shows a lack of knowledge. These schools often practice predatory spiritualism or magickal vampyrism.

It is important to understand predatory spiritualism as well as magickal vampyrism. Sometimes, the two terms retain identical meaning; other times, they do not. Predatory spiritualism practiced by nonvampyric occultists is a learned skill; it is not necessarily innate. Techniques such as extending tendrils, extending the aura, dreamwalking, skinwalking, lycanthropy and astral travel are used to gather and harness energy from prey for ritual workings. Other techniques include assuming the powerful vampyre archetype by dress, makeup, glamour, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), etc., to influence others and gain power over them. As one might imagine, those who are natural sanguinarian or psychic vampyres are born with some of these abilities and may use them to feed from prey or to enthrall prey.

Often, magickal vampyrism refers to initiation of an adept into vampyrism. In some Orders, this would be known as the Dark Kiss. This does not always mean the person is mundane before initiation. At times, yes; other times, quite the contrary.

Many would assume that some adepts enrolled in/members of the various mystery schools are not “real” vampyres. In the Community, it is de riguer for some vampyre fundamentalists to denounce those who differ in philosophy and belief. While it is true that some are drawn to the vampyre archetype for the power (Order of the Vampyre), and as an avenue for apotheosis, I have to wonder if there is more. Epigenetics, how and why genes express themselves, may hold the answers, harkening back to our ancient past. Vampyres, who are spiritually inclined, may seek their answers from these Orders/Schools.

Do “real” vampyres incorporate vampyre spirituality/vampyre religion into their lives? Once you strip away the spirituality and religion lies the answer. Do you still feed on blood or energies?      © KSR 2012

To equate the “spiritual” solely with religion is a mistake, as someone once wrote to me, you can’t always go by the dictionary definition of what something means, some things are what the majority uses them to mean… or words to that effect. We are faced then, under that premise, with having to conduct a global poll to determine what “spiritual” means and that is entirely impractical if not impossible. I write this with a definite concept of what spiritual means to me, you may be reading with an entirely different idea but to say, as one commentator did, “You can’t put spiritual and vampire in the same sentence” is a false assumption.

For example, “Before he became a vampire he was a very spiritual person and, as he continued his good works after the unfortunate event, one might say he was indeed a spiritual vampire.” There, I just proved it!

In 2009 the renowned LA Judge wrote, at The Vampire Church, about Real Vampirism and included in that article was the following section on Spiritual Vampirism.

”The last group or subculture that I am going to address is “spiritual” vampirism. There is a growing group of folks that seem to disconnect the physical symptoms and ailments of real vampirism with the human ability to sense and take bio-energy. But as I have stated many times, real vampirism is determined by physical need, not just human ability. This subculture includes folks that feel they are a vessel for or are possessed by a “vampire spirit” those that can feel or draw energy (particularly emotional / empathic energy) and those that have mixed this energy ability with the basic of the Pagan religions. I have even heard of some stating that there are “vampire gods” to which they pray or aspire. In all cases these are people that have stepped outside of the more formally recognized formal codified religions and finding a path where they can incorporate a Gothic lifestyle with their human need for religion. Often these groups are organized into “clans” or ‘houses” and include a great deal of ceremony and pomp that has grown out of the fictional literature, the role-play gamer and fictional film industries. Such things can include energy raising ceremonies, drinking of a communal cup of wine and hierarchies within in the group that can even include a vampire priest / priestess of sorts. All of these things have been part of long held traditions of formal religions, but once they are included under the guise of vampirism they are mistaken for the real vampirism of which they are not a part. After all the spiritual is just that and has no connection to the symptoms associated with the physiological condition. Illness does not equal religion.

There is starting to be a growing mountain of evidence that humans are genetically hardwired to seek out a spiritual connection. (See the work of geneticist Dean H. Hamer and others.) In much the same way that humans are hardwired to communicate thru the use of language, we also seem to be driven to seek a spiritual connection. But a need for spiritual connection is not physical. It does not address physical ailments associated with real condition of vampirism. People do feel a spiritual connection or spiritual energy, but this under no circumstances should be mistaken for real vampirism. It is the same spiritual need that is present in all humans and not part of a physical ailment.”

© L.A. Judge  12 May, 2009



Quote: “There is starting to be a growing mountain of evidence that humans are genetically hardwired to seek out a spiritual connection. (See the work of geneticist Dean H. Hamer and others.) In much the same way that humans are hardwired to communicate thru the use of language, we also seem to be driven to seek a spiritual connection.”

Even though we can’t absolutely assign real vampire need to the seeking of a “spiritual connection” given the above quote, and since we are all human at the fundamental base level, is it not therefore applicable as much to real modern vampires as humans as it is to any other human to seek that “connection”? Thus, I would suggest, it becomes a trait of real vampires as well as everyone else.


Having developed several more questions by this stage I approached another highly regarded community member and sought her opinions on the matter.

It gives us great pleasure to welcome Azraelina Sahjaza of House Temple Sahjaza.

A: Thank you very much Tim for taking an interest in my Vampiric condition. I am very happy to answer any questions which you may have.

T: How long have you been aware of your true nature? At what age did you come to this knowledge and thus how long have you been a self-identified real vampire ?

A: I have known ever since very early childhood that I was different. Since about from age 5 I craved to drink the blood of the meat that my parents had in the freezer after it was thawed out. I would drink the blood of the Roast Beef, and drink the Blood of the Steak and even eat Raw meat and Raw Bacon. I was always shy and withdrawn I was never able to mingle with other children or any humans for that matter with the exception of Mom, Dad and Uncle Carmine. I am an only child with No brothers or sisters of my own. The sun I was never able to go in for long periods of time without it completely draining me from my Vitality. One time I made the mistake of walking in the sun during July at 1:00 PM during the day and I almost fainted in the street. When I got home I needed to sleep about 4 hours just to get back my strength. The Sun is poison to me, and it also gives me bad Migraines, Vertigo, and other illnesses.

But I never really figured out why I was like this till my adulthood in my mid 30’s age. But my calling to find the Undead Vampire in general got stronger and stronger as I got older. I searched all around the cemetery looking for grave sites, with No luck. Then one day I saw an article in Fate magazine that said Vampires exist join us. I sent in my self addressed envelop with $5.00 and I received my first Vampire bible. In the bible was a ritual to perform called Communion ” calling the undead gods “. Well after performing this ritual the undead started to appear to me in my dreams, and one was a Female Vampire with a child, and I said I have been waiting for you. The child Vampire was about 5 years old he bite me in my stomach, and I felt the teeth pierce my skin as if it was in real life. From that time I joined the TOV, and I realized what my calling was and that I was a real living Vampyre.

T: What is your primary source of nourishment, for the vampiric component and do you consume human foods as well ?

A: My Primary source of nourishment is feeding off the dead in the cemetery, as I am a Necromantic Vampyre, I walk with Azrael the Angel of Death. And my basic feeding is off the spirits of the dead in the cemetery with the permission of Azrael. But if I can’t get to a cemetery, I eat a rare steak or a rare bloody burger and I am good. I do not feed off the living because they are poison for me, as one time I made the mistake of taking energy in a nightclub and I was deathly sick for 1 week with a severe migraine, that was the first and last time that I ever fed off the living. Yes I do consume human foods, such as Steaks, Burgers, Pork, bacon etc, but I like them almost raw just very lightly cooked.

T: Do you have any physiological/biological anomalies that are usually considered inconsistent with the human bio-physiology ?

A: Yes I do have many biological anomalies that are inconsistent with the human bio-physiology. I cannot be out in the sun without getting deathly sick while humans can sun bath on the beach for hours. I cannot tolerate the heat at all, while humans can. If I am inside during the winter months my hands are always a block of ice and my face very pale while everyone else is always warm. And I have had yearly physicals by the doctor and they never found me to be Anemic or have any problem with my Thyroid , all my Blood Tests always comes out normal, yet I am not the same as humans in tolerance to heat or cold. Also my interests and likes are very different to humans, I would rather be out in the cemetery while humans would rather be in a park, I like the Darkness while most humans like the daylight. I prefer to be around the Dead, while humans prefer to be around the living. I like an atmosphere that is Dark and Spooky, while humans like an atmosphere with flowers, sunlight, noise and the sound of life, where I want to be dark, gloomy and quiet.

I love to interact with the Spirits of the dead, I love to be around cemeteries, I love incense, gargoyle statues, skulls, burning candles, old castles, and very haunted places that are inhabited by Spirits of the Dead, where many humans would shun such an environment. Also when I say I am Not human let me define what I mean : As a Spiritualist I see the true essence of me as my Soul/Spirit and not my physical body. As the Physical body does not define who we are, it is only a ” Shell ” that allows us to live here on earth and upon physical death it is discarded and turned into maggot food and dust. What lives on is our True Essence, our Soul/Spirit. You see being a Vampyre is a condition of the Soul a Spiritual condition and it has nothing to do with having a physical body or not. My Soul/Spirit is Not Human, therefore I don’t consider myself to be Human. As the material body is not our true essence, but only a shell or a vessel which is discarded at the physical death of the body.


T: From as early as 1858 the concept of “Astral Vampyrism” has been proposed as a part of spiritual vampyrism, that is, a person sending their “astral double” out to feed while their physical body is inert. Do you employ astral travel or astral vampyrism ?

A: As far as Astral Vampyrism is concerned yes it can be a living person that sends out his or her Spirit to feed on sleeping victims. However it can also be the Spirits of the ” Undead “, those Vampyres that was once alive on earth, but have now gone before us into Spirit. They feed to preserve their Astral Body, thus avoiding the Second Death which is total destruction of the soul. Also many Astral Vampyre entities were also never alive to begin with. The term Astral Vampyre has a very broad spectrum of Possibilities. As there are many different types of Astral Vampyres, both living, and those not living, and those that were never alive to begin with. I myself have done Astral Vampyrism during my sleep or dream walking state. At times it is more difficult for me to do then others, and other times it is much more easy. I find the more tired I am, the easier it is for me to do perform Astral Vampyrism.

T: Do you recognise other forms of “real vampirism” as being valid and legitimate or is the only true vampyre; for you, the spiritual ?

A: There are many different types of Vampyres, those who were never alive on earth and live in the Astral Realm { The Ancients }, and those of us who are born with the Condition which is a Condition of the soul. You see in order to be able to do Astral Vampyrism, one must have the Spiritual condition within them already, as it is Not an act of the physical or of the material body. So yes True Vampyres are those who are Spiritual. As anyone can dress up in black, put on a Pair of Fangs and call themself a Vampyre that does Not make them a Vampyre ?? Many today are just ” Gaja ” or ” Wannabe’s ” and those are the ones who deny the Spiritual act of Vampyrism and say that it is purely a Physical act.

T: I am assuming, from your S/N, that you are a member of the House Temple Sahjaza… would I be correct ?

A: Yes I am a full pledged member of the Temple of Sahjaza. We were the first original house that maintains the old ways of the Ancients, and we are the one and only few of ” Spiritual ” houses that are left in the Scene today that performs Rituals and shows our Vampyric nature on a Spiritual side which it truly is supposed to be. We Acknowledge the Vampiric Gods.

T: Do you believe that, as many prefer to, there will come a time when a purely physical cause will be found for certain types of modern vampyrism ?

A: Some ” So Called ” Vampyres are Not truely Vampyres at all, and they just have a Blood Fetish, but they lack the True Condition of the Soul. They call themselves Vampyres, but actually they are Not, they are just Blood Fetishes. For people like these, yes there can be a physical cause for the need and craving for blood. Also few of them can be mentally ill and just believe that they are Vampyres but they are Not therefore it can be some chemical imbalance in the brain. There are more ” Fakes ” out there then there are real ones. So for these type of people yes a purely physical cause can Possibilly be found for them sooner or later. But for us Vampyres who have the True Condition from Birth which is Truly a Spiritual Condition of the Soul, there is No Physical cause that can be found for us, as we have it in a way that No Doctor or Scientist can determine since they only go by what they can feel touch or see or can determine in blood tests.

Azraelina Sahjaza – Daughter of Azrael, Necro/Vampyre


In Conclusion:

Like all concepts involving modern vampirism today the case for spiritual vampirism is more based on a belief system than anything else. People have experiences, they interpret those experiences within the framework of their understanding and within the interpretive framework of their knowledge. To those who equate spirituality with religion it will certainly appear as though we are discussing the relationship between modern vampires and whatever deity one holds sacred, to those who do not believe in any deity, or in multiple deities, the picture is going to take on different aspects.

It all comes down to how one defines one’s own spirituality, if at all and in that case then no one can deny spiritual vampirism as a valid argument because no one can discount another’s explanation of their vampirism, less yet define someone else’s experiences and beliefs based on their own.

As we read earlier, “There is starting to be a growing mountain of evidence that humans are genetically hardwired to seek out a spiritual connection.” That being the case we are all, in one way or another, whether we “embrace” or discard “spirituality”, inclined toward the spiritual in our life.

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